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Tai Chi really works to alleviate fibromyalgia

(NaturalNews) The gentle Chinese martial art of Tai Chi is more effective at relieving the symptoms of fibromyalgia than simple stretching could account for, according to a study conducted by researchers from Tufts University and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“Aside from reductions in pain, patients in the tai chi group reported improvements in mood, quality of life, sleep, self-efficacy and exercise capacity,” a research team from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center wrote in an accompanying commentary. “The potential efficacy and lack of adverse effects now make it reasonable for physicians to support patients’ interest in exploring these types of exercises, even if it is too early to take out a prescription pad and write ‘tai chi.'”

Fibromyalgia is a hard-to-define condition characterized by symptoms including severe pain, fatigue, stiffness, and trouble sleeping. Some researchers believe that it may be caused by the body’s pain sensitivity becoming too high.

Because conventional medicine has had trouble finding effective treatments for fibromyalgia, many patients turn to alternative therapies such as tai chi or acupuncture.

The researchers assigned 33 adults suffering from fibromyalgia either to take a 60-minute tai chi class from a certified master twice per week, or to attend classes consisting of health lectures and stretching exercises. Participants in the tai chi group were also encouraged to practice for 20 minutes per day.

Those practicing tai chi experienced significantly more improvement in their fibromyalgia symptoms — an average of 28 points on a 100-point scale, in comparison with only a nine-point improvement in the stretching group.

Tai chi was initially developed as a martial art but is also practiced as a form of meditative exercise.

“With tai chi you follow a series of slow, graceful movements that mimic the movements you do in daily life,” writes Debra Fulghum Bruce in the book The Sinus Cure.

“The various movements require you to move forward, backward, and from side to side in a carefully coordinated manner — flowing together in harmony, as though your body were doing one continuous movement,” Bruce writes.

Sources for this story include:

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Soda companies pushed pop as beneficial beverage for infants

(NaturalNews) For over a hundred years, soda companies been selling products with ingredients that we now know are linked to diabetes, obesity, gout and kidney stones. Those are some of the effects of the High Fructose Corn Syrup and phosphoric acid found in conventional sodas, and we haven’t even mentioned the health problems caused by aspartame.

And yet, despite the fact that these soda products are demonstrably harmful to human health, the soda industry has been working hard for many decades to convince parents to feed their infants and children more soda.

In the 1950’s, the Soda Pop Board of America ran full-page ads in national magazines, touting this message:

“If you really want to give your baby a head start in life by improving their social standing and guaranteeing their happiness, start feeding them Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other sugary carbonated beverages at the earliest age possible. Even babies as young as a few months old will enjoy the many benefits of soda pop.”

View the ad yourself at

Or visit our Museum of Badvertising to see more outrageous ads from evil corporations:

Their ad continues with the following text:

For a better start in life, Start COLA earlier!
How soon is too soon?

Not soon enough. Laboratory tests over the last few years have proven that babies who start drinking soda during that early formative period have a much higher chance of gaining acceptance and “fitting in” during those awkward pre-teen and teen years.

So, do yourself a favor. Do your child a favor. Start them on a strict regimen of sodas and other sugary carbonated beverages right now, for a lifetime of guaranteed happiness.

The Soda Pop Board of America
1515 W. Hart Ave – Chicago, IL

– Promotes Active Lifestyle!
– Boosts Personality!
– Gives body essential sugars!

What Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma all have in common
Throughout the short history of corporate dominance over consumer purchasing behavior, three industries stand out as the most insidious and harmful to the People: The soda companies (Coke and Pepsi), the tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical companies.

In each of these cases, these industries sell toxic, harmful products to the public but position them as being extremely good for you.

“More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette!” – This was an advertisement that ran for years in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Today, of course, JAMA no longer accepts money from tobacco companies because, after decades of denials, the AMA finally admitted that cigarette smoke probably wasn’t good for your health. So they switched to accepting ads from companies selling a different kind of poison: Pharmaceuticals.

Now, JAMA runs ads for toxic pharmaceuticals that can (and do) kill people. And they defend that as perfectly reasonable and “safe,” just like they once insisted that smoking cigarettes was a healthy habit!

If you really look hard at all the largest corporations, you’ll quickly realize that most of them are in the business of selling you poison while calling it some sort of miracle:

• Tobacco companies sell poison in the form of cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

• Food manufacturers sell poison in the form of partially-hydrogenated oils, MSG and HFCS.

• Monsanto sells poison in the form of GM seeds that it calls an agricultural miracle.

• Drug companies sell poison in the form of medications and vaccines.

• Soft drink companies sell poison in the form of tasty beverages.

• Cancer clinics sell poison in the form of chemotherapy and mammograms.

• Personal care product companies sell poison in the form of lotions and cosmetics.

It’s all sold with the same covert influence tactics. As one of the original advertising “greats” described it, advertising is the science of engineering consent.

Corporations are masters at engineering consent. They can even get people to buy and consume products that are essentially poisons.

If U.S. corporations could have their way, babies would be born with a cigarette in their mouth, a vaccine needle in their arm, a dozen prescription drugs coursing through their veins, Axe cologne on their skin, toxic cosmetics on their face, and a six-pack of aspartame-laced diet soda tucked under one arm. Welcome to the world of poison products marketed by evil corporations.

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How functional amino acids improve health and prevent obesity

(NaturalNews) Many foods contains a variety of essential and non-essential amino acids that play a critical role in metabolizing nutrients, building muscle tissue, and protecting the body against disease. And new research has revealed even more about how vital functional amino acids are in improving growth and development, boosting reproductive function, and maintaining optimal health.

Dr. Guoyao Wu, an animal nutritionist and senior faculty fellow at Texas A&M University’s department of animal science, recently published a study in the journal American Society for Nutrition about how scientists need to take a more proactive approach in studying functional amino acids. Wu explains in his study how amino acids regulate key metabolic pathways in such important ways that supplementation with them could greatly improve overall health conditions both in animals and humans.

Since most research into amino acids has been focused primarily on the essential ones — meaning the type not produced naturally by the body and that have to be supplemented through diet — Wu says more attention needs to be given to the non-essential ones.

The name non-essential does not mean that these amino acids are not necessary for human health, but rather that they are naturally produced in the body. But if biochemical conditions in the body leave these non-essential amino acids lacking, then a person can develop serious illnesses apart from additional supplementation.

According to previous research conducted by Wu, arginine, a type of amino acid, improves the growth and development of animal embryos. It also helps to fight obesity, which means it could play a valuable role in helping to naturally fight the U.S. obesity epidemic. Amino acids also help to lengthen lifespan, prevent cardiovascular disease, and improve antioxidant function.

To learn more about amino acids, visit:

Sources for this story include:

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Major food manufacturers pledge to cut salt content

(NaturalNews) Six major food companies recently agreed to sign on to the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI), a program that aims to cut salt content in packaged and restaurant foods by 20 percent over the next five years. Like cigarettes, sodium is the next major social vice being targeted because high levels of the processed variety contribute to various diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

The NSRI program is the brainchild of the New York City Health Department, and its stated goal is to save the lives of thousands of people and cut healthcare costs by billions of dollars through reduced sodium intake. According to a recent CNN report, 32 local and state health departments and 25 other corporate partners have all signed on to the program, and six new companies recently joined the effort as well.

Butterball, for instance, plans to cut sodium content in its deli meat and hot dogs, while Delhaize, operator of various grocery and food market chains along the east coast of the U.S., plans to reduce salt content from its frozen pizzas, cereals, and butter. Heinz ketchup announced it will not only limit salt in its ketchup and sauce products, but also in its frozen pizzas and entrees. And Hostess said it will cut the salt content in several of its bread lines.

Of course, the processed salt used in most food products and natural sea and mineral salts are quite different from each other. The sodium chloride produced in labs is the type largely responsible for causing disease, while sea salt and other “full spectrum” salts are actually full of various trace minerals that support good health (

Sources for this story include:

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RainShadow Labs offers premium skin and personal care products at wholesale pricing

(NaturalNews) Here at NaturalNews, we love to feature companies that have made — and continue to make — significant strides in providing the cleanest and healthiest products to consumers that are made as naturally as possible. And it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you RainShadow Labs, a custom, private-label manufacturer of some of the best quality personal care products available on the market today, many of which are now available direct to the public at bulk, wholesale prices.

Since 1983, RainShadow Labs has been producing superior lotions, soaps, hair care products, skin creams, massage oils and serums for private labels. Long before “natural” and “organic” became popular in the mainstream, RainShadow was custom-tailoring personal care products as naturally and organically as possible for consumers because these high standards have always been a part of the company’s foundational philosophy.

“Our range of products is anything from natural and organic house cleaning products to bath and body care, bath salts, bubble baths, candles, room sprays, body lotions and creams, full facial care masks and body scrubs, serums, anti-aging treatments, acne treatments…anything you find in a store, salon or spa, you’re gonna find at RainShadow Labs,” explained Vanessa Johansson, owner of RainShadow Labs, in an interview with NaturalNews.

And the RainShadow Labs Buy Direct program literally sells these high-quality formulas for pennies on the dollar, a mere fraction of what you would pay at the health food store or beauty salon for the same products.

“Somebody can go on our website and buy a 180 dollar serum for four dollars…we are the manufacturer so there’s no middle person, no traditional markup. These are difficult times, and we’re really appreciating the opportunity to provide really high quality products at insanely affordable prices.”

So how is RainShadow able to provide extremely high quality products for amazingly low prices? When a company contracts with RainShadow Labs to produce a custom formula, RainShadow typically produces a bunch of different formulas from which the client is able to choose. However most of these unique formulas never make it to store shelves, so RainShadow has decided to make them available direct to the public at wholesale cost.

According to Johansson, selling these special products at wholesale prices is the company’s way of making premium, natural consumer product formulas available to customers that would otherwise never make it to market. And since these formulas are custom crafted to the same high quality standards as the ones available on store shelves, you really cannot go wrong with them.

The selection of products and incredibly low pricing is truly impressive, and we highly recommend you check out what RainShadow has to offer. And also be sure to check out the company’s history as well as its humanitarian efforts in and around the community where it operates.

You can visit the RainShadow Labs Buy Direct portal at:

You can also visit the company’s main page at:

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Health Ranger: Fifteen important things I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving

(NaturalNews) I always enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday because it reminds me to be thankful for what we have. And today, I’m publishing a list of 25 things I’m personally thankful for this year.

Just for the record, though, I want to say that I am personally opposed to the widespread killing of factory-farmed turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. That is an atrocity against animals, and I take no part in that. (I’m eating a vegetarian meal this Thanksgiving.)

Nevertheless, I do like to use this holiday as a time to remember to be thankful for the many things we are blessed with. Here’s my list of the top 15 things, in no particular order, that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

My top 15 things to be thankful for
#1 – Free Speech. Without the Free Speech protections provided under the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, NaturalNews simply would not exist. Free Speech allows us to pursue other freedoms while exposing the lies of Big Government and corrupt corporations.

#2 – Superfoods. Today we have access to more amazing superfoods than at any other time in the history of the world. If we choose, we can be healthier today than our grandparents could have ever dreamed!

#3 – NaturalNews readers. I’m incredibly thankful for all the readership and support from NaturalNews fans and readers. Without your feedback, suggestions and support of our sponsors, our work would be impossible and we simply wouldn’t exist.

#4 – Medicinal plants and seeds. Mother Nature provides so many answers for us that we haven’t even begun to tap into the full wisdom of medicinal plants. The long-term answers for human survival are to be found in nature, not in synthetic chemicals.

#5 – Sunshine. Without the sun, we wouldn’t even be alive, of course. Sunlight gives us vitamin D, mood enhancements, warmth and energy for the plants that sustain life on our planet.

#6 – The internet. Yes, the internet. Without it, we would all be information slaves to the corporate-controlled media. But the internet has shifted the playing field to where small, independent publishers like NaturalNews can reach millions of readers without the corporate control that persists in the mainstream media.

#7 – Human immune system. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely thankful for my immune system. When given proper nutrients, it works better than any medical technology in the world, far surpassing the efficacy of vaccines, drugs or anything made by Man. My immune system has kept me healthy and symptom-free through the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and seasonal flu, and I never get vaccinated. (Why would I?)

#8 – Intelligent, informed people. Even though we live in a world of zombie people who forgot how to think for themselves, I’m always impressed by the amazing number of truly intelligent, thoughtful individuals I do meet — people who are natural-born skeptics and who intelligently question everything going on around them in order to arrive at the deeper truths of our world. Kudos to all of you, as I believe you are the individuals who represent the future of human civilization.

#9 – The mainstream media. I’m thankful for the mainstream media because it is a daily source of humor, and laughter is good for your immune system. By reading the hilarious stories published in the MSM, you can actually help prevent the flu!

#10 – Our good health. I am thankful for the health I have — and the health YOU have — so that each day we may continue our important work of educating others, sharing the good news about natural health and enjoying our long lives as healthy, happy people.

#11 – Animal friends. Don’t you love having animals as companions? Let’s all continue to spread the word about how intelligent animals are so that we can work to enlighten others to the simple truth that animals have consciousness.

#12 – Organic foods and small family farms. I’m thankful for organic foods and small family farms, including raw milk producers. I’m also thankful for CSA organizations who provide local, organic food grown on local farms.

#13 – God, nature and a greater creative force. Call it what you wish — God, Mother Nature, the Creator, etc. — but I’m thankful that we are blessed with a greater creative power in the universe.

#14 – U.S. soldiers and veterans. I’m thankful for the fact that soldiers have helped defend the freedoms and interests of America in the past several decades, and I only hope that our government would use these soldiers less and bring them home more.

#15 – Human consciousness. I’m especially thankful we have human consciousness, otherwise this would all be some sort of meaningless exercise carried out by automatons. Interestingly, most “skeptics” in the so-called “scientific” community literally do not believe there is such a thing as consciousness, so they technically have nothing to be thankful for!

Bonus item #1 – The strong nuclear force “cosmic coincidence.” I’m thankful that the strong nuclear force isn’t slightly stronger, because if it were, the universe would have no hydrogen, which means virtually no stars, no water (H2O, remember?) and no life. We live in a universe full of life that would not be possible if the strong nuclear force constant were off by a mere 2%.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Watch my Thank You video message
I’ve recorded a special “Thank You” video message for NaturalNews readers. You can watch it at:


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Feds cracking down on artificial marijuana

(NaturalNews) U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials recently announced a temporary ban on a popular new marijuana substitute known as “K2” or “Spice”, that contains various natural herbs and a synthetic spray coating that makes the blend have a marijuana-like effect on the body. According to officials, the synthetic spray contains five dangerous chemicals that are sending users to the emergency room.

“Makers of these harmful products mislead their customers into thinking that ‘fake pot’ is a harmless alternative to illegal drugs, but that is not the case,” explained Michele Leonhart, acting administrator at the DEA, in a statement. “Today’s action (banning the chemicals) will call further attention to the risks of ingesting unknown compounds and will hopefully take away any incentive to try these products.”

Currently, the chemicals are not a controlled substance, which means they are fully legal. And since makers of such products label them with disclaimers saying they not intended for human consumption, there is really no course of action that authorities can take to curb use. Subsequently, the popularity of artificial marijuana, especially among young people, has risen dramatically in recent years.

An ABC News report explains that the number of people harmed and sent to emergency rooms because of artificial marijuana has “risen exponentially” over the past year and a half. And according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there have already been 500 cases of adverse reactions to the drug this year, which include severe seizures and losing consciousness.

“You’re basically playing Russian roulette with these chemicals,” explained Gary Boggs, a special agent at the DEA, to ABC News. “Hallucination, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure … these chemicals appear to bind to certain parts of the brain, so the potential for long-term effects are very deadly.”

Sources for this story include:

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Humans share 70 percent of genetic code with sea sponges

(NaturalNews) An international team of scientists was recently surprised to discover that sea sponges — one of the oldest multicellular life forms — share nearly 70 percent of the same genes as human beings, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

The team worked for five years to sequence the genome of the 650-million year old group of organisms, which was one of the first to develop the specialized cell groups that characterize organs.

“The sponge represents a window on this ancient and momentous event,” said University of California-Santa Barbara researcher Kenneth S. Kosik. “Curiously, the cells of a sponge bear little resemblance to cells found in the rest of the animal kingdom. For example, sponges lack neurons; however, the sponge genome reveals the presence of many genes found in neurons.”

Significantly, many of the genes that sponges share with humans may play a role in the development of cancer.

“Once there is a transition from single cell to multicellular organisms, conflict is set up between the different cells of the multicellular organism,” researcher Todd Oakley said.

“It is in an individual cell’s best interest to keep replicating, and this actually is what cancer is — the uncontrolled replication of cells in the body. So in the history of animals, we can see this link with cancer, because the genes that are involved in the transition to multiple cells during evolution are also known to be linked to cancer.”

However promising, the recent findings are only the beginning in terms of uncovering new cancer therapies.

“How things interact is what’s more important in biology than just the things that are there,” writes Dawson Church in the book, The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New biology of Intention.

“The genome tells us very little, if anything at all, about how things interact. For biologists, understanding the mechanics of enormously complex self-organizing systems like the human body is a challenge of much greater magnitude than mapping the genome itself,” Church writes.

Sources for this story include: ;

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Why Thanksgiving dinner is terrible for your teeth, and one Thanksgiving favorite that may provide the solution

(NaturalNews) The delicious food, fun festivities, and warm fellowship associated with the Thanksgiving holiday are a joyous occasion for Americans. But that joy often stops in the mouth, where residue from the cornucopia of Thanksgiving food fuels the insatiable hunger of a harmful oral bacteria. In fact, several of the most commonly eaten Thanksgiving foods are also this bacteria’s favorite foods, which can wreak havoc on tooth enamel.

Streptococcus mutans, or S. mutans, is an oral bacteria that thrives on sugar from foods like sweetened cranberry sauce, red wine, sweet potato casseroles, pumpkin pie, and other Thanksgiving delectables. These microbes actually eat the sugar and leave behind powerful acids that eat away at tooth enamel. And compared to most other holiday feasts, Thanksgiving has one of the largest varieties of foods favored by this bacteria.

Dr. Hyun “Michael” Koo, D.D.S., Ph.D., and his colleagues from the University of Rochester Medical Center discovered that S. mutans is able to thrive so well on teeth because of glucans, the precursors to plaque that build up on teeth. This fortress of molecules provides a foundation for S. mutans to thrive and produce damaging acid, as well as plaque.

Interestingly, the team found that cranberries contain natural enzymes that help prevent glucans from forming. Without glucans, S. mutans and other bacteria are unable to grab hold and do their damage. Unfortunately, most of the cranberry sauces eaten at Thanksgiving are loaded with sugars that harm teeth and counteract the benefits, but the isolated compounds in cranberries are a natural solution to the damaging effects of such foods on teeth.

“Maintaining the natural balance of resident flora in the oral cavity is important for keeping opportunistic pathogens in check,” Koo explained. “These molecules don’t outright kill S. mutans. Instead, they disrupt the two most harmful actions of this pathogenic organism, acid production and glucan production.”

Sources for this story include:

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TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests

(NaturalNews) Anticipating a nationwide grassroots surge of protests against naked body scanners and aggressive pat-downs, the TSA simply turned off its naked body scanners on Wednesday and let air travelers walk right through security checkpoints without being X-rayed or molested.

All across the country, air travelers are reporting that the TSA simply deactivated the naked body scanners and let people go right through without a scan. “Backscatter scanners are off. No scan. No patdown.” reported a traveler from the Seattle airport. “Backscatter machines aren’t being used at LAX,” reported another traveler. “They’re all roped off.”

Much the same story is being reported all across the country.

The TSA is desperate to avoid protests
Shutting down the “National Opt-Out Day” by turning off the machines is the only logical move for the TSA, of course: The agency needed a way to defuse the growing grassroots resistance to its criminal violations of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. So instead of facing what was sure to be widespread protest, the agency simply decided to turn off the machines for a day.

This action tells us all sorts of fascinating things about the TSA and its fabricated security excuses. Perhaps most importantly, it proves that the naked body scanners are not needed for air travel security in the first place. When it wants to, the TSA can just turn the machines off and resort to baggage X-rays and metal detectors. That’s worked for years, and it apparently worked today, too.

And yet, up until today, the TSA has insisted that the naked body scanners are absolutely essential to detecting hidden bombs, and that “travelers won’t be safe” unless they use the naked body scanners. So all of a sudden today it’s okay for the TSA to put air travelers at risk of being blown up?

The TSA can’t have it both ways. Either the naked body scanners are vital for air security and they need to be running 24/7 to keep everybody safe, or they’re just another security con game being played out for the financial benefit of Chertoff and others who profit from the sale of such machines.

How can the TSA — with a straight face — say that naked body scanners are vital for air security but not on the busiest air travel day of the year?

As you can see, there are some serious holes in the TSA’s mythology, and interestingly, this National Opt-Out Day indirectly exposed them by getting the TSA to turn off the naked body scanners. This is effectively an admission that they aren’t important to air security.

Trying to avoid any challenge to its power
This action by the TSA also shows that the TSA is desperately trying to avoid being publicly embarrassed by the national-opt-out day protests. Lots of local and national news film crews were out at the airports today, hoping to catch something interesting on camera. But by turning off the naked body scanners, the TSA was able to stage a “calm looking” day at the airport.

As soon as the TV cameras leave, however, they can turn those machines right back on and start molesting people once again. This is classic behavior of police state tyrants: They present a calm, professional image to the media, but once the cameras leave, all of a sudden their hands are back down in your pants.

I predict the TSA will have the machines turned right back on by Friday, and more reports of sexual molestation and inappropriate pat-downs will continue to emerge.

Many people just skipped the airports altogether
The other big travel news today was that lots of travelers decided to simply skip the airports altogether. NaturalNews received emails from several travelers who described major U.S. airports as “nearly empty.”

Meanwhile, traffic was terrible on the freeways. The Massachusetts Turnpike played host to a 30-mile traffic jam today (

A new Zogby poll indicates that 43% of the American public will seek alternatives to flying due to the TSA’s aggressive pat-downs and naked body scanners ( That’s going to add up to a huge financial hit for the air travel industry in the months ahead. The TSA could end up destroying much of the air travel industry altogether!

Learn more about freedom, security, American history and the Bill of Rights
For a full discussion of the issues that really matter here, check out my new commentary audio / video about the Don’t Touch My Junk song.

The first 13 minutes or so are about the song itself. After that, it’s mostly a discussion about freedom and the Bill of Rights. You can watch that video commentary for free at:

Thank you to all who participated in the National Opt Out Day. In getting the TSA to turn off its naked body scanners, we exposed the TSA’s “big lie” about air travel safety.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely, no matter what method of transportation you choose.

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Don’t Touch My Junk song composer posts commentary on TSA and the Bill of Rights

(NaturalNews) By popular request, I’ve posted a commentary video that provides background information on the creation of the song as well as some blunt talk about security, freedom, the TSA and the Bill of Rights.

This Don’t Touch My Junk commentary video is available at:

It’s nearly one hour long. Here’s what’s in it:

0:00 – 12:00 Details on how the song was created, where the lyrics came from, how the video was put together, why we subtitled the video, my personal productivity habits and more.

13:50 – 55:19 A discussion of security vs. freedom, the Bill of Rights, American history and the founding fathers, the American Revolutionary War, how governments become tyrannical over time, why the government must answer to the People, the first Ten Amendments, quotes from Benjamin Franklin, the real purpose behind the TSA’s security screening and more.

This commentary provides an unusually direct and uncensored discussion of freedom issues that should matter to all Americans.

Watch the video (for free) at NaturalNews.TV:

Stand up for your freedom!

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Naked body scanner companies heavily lobbied politicians to push use in airports

(NaturalNews) A new report has revealed that manufacturers of the invasive and dangerous new naked body scanners popping up in airports across the country more than doubled their political lobbying spending in recent years. According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, scanner companies drastically upped their lobbying spending to push for expanded use of the machines under massive government contracts, and some also hired several former politicians and government officials to ensure that such efforts succeeded.

L-3 Communications, for instance, a scanner manufacturer that has sold nearly $ 40 million worth of scanning equipment to the federal government thus far, has already spent $ 4.3 million this year to lobby support from Congress. And Rapiscan Systems, another scanner maker, has spent over $ 271,000 for lobbying purposes this year, as well as hired former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Michael Chertoff to work for the company and promote scanner use.

Chertoff is also the head of the Chertoff Group, which has been aggressively promoting the use of full body scanners since last year’s alleged Christmas Day bombing attempt. But this clear conflict of interest in revolving-door politics illustrates the blatant fraud of the new security measures, which obviously have nothing to do with improving security and everything to do with using phony terrorist scares to bilk Americans out of millions in tax dollars and rob them of their privacy and dignity.

Linda Daschle, a former official at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and wife of former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, is also a paid lobbyist at L-3 Communications. She recently worked hard to defeat a bill proposed by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) that would have limited scanner use at airports.

Chaffetz received much flack for questioning the expanded use of scanners, having been “routinely [told] that ‘Secretary Chertoff believes this is the right thing to do. Who are you to challenge him?'” Interestingly, his bill died shortly after the supposed attempted Christmas Day bombing.

Sources for this story include:

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UK to boost vaccination rates by pumping babies with six vaccines at once

(NaturalNews) Apparently drug companies are no longer satisfied with a tiered vaccine schedule, and would rather have babies receive their shots all at the same time in order to ensure full compliance. A recent announcement by the U.K. Department of Health insists that babies should receive a six-in-one “super-vaccination” when they turn age one, for the primary purpose of increasing vaccination rates.

Normally, U.K. babies receive their meningitis shots separate from other shots, with about a month of buffer time in between. But officials are now telling general practitioners (GPs) to give three measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, as well as two meningitis vaccines and a pneumonia vaccine, all at the same time. And they claim that there is no health risk involved with babies getting this barrage of vaccines.

The government is trying to convince parents to go along with its recommendations by suggesting that the one-day vaccine schedule helps to “simplify” the number of doctor visits by reducing it to just one rather than six. And their official statement alleges that “independent scientific research has shown that [getting all the shots at once] is completely safe and effective,” even though no specifics were provided to back such claims.

Various other studies, however, have shown that not only are vaccines unsafe, especially when given all at once, but they are also largely ineffective. According to a 1987 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 99 percent of victims in a 1986 outbreak of measles had been vaccinated, indicating that the vaccines were useless ( And again in the recent mumps outbreak in New York, nearly everyone who was affected with the illness had been vaccinated as well (

Though vaccine advocates continue to deny it, vaccines are filled with toxic chemicals like thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, and various other chemical preservatives the destroy health and are linked to causing severe neurological and developmental problems.

Sources for this story include:

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Omega-3 fatty acids prevent and may reverse gum disease naturally

(NaturalNews) Periodontitis is an extremely common, and often painful, inflammatory disease of the gums. It causes tissue to separate from teeth, resulting in the accumulation of bacteria and potential bone and tooth loss. Mainstream medicine typically treats the chronic disease with strong antibiotics, vigorous mechanical scraping of the teeth and even surgically cutting away diseased gum tissue. But a new study just published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association shows there’s a natural way to not only prevent and also treat periodontitis — consume polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), especially the omega-3s found in cold water fish like salmon and certain nuts.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center pointed out that PUFAs such as those found in fish oil and some nuts are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and that could explain some of their power in fighting gum disease. Bottom line: the scientists discovered that the higher the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly those known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), the lower the incidence of periodontitis in the US population.

“To date, the treatment of periodontitis has primarily involved mechanical cleaning and local antibiotic application. Thus, a dietary therapy, if effective, might be a less expensive and safer method for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis,” Asghar Z. Naqvi, MPH, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Department of Medicine said in a press statement. “Given the evidence indicating a role for omega-3 fatty acids in other chronic inflammatory conditions, it is possible that treating periodontitis with omega-3 fatty acids could have the added benefit of preventing other chronic diseases associated with inflammation, including stroke as well.”

Naqvi and his team studied data from over 9,000 adults who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The research participants all received dental examinations between 1999 and 2004 and also kept track of their diets and use of supplements such as fish oil. The NHANES study collected extensive demographic, ethnic, educational and socioeconomic data, as well. That permitted the researchers to see if there were any other factors that might cloud the results.

Overall, about 8.2 percent of the research subjects had periodontitis — but for those with the highest consumption of DHA, there was a 20 percent reduction in gum disease. Participants with a higher consumption of EPA had a slightly smaller reduction in gum disease. According to Elizabeth Krall Kaye, PhD, a professor in Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, who wrote an editorial which accompanied the periodontitis study, a major finding of the new research is the fact significantly reduced odds of periodontal disease were achieved in people who only consumed very modest amounts DHA and EPA. That raises the question of whether higher, optimal doses of omega-3s might have an even more dramatic protective and therapeutic effect.

The new study backs up similar findings in animals. For example, earlier this year, University of Kentucky scientists also found that relatively low doses of omega-3s put the brakes on the growth of gum disease-causing bacteria in mice. That was the first study that clearly showed omega-3s appear to have a direct anti-bacterial effect on oral pathogens.

For more information:

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Cough, cold medicines could kill your child

(NaturalNews) Since 2007 when drug manufacturers agreed to withdraw from the market over-the-counter cough and cold medicine products sold for children under two, emergency rooms have seen 50 percent less visits from injured or killed babies and toddlers. But these medicines are still being sold for older children, even though they are highly dangerous and many parents continue to ignorantly give them to their younger children under the false impression that they are safe.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), safety concerns prompted the companies to withdraw such products branded specifically for younger children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had put out a warning that cough and cold medicines invoke “serious and potentially life-threatening side effects,” even when used according to instructions.

But none of that prompted the agency to actually withdraw the offending medicines from the market. They simply encouraged manufacturers to update use and safety labels to says that the products are not safe to use in children under the age of two years old. But after studies showed that the products were dangerous even in older children, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association updated labels again in 2008 warning parents to only administer the medicines to children over age four.

However in 2009, the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a warning that cough and cold medicines are actually not safe for children under six years old, either. In fact, the agency even implied that the medicines are largely useless altogether because cough and cold symptoms will generally go away naturally in the same amount of time, regardless of whether or not such medicines are used (

To learn more about the dangers of cough and cold medicines, why they do not work, and how you can prevent and treat colds naturally, visit:

Sources for this story include:

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Superfood seeds allow you to grow your own medicine and nutrition in your back yard

(NaturalNews) The only thing better than buying superfoods is growing them yourself. Imagine growing and harvesting your own astragalus, goji berries, maca and holy basil. Harvesting and eating these herbs and superfoods fresh out of the dirt is always superior to buying them in powder form.

But to grow them yourself, of course, you need seeds. So where do you get seeds that are non-GMO, organic, wildcrafted and can be trusted to be viable?

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve begun carrying a line of wildcrafted and organic superfood seeds from a great company called Blackbird Naturals that redirects 100% of its profits back to replanting organic gardens.

Click here to see the varieties of herb seeds and superfood seeds available at the NaturalNews store.

The best deal is the Superfood Seed Collection, which ships in a nice, small wooden gift box with each individual seed type packed in a small seed tin. It really makes a great gift pack. It looks like a gift, and it wraps like a gift, too. Inside, you’ll find the following:

• Astragulus Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Burdock Seed Pack – 30 seeds
• Calendula Seed Pack – 80 seeds
• Dandelion Seed Pack – 200 Seeds
• Goji Berry Seed Pack – 15 berries (1500 seeds)
• Holy Basil Seed Pack – 100 Seeds
• Lamb’s Quarters Seed Pack – 350 seeds
• Maca Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Milk Thistle Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Nettles Seed Pack – 200 seeds
• White Sage Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Wild Cherry Tomato Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Wild Mountain Spinach Seed Pack – 60 Seeds

Click here to see this Superfood Seed Collection Box.

Grow your own immune-boosting plants!
It’s a lot of fun to grow your own medicinal herbs! By consuming the herbs you grow, you can enhance and support your immune function, right from your own backyard garden.

Our store now carries an Immunity Boost Seed Pack which contains:

• Astragulus Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Maca Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Calendula Seed Pack – 80 seeds Astragalus

The store also offers a Wild Salad Mix seed pack containing:

• Dandelion Seed Pack – 200 Seeds
• Lamb’s Quarters Seed Pack – 350 seeds
• Wild Mountain Spinach Seed Pack – 60 Seeds

You can also purchase individual seed packs that ship in small seed tins. Pick up just goji berry seeds or holy basil seeds. Click here to see the full list of what’s available.

Seeds, health, preparedness and more
I’m a huge believer in seed saving and seed preparedness. Seeds are the key to growing your own food and medicine in both good times and bad.

In good times, you can inexpensively grow both food and medicine right in your own back yard, effectively giving you access to a “plant pharmacy” without needing a doctor, a prescription or interference from the FDA.

In bad times such as a temporary economic collapse or social disorder, seeds are the key to keeping you and your family alive when the food deliveries stop. There’s very little food inventory in the national food supply, as you probably have already figured out. That’s why grocery store shelves are stripped bare in just a day or two before a major hurricane or winter snow storm.

I’ve been a long-term advocate of sensible preparedness, and I’ve always stocked and stored dried foods, seeds, water filters and other items to get through any emergency. People always think I’m a Mormon because I follow Mormon philosophy on preparedness. I’m not Mormon, but I happen to think those folks are the smartest group on the planet when it comes to surviving the unexpected.

Seeds are a crucial part of any preparedness plan, and if you know anything about seeds, you also know you have to stock non-hybrid seeds so you can propagate your plants from one generation to the next.

Now, these seeds we’re offering right now on NaturalNews are not garden vegetable seeds. They’re superfoods and herbs. But next year we hope to begin offering heirloom, organic garden vegetable seeds as well. It’s something that’s high on our list of priorities of things to offer to the NaturalNews readers so that we can all be better prepared for the unexpected.

I’m also starting a new garden this coming spring and I plan to video that project and share it with you.

Growing plants is a lifelong love of mine. I used to grow succulents as a teenager. In Arizona, I experimented with growing hydroponic vegetables and successfully grew tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and other plants using organic nutrients (with no soil). In Ecuador, I created a massive superfood orchard of over 100 trees, with a garden on the side where we grew enough food to donate cabbage and more to the local poor people in town.

I also planted and grew a massive aloe vera garden and gave away aloe as part of a local anti-cancer tonic for folks who were suffering from cancer tumors.

This coming spring, I’ll be planting these superfood seeds in a new garden I already have on the drawing board. I can’t wait to start harvesting my own holy basil, goji berries, astragalus and other herbs and superfoods. This is the way we’re supposed to get our medicine, after all.

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Does wi-fi radiation cause tree deformities, or is the fear overblown?

(NaturalNews) New research conducted at Wageningen University in the Netherlands concludes that wi-fi signals might damage nearby trees, causing them to develop severe abnormalities in their bark and leaves.

In the Netherlands, about 70 percent of trees in urban areas already show such symptoms, although trees in the wild have no such symptoms. These deformities could not be attributed to viral, bacterial or fungal infections.

The study was paid for by the city of Alphen aan den Rijn which was trying to determine what was causing its trees to suffer deformities. The study exposed 20 ash trees to varying frequencies of electromagnetic radiation over a three-month test period. The trees located nearest the wi-fi radio, researchers found, showed a “metallic luster appearance . . . followed by desiccation and death of a portion of the leaf.”

Government agency expresses doubt about study conclusions
However, a statement from the Netherlands’ Antenna Agency (the government department there that handles electromagnetic broadcast authority, much like the FCC in the United States) has issued a statement denying any conclusive link between Wi-Fi and tree health.

The statement reads (

The researcher from Wageningen University indicates that these are initial results and that has not been confirmed in a repeat survey. He warns strongly that there are no far-reaching conclusions can be drawn from its results. Based on the information now available cannot be concluded that the WiFi radio signals leads to damage to trees or other plants. It takes into account previously published studies showing no effect. The knowledge center awaits with interest the publication of the survey.

It should also be noted that this study involved only 20 trees, which is a small sample size, and so far the study results have not been repeated.

In fact, the tree health problems observed in the study could be due to something much simpler. For example, perhaps the trees closest to the wi-fi radio were also close to an air duct that was exhausting air contaminated with fungal spores. Until the study is repeated and expanded to a larger sample size, it’s simply not conclusive.

Many people are “sensitive” to wi-fi signals
Personally, I understand very well that people may be sensitive to wi-fi signals. I’m sensitive to mobile phone signals and get a headache if I talk on a mobile for more than a few minutes (which I try to avoid doing, of course). I’ve also spoken with people who told me they experience similar headaches around wi-fi signals.

It seems entirely reasonable to be concerned about the health implications of wi-fi radios, especially given that there are now so many of them in urban environments. Hopefully, further study will be conducted on this topic so that we might all learn more.

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TSA pat-downs could spread sexually-transmitted disease and contribute to pandemics

(NaturalNews) There’s a startling fact about the TSA pat-downs that most of us have not realized: TSA agents often do not change their latex gloves between pat-downs! With these pat-down reaching into your pants, feeling your genitals, and sweeping bare armpits and buttocks, those latex gloves being worn by the TSA agents are obviously teeming with germs.

And yet TSA agents often don’t change gloves between patting down passengers. They’re often using the same gloves on you and your crotch as they were using on the previous passenger’s exploratory crotch feel.

This means, of course, that the TSA is now engaged in extremely risky behavior that could spread sexually-transmitted disease, cold viruses, skin fungi (such as ringworm), and even contribute to a pandemic outbreak.

So now, while the TSA claims to be protecting your safety, they could actually be infecting you with pandemic disease at the same time.

New aggressive pat-downs do not meet medical standards for sterility
None of this was a problem when the TSA pat-downs were merely touching the outside of peoples’ clothing. But in the last few weeks, the TSA changed its pat-down procedure to include feeling down your pants and inside your underwear.

Air travel passengers across America have been complaining of the TSA fingering their genitalia and touching their sex organs. Just this week, an ABC News employee was fingered by a TSA agent who felt around inside her underwear ( This process of touching traveler’s genitals without consistently changing latex gloves means the TSA is involved in extremely risky behavior that could spread disease.

TSA agents are not trained as medical personnel. Just as they don’t seem to grasp the Bill of Rights, they also may not understand how infectious disease is spread. They aren’t medical personnel; they’re Big Brother enforcers who have likely never been taught the principles of how to conduct a sterile body search.

For example, do they follow a specific order for touching your body parts? If not, they could actually spread an infection.

For example, if an athlete with jock itch (a fungal infection) undergoes a TSA pat-down, that TSA agent could spread the passenger’s jock itch from his crotch to his armpits and neck. The same is true for a person suffering from ringworm or other skin fungal infections: Merely touching them and then touching another body part can cause them to spread.

Even worse, if that same TSA agent does not change his or her gloves between pat-downs, they could be spreading jock itch, ringworm or other infections from traveler to traveler. So traveler #2 could end up with the jock itch picked up from traveler #1.

TSA agents don’t understand medical devices
Evidence has already emerged that TSA agents fail medical common sense. They recently dislodged a urostomy bag belonging to a bladder cancer survivor, for example, causing him to be soaked in his own urine (

They also required one woman to remove her breast prosthesis and show it to them, claiming it might be a bomb. Aside from the lack of sensitivity to medical patients, TSA agents also demonstrate a disturbing lack of medical knowledge.

They may be just ignorant enough to think that wearing a pair of gloves somehow protects everyone from germ transmission, but the reality is that the gloves only protect the TSA agent from germs, not YOU! In fact, these gloves may be harboring germs, fungal infections and even sexually-transmitted diseases.

This is a whole new reason to stand up against Big Brother tyranny at airport security checkpoints. TSA agents are not merely violating your Constitutional protections against unreasonable searches; they may also be subjecting you to disease and spreading pandemics that could threaten your health safety.

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Don’t Touch my Junk – Here’s why I wrote this song (Health Ranger)

(NaturalNews) Last Wednesday night, I just couldn’t sleep. The story of traveler John Tyner just stuck in my head. “Don’t Touch My Junk” seemed to be a powerful statement from a regular guy standing up to Big Brother. It was the linguistic equivalent of that Chinese student standing in the path of a tank in Tiananmen Square in 1989. And the phrase “Don’t Touch My Junk” kept rolling around inside my head.

So instead of trying (and failing) to go to sleep, I got up from my bed and started typing lyrics into my laptop computer. And then the music suddenly struck me — I had recently licensed a song by an amazing composer (Dan Gautreau) that seemed to fit perfectly with this idea, so I began to put the lyrics together with the song. Almost instantly, the chorus line of “Don’t Touch My Junk” was formed.

Recording the song in just 9 hours
The next day, I started recording this song at about 1 pm. Amazingly, I finished it by 10 pm. Yes — this entire song took no more than nine hours to fully record, mix and produce. I could hardly believe it myself, actually, because usually these things take many days or even weeks to nail down. But this one was just unbelievably rapid because I did all the recording myself, on my laptop, using a high-end microphone and audio input device.

The song contains over 440 individual recordings of my voice, singing the lead lines, harmonies, rap lines, etc. The only voice in the song that isn’t mine is the scream.

All the harmonies are 100% natural. I don’t use automatic harmonizers. I just sing the harmonies myself and bang them out with eight to twelve layers. As I’ve been recording a lot of songs lately, this process is becoming very efficient, and I can nail the harmonies usually with the first take (practice makes perfect, huh?).

But I have to admit that after singing 440+ lines in nine hours, my voice was fairly stressed for the day. That’s a stretch for any recording artist.

Where the lyrics came from
In terms of the lyrics, my goal was to make this song funny, edgy and even slightly graphic (but not gross). I wanted it to tell the truth about what’s going on in the airports these days, but not to turn people off from getting too detailed about the TSA’s molestation of little kids, for example. That’s just too graphic to put into a song.

It’s a delicate balance. It’s hard to make a topic this serious sound funny at the same time. After all, we’re talking about our freedoms here. Frankly, this is no laughing matter, but the “don’t touch my junk” line was just begging for a comedy treatment with a serious message, so I went for it.

On projects like these, you never really know what the public will think. No doubt a few people will decide to be offended by the lyrics, but imagine how much more offended they must feel by the TSA agents who actually perform these acts!

I think singing as a form of public protest is an important expression that will hopefully raise the kind of awareness that can lead to real changes. After all, it is rather ridiculous that we Americans living here in the “Land of the Free” are being molested by our own government agents in the name of “security.”

Origins of some of the lines
On another topic, you may notice in the song some lines borrowed from the song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. That’s where the line “This ain’t your lovely lady lump” comes from.

I also borrowed from MC Hammer with the “Don’t Touch This” line that just fit perfectly in the song.

The “Lordy Lordy I declare…” line is from an old schoolyard rhyme that today’s youth are probably not that familiar with, but anyone over the age of 40 will instantly recognize it. The rhyme really does mention “London” and “France” which just happens to rhyme with “underpants.” This is not some sleight towards France, by the way. It’s just the way the rhyme goes. If anything, France’s airport security procedures make a lot more sense than America’s these days…

The Scottish Kilt idea was borrowed from a journalist named Jeffrey Goldberg who writes for The Atlantic ( He wrote about this a few days ago as a form of public protest against the TSA’s unreasonable searches. It was a brilliant idea and I wanted to reflect it in the song.

I originally recorded it as “Irish Kilt” but then I realized that kilts, even though they were used by the Irish, are more frequently associated with Scots. A “true Scotsman” was a man who wore a kilt with no undergarments. So I went with the Scottish kilt for the song.

In all, this song is really a conglomeration of ideas, sentiments and concerns carried in the minds of millions of Americans right now. It merely reflects what they’re thinking — and perhaps what they want to say — with the benefit of being wrapped inside a comedic musical presentation that’s fully protected by Free Speech (the First Amendment, of course).

That’s the thing about the Amendments in the Bill of Rights: Each one helps protect the other one. Without the First Amendment, I couldn’t write this song. And frankly, without the Second Amendment, Big Brother wouldn’t bother paying any attention to the People at all. Each of the first 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights are hugely important to our freedoms. And the entire point of creating the Bill of Rights was to protect the People from government tyranny.

In other words, the Bill of Rights was created precisely to protect us from the kind of thing we’re suffering under today with the TSA — an unreasonable, even criminal invasion of our personal space by overzealous government thugs on some sort of runaway power trip.

I hope you enjoy this song and share it with your friends. Spread the word that Americans will not put up with TSA tyranny. Big Brother does not have any rights to the junk in your trunk.

Here’s the link to the song page where you can download the free MP3 files and view the videos:

The complete lyrics to the song “Don’t Touch My Junk (The TSA Hustle)”
I went to the airport
To catch my flight
The TSA put me in the
Naked body scanner line

I don’t want radiation
So I opted out (opt out!)
But when they grabbed my man junk
I couldn’t help myself I had to shout,
I had to shout, I had to get my message out, I said

Don’t touch my junk
Don’t touch my junk
I’ll have you arrested
If you touch my junk
Don’t touch my junk
This ain’t your lovely lady lump
I don’t want to be molested
So don’t touch my junk

So I went back
Wearing a Scottish kilt
I popped three Viagra
To make sure my stuff would not wilt

When it came my turn
For that nasty pat down
They thought I had a weapon
So they made me pull it out

Don’t touch my junk
Don’t touch my junk
I’ll have you arrested
If you touch my junk
Don’t touch my junk
Let go of my hump my hump my hump
I don’t want to be molested
So don’t touch my junk

Now who put these morons with a badge in charge, and gave them the right to molest us in the name of security?

Don’t touch my junk (can’t touch this)
Don’t touch my junk (can’t touch this)
They X-rayed my bags and then
They patted down my elephant trunk

They went up my shorts
They went down my pants
This ain’t romance
No it’s the TSA hustle
They felt me up
While they put me down
They squeezed my butt
In that TSA hustle

This is happening in the land of the free? Alex Jones was right! I’m gonna smuggle a copy of the Bill of Rights next to my body, so when they reach down there they get a hand full of Fourth Amendment.

Lordy Lordy I declare
Big Brother’s in my underwear
Fly to London, fly to France
Big Sis checkin’ out my underpants

They went up my shorts (can’t touch this)
They went down my pants (can’t touch this)
This ain’t romance
No it’s the TSA hustle
They felt me up
Like they were my personal physician
Put your hands in the air
In the surrender position

This ain’t security
And this ain’t sex
It’s some other kind of tyranny
And now you’re next

It’s time to stop these
Big Brother Nazi thugs
Next time you fly just tell ’em
Don’t touch my junk

The Bill of Rights, baby.

Song lyrics and vocals (c) 2010 by Michael Adams, all rights reserved. Contact us for usage permissions. Music by Dan Gautreau (, licensed from

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TSA feels inside underwear of female ABC News employee

(NaturalNews) TSA agents, always looking to increase their reach (quite literally), are now reaching down the pants and into the underwear of female travelers. This is what happened to an ABC News employee, who described the experience as “worse than going to the gynecologist.”

In an ABC News story, this ABC News employee went on to say, “It was embarrassing. It was demeaning. It was inappropriate.” (

TSA head says everything’s great!
TSA head John Pistole, however, said the current system is working just as it was intended to work, and he refuses to back down on any changes ( This means travelers can expect to continue to be subjected to these ionizing radiation scans (naked body scanners) as well as obscene X-rated pat-downs for the foreseeable future.

Apparently, the TSA feels it is entirely appropriate to feel your crotch, palm your breasts and even reach into your pants — and you’re supposed to just sit there and tolerate all this like good little sheeple.

In doing this, however, they are offending not just the patriots and freedom-oriented people in America; they’re also feeling up members of the press! And that’s a huge mistake because now all of a sudden the mainstream media is realizing this is no joke. This molestation of passengers is happening to them, too!

Suddenly it’s all very “real” to the MSM, you see. In their minds, it’s not just a bunch of conspiracy theorists yacking about this; now it’s an ABC News employee. Now they know this is really happening, and it’s really terrorizing innocent Americans who are merely trying to travel.

This is why I like Ron Paul’s suggestion ( Let’s all just subject members of Congress to these obscene TSA pat-downs and see how they like it, eh? Let’s see if Senator Harry Reid wants to have some low-pay-grade TSA agent shoving his hands down his underwear and feeling up his junk, just like the rest of us must endure.

And what about the U.S. President, his wife and his children? Are they immune to these same obscene pat-downs being offered by the TSA? If so, doesn’t that mean we’re back to a society where the “commoners” are treated like criminals, but the political elite are given special exceptions to this treatment? (Echoes of living under the King of England, anyone?)

This has all clearly gone too far. It’s time to voice your opposition to this madness and stand firm on your Fourth Amendment rights which protect us from “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Having TSA agents shove their hands down our pants is clearly unreasonable. It is the kind of action that might be fully expected under a police state, but certainly not in the “land of the free.”

Sources for this story include:

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Pharma researchers working on drug to erase your memories

(NaturalNews) Drug researchers are working on a mind-altering chemical that could erase your memories. It’s all being pursued under the umbrella of “mental health” with claims that this could help victims of emotional trauma. The idea that you can “heal” a patient by chemically lobotomizing them is, of course, entirely consistent with the core mythology of modern medicine: If something’s wrong, you should poison it, burn it, irradiate it or cut it out… and then pronounce the patient “healed!”

In the case of memory-erasing drugs, scientists are reportedly working on a drug that would remove certain proteins from the brain’s “fear center.” This is based on the ludicrous idea, by the way, that memories are recorded solely by physical proteins in the brain — an idea that’s obviously based on an entirely outmoded mechanistic model of the human mind and brain.

Then again, modern medical science seems to be hopelessly stuck in the Dark Ages, believing that there must be a chemical cure for everything. Hence the ongoing waste of billions of dollars searching for a cancer cure as if it were some sort of acquired infection.

“Erasing a memory and then everything bad built on that is an amazing idea, and I can see all sorts of potential,” said Kate Farinholt, executive director of the mental health support and information group NAMI Maryland, in a Baltimore Sun story (,0,342650.story). But even she can see this approach could be fraught with danger: “Completely deleting a memory, assuming it’s one memory, is a little scary. How do you remove a memory without removing a whole part of someone’s life, and is it best to do that, considering that people grow and learn from their experiences?”

Torturing mammals in the name of “science”
In order to pursue this work on a memory-erasing drug, researchers used electroshocks on mice (which are mammals, of course) to “train” them to fear an audible tone. They noticed this electroshock torture resulted in the build-up of proteins in the brain’s fear center (amygdala), so now they’ve leaped to the wild conclusion that proteins = memories and therefore the way to treat fearful memories is to chemically remove the proteins.

This is such sloppy quack science that I can’t believe it even got published by a scientific magazine. It’s the same sloppy thinking that caused medical doctors to leap to the erroneous conclusion that cholesterol is bad for you. That’s one medical myth that has made Big Pharma hundreds of billions of dollars in cholesterol-lowering drugs that harm far more people than they help. See this animation video to learn more:

Western scientists, ever stuck in the world of the physical, are easily misled into thinking that mental processes are solely based on proteins and chemicals rather than the far more profound neural network phenomena that really drive the functioning of the mind. Memories are not merely logged in the brain with proteins. If they were, our skulls would be as large as houses, filled with proteins from all the memories of our lives. In reality, memories are holographically recorded throughout the neural network of our brain which also interfaces with the non-physical human mind — an entity of consciousness that extends beyond the physical realm (and which virtually the entire conventional scientific community has so far failed to acknowledge because they ridiculously believe that they, themselves, are biological automatons who lack consciousness).

More drugs for soldiers
Right now, U.S. soldiers are being drugged out of their minds with amphetamines and antidepressants. PTSD is the latest financial windfall for Big Pharma because more trauma means more profits from prescribing more drugs.

Just imagine how these “memory erasing drugs” might be used if they existed. First, they send you off to war, and if you somehow manage to survive that, they erase your memories when you come back home so you can’t talk to the press about what really happened.

It’s the perfect crime for a police state society: Destroy peoples’ memories with the excuse of calling it “mental health treatment.”

These drugs could be used on political prisoners, of course. Got someone speaking out against the government? Just arrest them, diagnose them with some mental disorder such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, then force-feed them drugs that erase their memories.

A few months later, release them back into the world as mind-numbed zombies, where they are sure to go along with the rest of the crowd that’s already lining up for vaccines, TSA pat-downs and mind-altering pharmaceuticals.

A memory-erasing drug is the ultimate Big Brother weapon because it could be used to destroy the personality of free-thinking individuals without blatantly killing them in the process.

No wonder pharma researchers are already working on this drug. It could be a powerful weapon in the corporate war on the people of our world — a war that’s already being waged against peoples’ bodies and could soon extend to their very memories.

Sources for this story include:,0,342650.story

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Lawsuit filed against USDA to stop organic milk fraud

(NaturalNews) Although it is illegal under current USDA rules, the agency is still tolerating organic milk producers who bring conventional dairy cattle onto their farms — pumped full of hormones and antibiotics — and then call them “organic” cows when they start giving milk. The Cornucopia Institute wants to put a stop to this obviously fraudulent practice, so it’s filing a lawsuit.

Much of the big name-brand “organic” milk produced in America actually comes from questionable factory farm operations that cut corners, exploit loopholes and essentially cheat consumers. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has been fighting this for years with public education campaigns, boycotts and legal strategies (

The Cornucopia Institute has also been at the forefront of this important issue with efforts to protect the honest organic dairy farms that are trying to compete with the big-name “organic” producers that are cheating by cutting corners. They discovered that even though the practice of bringing conventional heifers (young dairy cows) onto organic dairy farms is illegal, it is still being done anyway, and the USDA appears to be turning a blind eye to this practice.

You can read the Cornucopia Institute’s legal complaint at:

Here’s the official announcement from Cornucopia:

Illegal Practice Damaging Family Farmers and Defrauding Consumers
A Wisconsin-based farm policy research group, The Cornucopia Institute, announced this week that it is filing a formal legal complaint in an attempt to immediately halt the USDA from allowing factory farms producing “organic” milk from bringing conventional dairy cattle onto their farms. Cornucopia claims the practice, which places family-scale farmers at a competitive disadvantage, is explicitly prohibited in the federal regulations governing the organic industry.

Conventional replacement dairy calves, typically bought at auctions, likely receive antibiotics, toxic insecticides and parasiticides as well as conventional feed during their first year of life before being “converted” to organics — all practices strictly prohibited in organic production.

“Real organic farmers don’t buy replacement heifers,” said Mark A. Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute. “Real organic farmers sell [surplus] heifers.”

Demonstrably lower levels of stress, superior health and improved vitality of the cows separates authentic organic dairy farms from factory farms masquerading as organic, according to the farm policy research group.

“In the factory farm model, the animals are pushed for such high production that, just like in the conventional confinement model, after as few as 1 to 2 years they are so sick, or they are not healthy enough to breed, that they are slaughtered,” Kastel clarified. “Organic cows are generally so healthy, and live such long lives, that many of the baby calves born can be sold to other farmers, creating an alternative revenue stream for organic farmers.”

“We have very healthy young stock,” said Dave Minar, an organic dairy farmer from New Prague, Minnesota. A calf on Minar’s farm stays with its mother for 6-8 weeks after its birth. The calves also become acclimated to the milking parlor (as its mother comes in to be milked every day) and “they are building antibodies when nursing,” Minar added.

Reportedly, because of the illegal practice of bringing conventional heifers onto organic farms, many organic producers cannot receive a premium when selling their surplus certified organic calves and heifers.

Policy experts ask the question as to how federal bureaucrats, starting during the Bush administration, could have possibly blessed a practice that is explicitly banned in the USDA federal organic standards.

Former USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Chairman Jim Riddle, currently with the University of Minnesota, states, “To allow the continuous introduction of conventional heifers onto organic farms is contrary to a holistic, systems-based approach; plus, it allows animals that may have been given antibiotics or hormones, fed genetically engineered feed, or consumed slaughter by-products [to be brought onto organic farms].” All the practices referenced by Riddle are banned in the organic standards.

The current federal livestock standards (205.236 Origin of Livestock) state: “Once an entire, distinct herd has been converted to organic production, all dairy animals shall be under organic management from the last third of gestation.” Meaning, before the calf is even born, it must be managed organically.

New York farmer Kathie Arnold, a recognized leader in the organic dairy community, made her feelings clear, “Now that a tough pasture rule is in place, the next very important and needed piece of organic dairy standards work is the realm of dairy replacement animals, in order to have a fair and equitable standard that is the same for all farms.”

For years, the USDA allowed giant organic factory dairies, milking as many as 10,000 cows, to confine their animals in huge feedlots and buildings instead of providing them “access to pasture” as required by federal law. Sparked by Cornucopia’s legal complaints against Aurora Dairy, Dean Foods and others operating phony “organic” feedlot dairies, a movement began to close loopholes and clarify pasture requirements for feed and grazing. The USDA’s release of strict new pasture rules this past February counts as a major victory for organic family farms and consumers.

But bringing in yearling heifers and “converting them to organic,” by managing them organically (organic feed and no banned drugs) during the second year of their life has become standard operating practice at some of the same large industrial dairies.

“Another highly-objectionable facet of the illegal laundering of conventional calves is they are likely fed ‘milk replacer’ instead of fresh organic milk,” noted Kastel.

Feeding milk replacer instead of milk further pads the bottom line of the giant factory dairies. Rather than feed fresh organic milk to their calves, they instead sell that milk to dairy processors. Milk replacer might also contain risky materials tied to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) that are also explicitly banned in organic production and produces cows with weaker immune systems, more susceptible to disease.

Cornucopia’s latest formal legal complaint, in defense of family-scale farmers, spotlights the Natural Prairie Dairy in Dalhart, Texas. The dairy, milking over 7000 cows in two barns, is thought to be the largest certified organic dairy in the United States.

“They are likely selling well over $ 1 million worth of milk a year, at wholesale farmgate pricing, that would otherwise be legally required to be fed to their calves,” Kastel affirmed. “This illegal and unfair competition has to be stopped immediately.”

Just as they delayed the enforcement requiring pasture, and precluding the feedlot confinement of organic dairy cows, the USDA has claimed they need new rulemaking in order to close loopholes allowing conventional cattle to be brought onto organic operations.

Although it appears that the new administration at the USDA recognizes the impropriety of the current practice, their proposed solution has also been to develop new tighter regulations. Many industry observers are concerned that the rulemaking process could take another two years, or longer, until tighter regulations go into effect.

“The market for organic milk is tightening right now, in late 2010. If major industrial producers are able to continue to bring in conventional cattle, they will force down prices paid to family farmers, endangering their livelihoods,” Kastel said. “That’s why the timing of this enforcement, by the USDA, is so critical.”

Cornucopia contends that protecting consumer confidence in organics is possibly the most important reason to take action on these abuses, which undermine the credibility of the organic label.

“One of the reasons that almost every member-owned natural foods cooperative in the nation no longer sells Horizon dairy products [owned by the dairy giant Dean Foods] is they were allowing the same troubling practice of bringing in conventional cattle,” said Natasha Gill, of the Marquette Food Cooperative in Michigan.

“When they spend extra on organic milk, consumers feel they are supporting both humane animal husbandry and economic fairness for the farmers who produce their food. These illegal practices have to stop now,” Gill added.

The Cornucopia Institute has published a comprehensive report on organic dairy, including a scorecard rating over 120 brands of organic dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, ice cream etc.). It is designed to empower consumers and wholesale buyers so that they can make good purchasing decisions, rewarding the true organic farming heroes in the marketplace:

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TSA assaulting cancer survivors with humiliating pat downs that dislodge medical devices

(NaturalNews) New evidence is emerging that the TSA is assaulting and humiliating cancer survivors as part of its aggressive pat-down procedures. Last week, a breast cancer survivor (and former flight attendant) who lost one of her breasts to cancer was forced by TSA to remove and show them her prosthetic breast as part of their security pat-down procedure.

Her name is Cathy Bossi, and she didn’t even opt out of the naked body scanner. TSA agents suspected her breast prosthesis might be a bomb, so after she was irradiated by the body scanners, they subjected her to an aggressive pat-down as well. A DailyMail article reports Bossi describing the encounter with the TSA agent, “She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?’. And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’ll need to show me that’.” (

TSA leaves another cancer patient covered in urine
In another outrageous incident reported by MSNBC, a retired teacher named Thomas Sawyer was left “humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine” after being subjected to an aggressive pat-down at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

“I was absolutely humiliated, I couldn’t even speak,” says Sawyer (

Sawyer is a bladder cancer survivor who wears a urostomy bag that collects his urine. He has to wear special clothing to accommodate the urine bag, and even though he tried to explain his medical condition to the TSA agents, they treated him with the same arrogant “Whatever!” attitude as they began the aggressive pat-down procedure.

During this pat down, the TSA agent dislodged his urostomy bag, causing urine to start dribbling down Sawyer’s body. He then had to walk through the airport soaked in his own urine, board the airplane, and wait until the plane was in the air before he could use the bathroom to clean himself up. The TSA never apologized, never offered to help and never even acknowledged that they had done anything wrong.

This is the kind of cruelty the TSA is now engaged in on a daily basis, it seems. Humiliating cancer patients is just a small taste of the outrageous actions carried out by TSA agents in the name of “security.”

TSA head says nothing will change
Despite the horrific abuses of travelers at the hands of TSA agents, TSA head John Pistole insists that nothing will change. “If you’re asking, am I going to change the policies? No.” he said in a CNN interview (

The TSA keeps citing “terrorism” as the reason they have to treat American travelers as terrorists. As long as they keep pounding fear into our heads, in other words, they think they can get away with molesting and humiliating us.

Beware of handing power to the federal government. Once granted such powers, it will always seek to expand those powers, even if it means trampling on the rights, freedoms and dignity of the American people. The TSA was once a department of a couple hundred people. Now it’s over 65,000 employees, and they’re not going to easily give up their power to molest and dominate air travelers.

What you can do: Opt out when you travel
It’s up to you and I to protest this harassment. Opt out when you travel, especially on the upcoming national opt out day:

Stay informed by visiting websites such as and and even

Keep sharing the “Don’t Touch My Junk” song and video
As part of the online protest against the TSA’s outrageous actions, I’ve written the Don’t Touch My Junk song which has now gone viral across the web, racking up 116,000 views on YouTube and 92,000 views on NaturalNews.TV just since Friday.

Here’s the song page where you can watch the videos and download the music for free:

Watch the video on YouTube at:

Or see it on NaturalNews.TV at:

Warning: This song is NOT for children! This is a mature-themed song that addresses adult issues such as privacy, freedom, civil rights, etc. It attempts to use humor to make an important point about freedom.

Thank you for sharing this song and joining the grassroots resistance to an out-of-control government agency that is now terrorizing far more Americans than the terrorists themselves!

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Pomegranates provide amazing protection against tissue damage, inflammation

(NaturalNews) The health benefits of eating pomegranates are numerous, and a new study presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s 43rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition in Denver, Colo., has discovered yet another. According to the report, the potent antioxidant profile of pomegranates helps to reduce inflammation, prevent damage caused by oxidative stress, and minimize complications associated with kidney disease and its conventional treatment protocols.

For the study, researchers administered either pomegranate juice or a placebo drink to 101 patients undergoing dialysis for kidney disease. Patients consumed the drinks three times a week for an entire year. At the end of the evaluation period, patients in the pomegranate juice group had less infections that required hospitalization, and reduced oxidative damage to cells caused by harmful free radicals.

In addition to specific improvements related to kidney disease, patients also experienced reduced blood pressure and an overall improvement in factors associated with a healthy heart. These improvements are specifically important for kidney disease patients since most end up dying from cardiovascular-related events.

“Considering the expected epidemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients in the next decade, further clinical trials using pomegranate juice aimed at reducing the high cardiovascular morbidity of CKD patients and their deterioration to end-stage renal disease should be conducted,” said Dr. Batya Kristal, one of the authors of the study.

According to another recent study covered by NaturalNews, pomegranates also help to prevent the artery stiffening that leads to decreased blood flow and circulation ( Published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, that study showed that after three months of taking pomegranate extract, patients reduced arterial wall thickening by 35 percent, and cholesterol oxidation levels by an astounding 90 percent — both of which improve cardiovascular health.

Sources for this story include:

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Microwave popcorn contains dangerous chemical

(NaturalNews) Would you like salt, butter — and a helping of perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs) with your popcorn? You may say “yes” to the first two ingredients and “certainly not!” to the last one. But the problem is, if you are eating microwaved popcorn or packaged snack foods, you are most likely getting dosed with these potentially toxic chemicals without any choice.

PFCAs, the best known of which is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), have been found to accumulate in the blood of people, as well as in wildlife, worldwide. PFOAs are the breakdown products of chemicals used to make non-stick and water-resistant and stain-repellant products that coat kitchen pans, some clothing and food packaging. In research just reported in Environmental Health Perspectives, University of Toronto (U of T) scientists have concluded PFCAs, which are found in virtually all junk food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags, migrate into food and are then ingested by people.

No one knows exactly what the long-term health risks are from exposure to these chemicals. But earlier this year, Japanese scientists at Osaka University published an animal study in the journal Prostaglandins, Leucotrines and Essential Fatty Acids showing that PPCAs impact the function of platelets — components of blood that are important for regulating bleeding and clotting in the body.

“We suspected that a major source of human PFCA exposure may be the consumption and metabolism of polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters or PAPs,” Jessica D’eon, a graduate student in the U of T Department of Chemistry, said in a statement to the media. “PAPs are applied as grease proofing agents to paper food contact packaging such as fast food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags.”

For their U of T study, D’eon and Scott Mabury, the lead researcher and a professor in the U of T Department of Chemistry, exposed rats to PAPs either orally or by injection. Then the animals were monitored for a period of three weeks to document the concentrations of the PAPs and PFCA metabolites, including PFOA, in their blood. Because human exposure to PAPs was calculated by the scientists in an earlier study, the research team used the PAP concentrations observed in human blood together with the PAP and PFCA concentrations observed in the rats to come up with figures on human PFOA exposure from PAP metabolism.

“We found the concentrations of PFOA from PAP metabolism to be significant and concluded that the metabolism of PAPs could be a major source of human exposure to PFOA, as well as other PFCAs,” Mabury said in the press statement. “This discovery is important because we would like to control human chemical exposure, but this is only possible if we understand the source of this exposure.”

Mabury pointed out that some people claim the contamination of humans with PFCAs is simply the result of exposure to past chemical exposure, instead of chemicals currently found in food wrappers and home products. But the U of T research shows that’s a false assumption.

“In this study we clearly demonstrate that the current use of PAPs in food contact applications does result in human exposure to PFCAs, including PFOA. We cannot tell whether PAPs are the sole source of human PFOA exposure or even the most important, but we can say un equivocally that PAPs are a source and the evidence from this study suggests this could be significant,”Mabury concluded.

Editor’s note: NaturalNews is opposed to the use of animals in medical experiments that expose them to harm. We present these findings in protest of the way in which they were acquired.

For more information:

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