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Pregnancy Miracle Review – Can It Work?

Don’t let your doctor’s diagnosis be your last stop on your quest to have a child. Pregnancy Miracle is a revolutionary system that is backed by 65,000 hours of alternative medical experts who specialize in getting pregnant quickly, naturally, and safely. Pregnancy Miracle can help you to get pregnant naturally within two months of starting the ground-breaking system. It is tried and true to work on both male and females who are having issues with infertility. Don’t let the doctor stop your dream of having that perfect family. Everyone deserves their chance and Pregnancy Miracle is there to give it to you.

Pregnancy Miracle is supposed to get you pregnant quicker by utilizing natural techniques to clear,
purify, and repair your whole reproductive system to promote better conception rates. This consists of your body, thoughts, and spirit by utilizing advanced naturopathic solutions in mixture with practiced
Chinese techniques. Studies from London Therapy Clinic show that Chines Medicine
strategies customized for the individual issues of patients can and will have a
positive impact on the male and female reproductive program; helping you or your
spouse to turn out to be impregnated with out the requirement of surgical

Unlike other solutions that are on the market, Pregnancy Miracle does not focus on the use of drugs or your traditional infertility treatment methods. Drugs can be overly expensive for the attempting parent who is already hassling with medical bills or other treatments. Drugs often don’t produce the desired results and the end-product becomes bad side effects at an expensive price. With this solution you can learn non-traditional treatments and secrets from experienced Chinese Medical Researchers, nutritionists, and other individuals who have suffered from the real world nightmare of infertility.

This system is meant for those who are tired of battling with infertility and are ready to get their families on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, the Pregnancy Miracle is specially fit to work with each individual patient by finding their specific needs and issues then helping them with Chinese medical methods. For those who have tried everything, but gotten no results; this system is for you!

Does pregnancy miracle work? The debate seems to be a contraversal one with people on both sides of the fence. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant then attempting Pregnancy Miracle’s natural practises can’t hurt. I know some of you woman out there are so desperate that you are willing to take any medication, or even surgeries. Wouldn’t the smartest option be to consider all the natural options to increase conception before going that route and jeopardizing your body.

Visit The Pregnancy Miracle Website

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Get the Right Laboratory Test for Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B 12 Deficiency is a very common cause of fatigue in certain population groups. While many doctors miss the obvious signs of vitamin B12 deficiency or require a condition called macrocytic anemia to be present first in order to justify further testing, there ARE doctors that are clued in to the symptoms of this common vitamin deficiency. Unfortunately, most of these doctors will almost always miss the diagnosis because they use the WRONG test for vitamin B12 deficiency- leaving thousands of people every year without treatment for often debilitating problems with an incredibly easy and inexpensive solution.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency, also called Cobalamin deficiency, is a big problem with an easy solution. This deficiency can cause EXTREMELY COMMON symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, depression, brain fog and many other problems- yet it goes undiagnosed most of the time due to clinicians not recognizing its common symptoms. However, even the clinicians that DO recognize these symptoms as possibly being from vitamin B12 deficiency will most often do the wrong test to find it- leaving thousands NOT ONLY without a reason for their problems, but with a FALSE belief that they do NOT have vitamin B12 deficiency when they actually do!

Most doctors have a vague understanding of vitamin B12 deficiency and will screen patients for ‘macrocytic anemia’, a condition caused by vitamin B 12 deficiency, before they do more testing. But macrocytic anemia often doesn’t occur for up to 2 years AFTER the onset of deficiency. More proactive doctors, however, may see a patient with symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency and will order a vitamin B12 level. This is a simple blood test that can be done in many labs and most doctors are aware of this test. Logically, it would seem that a blood test for vitamin B12 would be accurate and effective at finding vitamin B12 deficiency; unfortunately, it’s not. When a vitamin B12 level is in normal or high normal range, then this test is generally accurate at determining that the patient does NOT have vitamin B12 deficiency. But when the patient is ‘low normal’ most doctors will do no further testing and will not do any vitamin B12 supplementation, but a low normal on a vitamin B12 blood test is NOT normal and SHOULD prompt the clinician to do further testing.

“a clinically justified suspicion of deficiency must
be pursued, whatever the cobalamin level.”
Ralph Carmel,MD- Vitamin B12 Researcher

Even better, if the clinician were to follow Dr. Carmel’s advice in the quote above, then he SHOULD have skipped the inaccurate vitamin B12 test and instead asked for a Methylmalonic Acid test. This accurate vitamin B12 deficiency test not only comes in a simple blood test, but can also be done using a urine sample that can test children and even infants without the need for a blood sample. It could even be used to test housebound, handicapped or elderly without the need for them to come into the office. The MMA, as this test is often called, is a MUCH more accurate test for vitamin B12 deficiency than Cobalamin Levels and can detect low vitamin B12 levels as soon as 10 DAYS after the deficiency actually starts. Yet this test is hardly ever used despite its availability, low cost and despite the fact that it would catch far more people with this devastating deficiency earlier than any of the other markers of vitamin B12 deficiency. In fact, it’s possible that traditional testing is missing up to 98% of Cobalamin Deficiencies.

“Many surveys, using homocysteine and MMA assays, soon proved
subclinical deficiency to far outnumber clinical deficiency:
10% to 25% of the elderly had mild biochemical changes without
macrocytosis, neutrophil hypersegmentation, or Schilling test
abnormality, whereas only 1.9% had PA [Pernicious Anemia-
advanced stage vitamin B12 deficiency]”
How I treat cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency

And this is 98% of people who are being TESTED for vitamin B12 deficiency; this does not even include those in whom vitamin B12 deficiency isn’t even SUSPECTED, such as otherwise healthy vegetarians or the elderly with health problems that have simply been attributed to ‘old age’. If everyone at high risk were screened for vitamin B12 deficiency EARLY and treated with this extremely inexpensive over the counter supplement, millions of PEOPLE could be saved from needing to be treated for ‘late stage’ conditions like macrocytic anemia, peripheral neuropathy, dementia and chronic fatigue syndrome- not to mention the millions of DOLLARS saved as well. Unfortunately, in the “reactive” world of traditional medicine, true prevention that includes finding and treating nutritional deficiencies early is not the ’standard of care’; waiting until those nutritional deficiencies become disease IS.



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Penis Advantage Review – Is This A Joke?

It most certainly is not! Penis Advantage works by teaching you exercises to increase the amount of blood your penis can hold, which means increased size.

Here are the specifics of how an erection works:

The penis has three chambers inside it, two main ones which are called Corpora Cavernosa run across the top, and the bottom chamber called Corpus spongiosum runs along the bottom. So when your brain starts sending signals when you are aroused, blood will start flowing into these chambers and these chambers are limited to the amount of blood they can hold. That is where the Penis Advantage comes in!

With the exercises offered by PenisAdvantage, they will help increase the size/capacity of these chambers which will increase the amount of blood they can store, which will inevitably increase your penis size. Not only will you gain size, your erections will be much firmer and won’t be easily diminished by bad thoughts, anxiety or nervousness.

Penis Advantage is also a great thing to know if suffering with erectile dysfunction as it will vastly increase the blood flow efficiency to your penis providing you with two very important things.

1. More blood in your penis meaning bigger, firmer erection that is not as easily diminished.

2. A confidence boost. We all know how powerful (and annoying) the mind can be in ruining our fun sometimes with anxiety and nervousness but when you see the results Penis Advantage gives you, you will be feeling more confidence then anxiety when it comes time to man up.

Although your penis is not a muscle, it still responds to exercise  and can be vastly upgraded if you know what you’re doing.

So get with it, and get the Penis Advantage.

You have 60 days to try it, if you aren’t seeing results after the first month, refund it for 100% of your money back no questions asked.

Vist Penis Advantage Website Here

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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center To Build NC Davie Hospital

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center continues to move forward in implementing its plan to improve healthcare in Davie County, one of the fastest growing communities in North Carolina.

On July 15, 2008, Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center applied to the State to build a replacement hospital with obstetrical services for Davie County Hospital.

This is the fourth Certificate of Need that Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center has filed within the last year and is similar to the one withdrawn this spring. The hospital would have 46 acute care beds and four obstetrical beds, along with two operating rooms, an endoscopy room, a minor procedure room, physical therapy, radiology, lab and emergency services.

The hospital would cost approximately $104 million and would be located on the same site at I-40 and Route 801 in eastern Davie County as proposed in the other applications.

“We have submitted this application to make certain we are leaving no stone unturned in our effort to get the State’s permission to replace the existing Davie County Hospital,” said Donny Lambeth, Interim President and Chief Operating Officer of Baptist Hospital.

“We believe Davie County residents deserve obstetrical services in their County,” said William B. Applegate, M. D., Interim President of Wake Forest University Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine.

“In Davie County, we can’t understand why Forsyth County can have four hospitals and a fifth on appeal, and Davie County cannot have one modern hospital,” said Terry Bralley, Davie County Manager. The site of the proposed hospital is accessible to nearly all residents of the County and is in an area designated for commercial development where highways are already being improved, Bralley added.

The State will hold a public hearing on the application on Thursday, September 18th at 1p.m., at River Oaks Community Church Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

The State is considering the appeal of Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center of the rejection to build an 81-bed hospital. In addition, the State is considering a second application that would have 50 acute care beds but no obstetrical services. A decision on that application is expected in August.

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Interim Solution Improves Access To Kidney Dialysis

Plans to speed up improved access to kidney dialysis in West Wales have been approved by Health Minister Edwina Hart.

Work will get under way shortly on the development of interim facilities at Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest before a permanent renal unit is built.

Patients are expected to benefit from the new temporary solution by the end of the year.

Edwina Hart said: “I am committed to improving access to renal services across Wales.

“Currently, patients have to travel to Carmarthen and Swansea several times a week for dialysis which can be very draining.

“The new interim facilities, which should be in place by the end of the year, will improve the care for patients and reduce the need to travel which will help improve their health and quality of life.

“I expect to receive a detailed business case from the Hywel Dda NHS Trust by the end of July on a permanent renal unit, for my consideration.

“The permanent unit will take some three years before it is completed and therefore I approved the interim solution so that patients can benefit from improved services much sooner.

“The permanent unit, which is expected to be in place by early 2011, will have a planned capacity for 21 dialysis stations, to cope with any future increased demand.

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