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Cytotechnologist Salary | Whats Their Pay?

Cytotechnology is a study of human cells. With the help of a microscope, the cells are studied and the cause of viral or bacterial infection is detected. The detection of cancer in an early stage is encountered through cytotechnology. A person who learns Cytotechnology and practice it to diagnose diseases are known as Cytotechnologists. They are responsible for detecting minor changes or abnormalities in cells. This is done by examining the cells shape, size and color. Cytotechnologists work under the supervision of pathologists but a Cytotechnologist salary structure may not be the same as a pathologists. An overview is given below.

To start your career as a Cytotechnologist, you should have completed your high school with biology, chemistry and physics as main courses. Then a bachelor’s degree in Cytotechnology is a must from an accredited institution. A master’s degree can be done to gain better knowledge and for better pay at the initial stages. A cytotechnologist salary ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 80,000. As junior cytotechnologists one can earn around $ 35,000. Once experienced and knowledge has been gained over a period of years, a reputed organisation can pay around $ 50,000. Again the salary range is determined by the nature of work. If you are employed in rural areas, then never expect a pay more than $ 40,000. In case of urban areas, one can earn $ 60,000 with 5 years of experience. But this job is challenging and involves lot of decision making and problem solving.

Experienced cytotechnologists working in private hospitals can get a pay of $ 35,000. When employed in government hospitals, they can expect a pay of $ 30,000. As experience increases, the pay scale will also increase. There are some cytotechnologists who work in research laboratories and they can get the highest pay of $ 55,000 which again increases with experience. According to surveys conducted in 2009, a cytotechnologist salary has increased drastically since the demand has been rising. A decade back, pathologist did not have any cytotechnologists to assist them in detecting cancers or diagnosing them, but today there are cytotechnologists almost in every hospital who work as the backbone behind every successful operation. This is the reason for the pay hike and it is expected to rise in the forth coming years.

As all other medical staffs, cytotechnologists also enjoy the benefits of health insurance, travel insurance and pension at their later stages. Employment in a cytotechnogy field is likely to increase about 20% in the next five years. This is fairly an encouraging figure to all those who are keen in taking up this job. Population has been rising and also the possibility to fall prey to cancer has been rising due to the climatic changes and scientific developments. So every city will definitely need as many cytotechnologists to diagnose all these diseases. There will be a continuous demand but a cytotechnologist salary will depend purely on the experience and knowledge gained.  The field is also advancing everyday with new equipments and this will definitely give rise to employment opportunities in this field.

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Lab Safety Supply Online | Lab Safety Supplies

The laboratory is a dangerous place as you are not always a 100 per cent sure about what’s going on. Obviously, experts are aware of the risks and dangers involved in testing and take all the precautions to avoid any disaster, there is always the threat of something unexpected happening. These hazards put everyone working in the lab at risk. Apart from massive danger, lab workers also have to work under unfavorable conditions like extremely high or low temperatures, extreme pressure and more. In order to survive in addition to working effectively under these conditions, it is necessary that the lab workers are protected. They need a proper consignment of lab safety supply to prevent any misfortunes.

Lab safety supply is, apart from the chemicals and other materials used in research, the most important equipment that has to be present in the laboratory. Now with advances in technology, there are products available for head-to-toe protection. Right from fall protection, protective clothing and hearing protection to first aid, bio-safety and lab ware, everything is now available. Thus, working in a laboratory is no longer a risky proposition and the maximum care has to be taken by the lab authorities to ensure that this standard is maintained and the lab safety supply is never tampered with or compromised upon. This could lead to serious consequences with the worst case scenario being the loss of lives.

Apart from improving worker’s safety, lab safety supply equipment is absolutely essential to boost their productivity. It is only when the workers are care free can they work most effectively. No worker will be able to focus on his/her research if he/she thinks the lab safety supply is faulty and useless as they would constantly worry about their safety.

Today with the rise in research activities all over the globe, the demand for lab safety supplies has increased to such an extent that there are a number of companies which have taken up this service. One particular company is the giant in providing safety, laboratory and industry supplies. What’s more, to add to the convenience of the research institution as well as the lab workers, many of these lab safety suppliers have started dealing with their customers via the internet. Online catalogs giving detailed explanation and visual pictures of the kind of supplies available has become so popular that most people prefer to purchase them online rather than physically go to the store.

Lastly, in addition to being convenient, the online availability of safety equipment is also preferred by most customers because the companies offer the best deals online. Plus, the variety of products available online is amazing, with all the latest upgrades first being marketed online! Thus, if you wish to purchase any safety equipment, then the best option would be to buy the required products through the special sale online. You will also have access to certain content that is available exclusively to online customers. So come and make the most of online safety equipment supplies.

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Sonographer Salary | Let’s Go

Considered to be one of the most promising careers in the medical field in terms of income, sonography is an important and thus unavoidable measure for diagnosis and treatment. Sonographers, more popularly known as Ultrasound technicians, are responsible for conducting a diagnostic medical technique which uses high frequency sound waves in order to create visual images of tissues, organs & more, which helps the doctor diagnose and treat the illness or disease. The upside of joining this profession is that it does not require as high an educational qualification as other medical fields and more importantly a Sonographer salary is lucrative!

The average Sonographers salary varies depending on education and the level of experience of the technician, the specializations and the location. There are several areas of specialization in this field including abdomen, breast, vascular technology, and gynecology among others. The Sonographer salaries are competitive with or higher than other professions requiring similar levels of education. On an average, the Sonographer salary is $ 61,984 annually which includes hourly salary, overtime and on-call pay. The hourly wage is roughly $ 29. The lowest hourly rate is approximately $ 19 while the highest wage rate can go up to $ 57 per hour including overtime. In addition to the pay being good, the job is also extremely flexible since both full-time and part-time jobs are available along with different shifts. So this is definitely easy money with respect to other medical professions which are much more demanding.

As a sonographer, your job includes recording an accurate patient history, conducting diagnostic procedures to obtain diagnostic results, analyzing technical information, providing a summary of the technical findings to the doctors for medical diagnosis, providing high quality patient care and interact compassionately and effectively with the patients. Plus you will need to know how to operate the sophisticated electronic equipment that forms images of various parts of the body.

An important note that has to be made is that a sonographer salary will increase with an increase in competency and diversification of Sonography knowledge. The best way to increase salary and grow is by taking administrative, supervisory or managerial positions. Plus one can also increase their salary by adding credentials, that is, by becoming a registered sonographer. However, a hike in salary requires one important prerequisite irrespective of the other criteria mentioned above and that is, practical experience.

In order to become a sonographer, you need to have a degree in Comprehensive Diagnostic Medical Sonography from an accredited program which varies in length from one to four years. However, you can graduate sooner if you can double up courses. In addition you need to be registered and you need to receive training from an accredited practice.

Lastly, as far as job prospects are concerned, employment opportunities are expected to increase by 18 per cent in the next 7 years! Thus, sonography has a very bright future since there will be an increase in demand for diagnostic imaging due to an increase in the proportion of aging population.

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Types Of Vaginal Surgery | Which One Is For You

Vaginal surgery may be needed either for health reasons or for cosmetic reasons.

Vaginal surgery includes the following:

  • Ø  Labiaplasty
  • Ø  Vaginoplasty
  • Ø  Rejuvenation of the vagina
  • Ø  Vaginal tightening procedure
  • Ø  Reduction of the labia
  • Ø  Hymenoplasty
  • Ø  Laser vaginal rejuvenation


  • ·         Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty is one of the vaginal surgery procedures which are done for cosmetic reasons. This is still one of the most controversial surgeries today. In this procedure the vaginal tissues are tightened with considerable alterations done in the tissues of the vagina.

This is a permanent procedure and cannot be reversed for any apparent reasons. This procedure could impair the vagina either temporarily or sometimes permanently. In some cases a keloid scar tissue formation occurs. One should be aware of the risk factors involved with such surgical procedures.

  • ·         Vaginoplasty:

This vaginal surgical procedure is done to correct the defects in such a way that the vagina is reconstructed either totally or partially. Again this procedure is mostly done only for cosmetic reasons. Vaginoplasty is a type of vaginal surgery which makes the vaginal canal tight.

Some people prefer to have this surgery for medical reasons. People who suffer from congenital disorders have this surgery for medical reasons. Sometimes the vaginal canal gets affected due to some kind of trauma or in cases of cancer, where reconstruction is necessary.

After this vaginal surgery normal vaginal activities can be carried out although sensitivity is questionable. When the ovaries are functioning normally, menstruation takes place and in some cases even normal vaginal birth is a possibility.

  • ·         Rejuvenation of the vagina and vaginal tightening procedure:

This is a cosmetic vaginal surgical procedure done to tighten then vaginal muscles. After child birth the vaginal gets stretched. This could also happen due to aging.

This rejuvenating process is a form of vaginal surgery by which the general tone and strength of the vaginal muscles is improved.

  • ·         Reduction of the labia:

This is a surgical procedure done for women who have large or asymmetrical labia. This is done for cosmetic reasons.

  • ·         Hymenoplasty:

This procedure is generally done for women with strict religious background which expects then to have an intact hymen. The hymen is a representation of a girl’s virginity so hymenoplasty is a common type of a vaginal surgery today relatively. This procedure deals with the repair of the hymen. This procedure can be done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The hymen repair can take place in two ways

a)    Simple hymenoplasty- in this procedure all the vaginal tissues are pulled together.

b)    Alloplant- in this artificial biomaterial is inserted in order to restore the function of the hymen

  • ·         Laser vaginal rejuvenation:

This form of vaginal surgery is done to rejuvenate the sex lives of women at an older age. This procedure is done to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Laser vaginal rejuvenation is done when kegel exercises fail to work. This procedure can be done on an outpatient basis which takes about 2 hours to complete. Recovery time is generally of 8 weeks.

Vaginal surgical procedures are associated with certain risk factors. Some of the surgical procedures cannot be reversed. The patient should be aware of all the risk factors associated.

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Trigger Finger Surgery | Let’s Discuss

Trigger finger is a condition which arises due to tendons which get inflamed. This condition could occur when any kind of forceful action is done using the fingers.

In normal conditions the bending and the extension of the fingers takes place by the combined actions of the muscles and the tendons. The tendons are located in a protective sheath called the tendon sheath. These tendons glide easily through the tendon sheath which makes movement possible in normal unaffected conditions. Sometimes due to various reasons inflammation of the tendons takes place due to which the normal gliding movement of it is restricted.

Clicking is one of the initial signs of the trigger finger. Depending on the severity of the trigger finger, trigger finger surgery is advised.

Musicians, farmers, industrial workers, people suffering from arthritis, gout and some diabetics could suffer from trigger finger.

The condition can improve drastically with a small conservative trigger finger surgery.

The procedure for the surgery is quite simple and the chances of complications are very rare. The main aim of the surgery is to widen the tunnel. By doing so, the tendons can glide more easily without restricting their action.


The trigger finger surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under a local anesthetic.

A local anesthetic is injected around the operative site. By this the hand gets numbed and the procedure can be performed without causing any pain or sensation to the patient.

Near the palm, a small incision is made. A small cut is made through the tendon sheath (the tighter part of the sheath) through with mobility of the tendons can improve and thus preventing its locking. The incision which is made is very small, about 2-3 centimeters in length.

After completion of this procedure the incision area is sutured and bandaged. The sterile bandage is then removed after 10-15 days. Movement of the finger is encouraged. When slight finger movements take place, the post surgical adhesions are prevented and full recovery of the patient is expected.

Care that should be taken after trigger finger surgery includes:

  • ·         Keeping the incision site clean after the surgery, this is prevents any post operative infection to occur. The incision will take about 7-8 weeks to heal completely. But the condition is seen to improve steadily.
  • ·         During the healing period slow extension and flexion is advised. This would prevent adhesions.
  • ·         Any kind of overuse of the fingers should not be done.
  • ·         Instructions should be followed as given by the doctor. He will instruct the patient on some motions which the patient will have to perform.


Generally the trigger finger surgery has a very less chance of any sort of complication to occur. However, in some conditions the trigger finger may reoccur. This happens mostly when the release of the tendon sheath was inadequate. Other complications which again occur very rarely include infection or damage to the nerve located near the operation site, sometimes stiffness of the fingers occur by which again the mobility of the fingers is restricted.

Trigger finger surgery has a very high success rate.

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The Best Scar Treatment for All Types of Scars

Scar is the area of fibrous tissue that replaces the normal skin after the injury. It is the result of biological repair process in the skin and the other tissues. It is the natural process for healing of the injuries. Scar tissue is the same tissue that it replaces. It’s just a mark showing the presence of previous injury. Scars in skin tissue are less resistant to ultraviolet radiations & sweat glands & hair follicles don’t grow again in the scar tissue. Bone is the structure which heals without any kind of structural or functional deterioration.

Best Scar treatment:

There are many treatments for repair of the scars. The treatments used are a chemical which normally destroys the epidermis in a skillful manner which leads to exfoliation of certain kind of skin conditions like the superficial acne scars. Removal of surface of the skin with the help of some instrument under use of local anesthetic. Laser treatment is also done like Nd YAG and Er Glass for hypertrophic scars & keloids. It redistributes the collagen avoiding damage to the epidermis by contact cooling. Ointments and oils are used sometimes, lotions. Radiotherapy is used for hypertrophic scarring and severe keloids. Semi-occlusive ointments, Steroids, Surgery and Vitamin therapy of Vit. E, are some other treatments used for the scars.

Among all the treatments the Best scar Treatment is the one which can repair the scar early, which is less toxic to the body, and is cheap and easily available. One of the best treatments includes the Scar Creams. Scar creams contain variation of ingredients like onion extract, silicone & vitamins. Usually scar creams contain variety of skin moisturizers. Scar gel is more effective than scar cream. Scar gel generally contains silicone. They are most effective in controlling the size and the color of the scars including plastic surgery scars, surgery scars, burn scars and keloid scars. Scar gels get absorbed into skin more effectively than the scar creams.

Keloid is the part of hypertrophic scar which can grow. They are considered to be the most severe type of the scar. They can increase beyond the boundaries of the scar area. The only way to get rid of these types of scars is by surgery. But sometimes surgery can lead to development of other keloids in approximately 50% of the cases. There are treatments available for keloid removal. They are the topical scar treatments which are used to apply on keloids but they take a long time to repair. It is suggested by many plastic surgeon and other skin professionals.

Scars which remain after plastic surgery are the tummy tuck scars, breast implant scars, liposuction scars. Plastic surgeon thus prescribes such patients silicone scar gel after surgery. Silicon scar treatments are the Best Scar Treatments because they naturally conform to the body. It is useful in cases of scars on the movable body parts. Choosing a safe & effective and the Best Scar Treatment should be taken very seriously as wrong choice may considerably delay the healing process.

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Surgical Technologists Salary Statistics

Surgical technologists are those who work under a surgeon assisting them in surgical operations. They work under the instructions of doctors, surgeons and nurses. They are also known as operating room technicians as they pre plan and take care that the operating room is all set ready for the operation. Before an operation, a surgical technologist makes the patient ready for the surgery by washing, cleansing and shaving. Then in the operation room, all equipments are kept ready. They check and agglomerate all sterile and non sterile equipments thus ensuring the surgery is done well without any technical difficulties. They also check the patients chart and keep observing the patient carefully so that any negative sign showcased from the patient can be unveiled immediately to the surgeon. After the operation is done, surgical technologists assist the patient in bringing back to their ward. This is a very accountable job as a surgical technologist backs the surgery. A surgical Technologist Salary varies according to the nature of job. A small statistics on their pay is given below.

A minimum range of a surgical technologist’s salary is $ 20,000 and this is earned by junior level technologists. If you have a very good experience in this field, then you can earn a pay of $ 60,000. There are surgical technologists who work on hourly basis in many clinics. On hourly basis an experienced technologist gets a pay of        $ 25. Technologists who assist a surgery in the physician’s office can get a pay of     $ 40,000 and in a dental clinic can get a pay of $ 25,000. But at outpatient centres they get a pay not more than $ 35,000.In a general medical hospital, a surgical technologist earns around $ 40,000.

 There are many reasons that could be debated on the hikes and slopes of a surgical technologist salary. In any field including this, a person is expected to earn more when he / she learn the field more. This happens only through proper education via medical schools, proper training and experience. A well experienced surgical technologist working in a reputed hospital can earn almost equal to a junior level surgeon. Somewhere a decade back, surgical technologists were doing surgical operations to patients. They used to cut open the patient but this was carried under the knowledge and experience of a surgeon. But today, things have changed, there are a lot of techniques introduced in the industry to perform successful operations for various disorders. And the job of the surgical technologist is to maintain all equipments perfectly so that at times of an emergency, everything goes smooth and safe.

Since the job incorporates lot of responsibilities and knowledge, the demand for a surgical technologist has increased and with this a surgical technologist salary has also increased. Also this demand will keep on be rising as the scientific development has changed this world a lot and in order to survive, surgeries have become a vital part in every human’s life. Opting to become a surgical technologist will bear no risk at any factor.

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A Look At Seaweed Nutrition Facts

Seaweed is a form of algae which is considered very nutritious. It is used widely as food, in medicine industries, various fertilizers and other related industries.

Seaweed has various nutritious properties and has been used by mankind since thousands of years.

Some of the seaweed nutrition properties are discussed below:


  • ·         The nutrition which is found in seaweed is known best for its anti-ageing properties.

  • ·         The seaweed for its nutritive properties has been used in many cosmetic industries for its amino acids, mineral content and vitamins content. For this nutritive property of seaweed, it has been used in various hair care industries. It helps in making hair shinier and promotes the general health of the hair.

  • ·         Certain properties of it help in dissolving the clog which may be present in the artery. The seaweed contains asparagines which helps in increasing the immunity of the body in general and also is known for increasing the mental awareness and keeping the mind sharp.

  • ·         It also helps in maintaining clear, healthy skin, free of wrinkles because of its vitamin A, beta carotene, amino acids and various mineral contents.

  • ·         Seaweed nutrition is also used in those individuals who suffer from dry-eyes. They are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. These antioxidants such as the bioflavonoids help in keeping the eye free from any kind of cellular debris. Seaweed nutrition also helps in prevention of any kind of inflammation of the tissues of the eye.

  • ·         Due to its rich vitamin C content, the seaweed nutrition is used in overcoming various dental problems. Vitamin C along with the high amount of calcium which is found in the seaweed is used in maintaining good oral health which includes the healthy coral pink color of the gums. The calcium content in the seaweed helps in maintaining strong teeth and the fluorine which prevent the teeth from decaying.

  • ·         Seaweed nutrition is also known for its property which helps to cure goiter and also helps in maintaining normal thyroid function.

  • ·         Seaweed contains certain antiviral, anti bacterial properties which prevent various kinds of respiratory problems. Also due to the high content of minerals, vitamins and various kinds of amino acids, the seaweed nutrition is known to prevent allergies and other infections and to increase the overall immunity of the body.

  • ·         Seaweed nutrition is also known for preventing cancer.

  • ·         It has a high content of magnesium which helps in maintaining proper blood circulation and reduces the chances of getting a stroke. Seaweed nutrition is also known for its property which helps in maintaining a normal cholesterol level in the body.

  • ·         Seaweed is a very rich source of vitamin D, magnesium and fluorine. Hence seaweed nutrition is excellent in maintaining good health of bones. It is also known for making nails healthy and strong.

  • ·         It also helps in maintaining a healthy liver as it prevents various kinds of liver diseases including the chance of developing the fatty liver.

  • ·         Seaweed nutrition also helps in maintain healthy kidneys. Especially in kidney stone formation.

  • ·         Serine and theonine which are found in seaweed help in maintain the skin texture and tone.


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RU 486 – What Is It And Where To Buy One

RU 486 stands for Roussel Uclaf Company. It was first manufactured in this company by a chemist called Georges Teutsch in April, 1980. His aim was to synthesize a compound which could function as a glucorticoid receptor antagonist. Later on it was discovered to be a progesterone receptor antagonist. It is also known as Mifepristone and is marketed as Mifegyne and Mifeprex. It is a steroid compound and is synthetically manufactured. It is commonly used to induce abortions in the first two months of pregnancy and needs to be used in higher doses in order to successfully induce abortions. In smaller doses this compound has been used as an emergency contraceptive pill. It is available in the tablet form, as 200 mg tablets.  

Uses of RU 486:

It acts as a progesterone receptor antagonist, which means that it blocks the action of naturally occurring progesterone hormone in your body. Progesterone is important for the development and maintenance of the integrity of your endometrium. If there is a decrease in the amounts of progesterone available, the endometrium cannot be maintained and begins the process of self destruction. Thus progesterone is extremely essential to maintain and continue pregnancy. Once you take RU 486, the natural progesterone is your body is stopped from acting on your endometrium, which then degenerates and sheds. The endometrium provides nourishment to the developing fetus through the placenta. Once the endometrium shrinks, there is a decreased blood supply to the developing fetus and this leads to death and subsequently abortion.

It is used in termination of intrauterine pregnancies up to around 49 days of gestation. Between 13 to 24 weeks of gestation it can be used for termination of pregnancy along with Gemeprost. It is used to induce labour following intrauterine death of fetus. It acts as a contraceptive and can successfully prevent pregnancy if taken following intercourse but before ovulation occurs. Before dilatation and curettage in order to terminate pregnancy, it is used to soften and dilate the cervix. It is used in the treatment of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, depression, breast cancer, glaucoma, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and meningiomas. It is also used in the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome.

Side effects of RU 486:

 Following administration of RU 486 for abortions, many women suffer from uterine cramps, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding or spotting which could last for about 9 to 16 days, after the abortion. Some women may be allergic to the compound and develop swelling over the face, lips, mouth, and difficulty in breathing. If you experience any such allergic symptoms you must promptly report to your doctor. Some women suffer from nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, fatigue and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Contraindications to usage of RU 486: You must not use this compound if you have an intrauterine device in situ, or are suffering from adrenal failure, ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhagic disorders – bleeding disorders, inherited porphyrias or are taking corticosteroids for a long period of time or anticoagulant medications which will prolong the duration of any bleeding.

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Optician Salary – Opportunities Await!

Opticians play a very important role and their service to society must not be ignored. There is a great demand for skilled opticians and therefore there is no dearth for job opportunities. An Optician salary which is calculated on an hourly basis would depend upon the offerings of various centers or clinics in which they apply. However the minimum that one can expect would be anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour. There is a great opportunity for growth. This is because an optician has a very interesting role to play. Their job requires for them to deduce medical prescription, as well as the number or strength of eyeglasses and contact lenses prescribed by the optometrists or ophthalmologists to the patient. Those who work for optometrists and ophthalmologists very often assist in taking the various tests to calculate the customer/patient’s vision.

This however, is only one facet of their job which is taken into account while calculating the Optician salary. They also take measurements of the customer’s face as well as the distance between the corneas of the eyes to ensure the lenses are perfectly fitted in the frames thereby ensuring comfort. Some opticians specialize in the fitting of contact lens and also in fitting artificial eyes.  They use various specialized equipment, such as lens gauges, calipers, optical screwdrivers, hex wrenches and lens meters. The Optician helps the customer to select the ideal type of spectacle frame, style, and color, size that is best suited to the customer’s daily routine, lifestyle and preference. All this is done keeping in mind the recommendation and specifications of the optometrists or ophthalmologists. There is an opportunity of owning one’s own retail store besides working work for an optical store which would again influence an Opticians salary.

They must have a vast knowledge of the various brands of spectacles and contact lenses available in the market along with their unique features. They guide the customer in choosing lenses that is best suited to their need. They also give the customer instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the spectacles or contact lenses so as to gain the utmost benefit from the product. Therefore, besides the above, an Optician Salary would also depend on various other factors viz. whether the optician has only a High School Diploma or has acquired an Associate Degree or a Certificate which helps prepare students with the required skills to gain an entry into this field. An Approved Apprenticeship is also favored.

A proper and legitimate license to practice is a definite advantage. There is also an opportunity to practice for those who are interested but not licensed. In order to understand the scale for scope in this field, some statistics on the Opticians Salary must be looked into. The ones belonging to lower strata earn around $10.16 per hour. The salary of those in the middle strata is around $16.73 per hour and those who fall into the upper bracket earn above $24.31 per hour. Therefore the average annual salary could range from $20,000 to $ 40,000 per annum.

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Neck Cancer Symptoms | Symptoms Of Neck Cancer

Let’s discus the common and not so common neck cancer symptoms.

Neck cancer could occur in the pharynx, larynx, oropharynx or the Hypopharynx. Pharynx is a 5 to 6 inch hollow pipe and starts behind the nose and extends to the oesophagus. It enables the passage of food through its lumen. Larynx is also called as the voice box and contains the vocal cords and helps in phonation. The oropharynx is the part of the pharynx which connects the pharynx to the top of the throat. Hypopharynx is a part of the pharynx that is present behind and on either sides of the larynx.

Neck cancer is more common in men and commonly affects people over the age of 50 years. Tobacco and alcohol use are the most common cause of oral and throat cancer. Eighty five percent of neck cancers are caused due to tobacco or alcohol usage. Those using tobacco and alcohol are at a higher risk of developing neck cancer as against those using either one of them. Nasopharynx cancers are more common among those of Asian origin, those suffering from Epstein Barr Virus infection, occupational exposure to wood dust etc. Oropharynx cancers are caused due to poor oral hygiene and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection. A condition called Plummer Vinson or Paterson Kelly syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by severe anaemia and leads to development of oesophageal webs in the upper oesophagus and is risk factor for Hypopharyngeal Cancers. Laryngeal cancers are common amongst people exposed to asbestos particles.

You may be suffering from neck cancer if you have symptoms like a lump or a sore that does not heal over a long period of time, a sore throat which is not relieved inspite of medications, difficulty in swallowing and a change or hoarse voice. Oropharynx and hypopharynx cancers might present with ear pain. Nasopharyngeal cancers present with difficulty in breathing or talking, pain in the ears, difficulty in hearing or frequent headaches. Cancers in the larynx could cause pain when swallowing, change in voice or even ear pain.

More symptoms of neck cancer

If you notice any of the symptoms which could suggest neck cancer you must visit your doctor at the earliest. Your doctor will require you to give a detailed history of your complaints, and will enquire about any habits like tobacco or alcohol use, and any other risk factor like occupational exposure etc. The doctor will conduct a detailed physical examination to check you oral cavity, throat and nose. Laryngoscopy is a procedure which is useful to detect any laryngeal tumours. It involves the use of a laryngoscope to inspect the larynx and vocal cords. Depending on your symptoms the doctor may or may not advice you to undergo Oesophagogastroscopy. With this procedure the doctor is able to inspect the passage of your oesophagus and visualize any growth or abnormality; he can also collect a biopsy of suspicious growths during this procedure.

You may need to undergo a few regular blood tests like you complete blood count, ESR etc. Your doctor may advise you to undergo a CT scan, MRI or PET scan in order to detect the extent of spread of the cancer.

Now you should know to look out for all the neck cancer symptoms.

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National Osteoporosis Foundation – About it

National osteoporosis foundation or the NAF was formed in the year 1984. This organization was formed with an aim to correctly diagnose, treat and prevent osteoporosis. This organization also carries out various studies and research in the field of osteoporosis. National osteoporosis foundation aims to create awareness among people about osteoporosis by which they can learn much more about osteoporosis and thus its diagnosis can be made at an early stage.

Osteoporosis is a condition affecting the bones of the body. The bones of the suffering individuals are weak and are very prone to fracture. Women are mostly affected by osteoporosis. Studies show that about 80% of the affected people are women. This foundation was created with the sole aim of connecting various individuals who are suffering from osteoporosis and their families for any kind of needful help.

Leaders of the national osteoporosis foundation:

This organization is lead by a group of trustees which are very dedicated to the work of the national osteoporosis foundation. These include medical experts in their respective fields, politicians, advocates, corporate.


The main aim of the national osteoporosis foundation is early diagnosis of osteoporosis by which adequate treatment can be provided to the patient before the condition gets worse. Various meetings and discussions are held to create awareness. They also conduct many educational activities. This foundation provides support to the sufferers of osteoporosis.

The national osteoporosis foundation carries out the following work:

  • ·         Creating awareness and continuing education among masses.
  • ·         Carrying out various research work and carry out clinical trials which mainly focuses on the preventing, right diagnosis and correct treatment of osteoporosis.
  • ·         For professionals they provide various kinds of resources. These resources being mostly evidence based studies. This keeps them updated about the various developments happening in the field of osteoporosis.
  • ·         The national osteoporosis foundation publishes a monthly journal called the osteoporosis international. This journal is one of the leading scientific journals of today’s time.
  • ·         Various resources are made available by the national osteoporosis foundation which enables individuals to learn more about osteoporosis.
  • ·         This foundation also provides an e-newsletter to interested clinicians in the form of the bone source alert. This is considered to be one of the most significant or valuable tool which is provided to the clinicians today.
  • ·         The national osteoporosis foundation offers membership to interested individuals. After being a member of this foundation one can receive regular updates, any sort of information in the field of osteoporosis, educating individuals about the prevention and the new forms of treatment available.

Various discussions are carried out by this foundation which are very informative and prove to be of great help. Sometimes people who suffer from osteoporosis find it difficult to find a right place to get correct information and the needful help and support. The national osteoporosis foundation along with inspire have created this online support group.

This organization is one of the leading health organizations. It is dedicated for osteoporosis and weak bone prevention.

The national osteoporosis foundation provides a connecting ground for various sufferers, health care providers, families of the affected individuals and individuals who provide support in any form.

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Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers – Now A Dime A Dozen!

Being the profession that it is, medicine is all about precision. Be it drug doses, surgeries or even equipment, everything has to be precise and up to standards. There is absolutely no compromise on quality and service since you are dealing with the lives of people. Any negligence on the part of the doctor or even any malfunction with respect to the medical equipment can cost a person his/her life. That is why all hospitals and doctors have a very intimate relationship with their medical equipment suppliers. The durable medical equipment suppliers have to ensure that the required equipment is up to the mark.

Now with the advances in medical technology, the medical equipment that is manufactured by all the suppliers across the country is getting better and more compact. This however cannot only be attributed to medical advances but also to the increase in competition amongst medical equipment suppliers. The rise in the number of hospitals and medical practices has led to an increase in the demand for medical equipment which cannot be met by a single supplier and as a result has led to the growth of numerous suppliers. This has definitely had a positive impact on the advances in medical equipment because the competition has led to improved quality of the equipment with each supplier trying to create his/her own niche in the market.

The most important thing that durable medical equipment suppliers have to always bear in mind is that they can never ever compromise on the quality of the materials used. The equipment that they supply is used in hospitals to diagnose and treat patients and hence it is of paramount importance that the equipment is not faulty. Be it cardiology equipment like ECG machines, bedside monitors, pacemakers; or physiotherapy equipment like pocket lasers and personal lasers; an error in the making of this equipment can lead to dire consequences, not only for the patient but also for the hospital. Imagine, if the neonatal equipment in a hospital like incubators, heat warmers and foetal monitors were not the latest models. Would you still consider having a baby there?

Thus, having flawed equipment doesn’t only affect the life of the patient and the medical equipment suppliers, but it also effects the reputation of the concerned hospital and questions the expertise of the doctors present. Even in dentistry, though there are no emergencies and life threatening diseases, the equipment used has to be the best.

Lastly, it is important to know that with an increase in awareness among people about the legal responsibilities of the hospitals, the latter have adopted very stringent policies and enforced high standards when it comes to medical equipment. It is now the duty of the suppliers to ensure that all medical equipment is manufactured by professionals and experts. Plus, most outdated equipment is replaced with the latest models and more importantly, the suppliers are held accountable in case of any health hazards. Thus, given the measures taken, most medical equipment today is safe and risk free.

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Lung Cancer Stage 4 | A Look At Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Stage 4 lung cancer – non small cell lung cancer is also known as metastatic lung cancer. It is the most advanced stage of lung cancer. The alarming fact is that it is seen that almost 40 % of the people diagnosed as suffering from lung cancer are already found to be suffering from stage 4 lung cancers. So far there is no cure for this stage of cancer but various treatment options are available which improve the quality of living for a patient suffering from stage 4 lung cancer.  

This stage includes lung cancers which have spread from the lung to any other part of the body or to the other lung. To detect the stage of lung cancer you may be suffering from, researchers and doctors most popularly use the TNM classification. T stands for tumour, N for lymph nodes involved and M for metastasis. Stage 4 lung cancer is defined as T (any), N (any) and M 1 which means that a tumour of any size with or without involvement of lymph nodes, which has spread to or metastasized to another lobe of the lung or to distant parts of the body.

If you are suffering from lung cancer stage 4 you may complain of cough of a long standing duration which is not relieved by regular treatment, haemoptysis which means blood in sputum, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, hoarseness, pain in the chest or neck or arm, wheezing and repeated episodes of pneumonia and bronchitis. Once the tumour has spread to other parts of the body, you may complain of symptoms like pain and discomfort in the local parts. If the tumour has spread to ribs, spine, hips or back, you may complain of pain in the back or hips. In some cases the tumour may press onto the oesophagus and you may complain of symptoms like difficulty in swallowing or pain on swallowing. The tumour may spread to the brain, following which you may present with symptoms like headaches, weakness on one side of the body or face, blurring of vision or seizures. You may complain of general symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Surgery is not an option in the case of patients suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. As the tumour has spread to many sites, the case becomes inoperable and it is difficult to remove all the tumour tissue from various locations. Chemotherapy is an option available for those who are able to tolerate it, and it is known to improve the survival rate. Radiation therapy is a palliative therapy available. It is helpful to those people suffering from metastasis to the bone, bleeding from the lungs, brain metastasis that is causing symptoms like headaches or weakness.

The treatment options that are best for you will be decided by your doctor, based on the risks and benefits of treatment. The overall 5 year survival rate for lung cancer stage 4 is less than 10 %. The median survival time which is the time at which 50 % of the patients are alive and 50% have passed away is about 8 months.

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Research Scientist Salary, Qualifications Etcetera!

Every once in a while there comes along a person who is inherently curious. Right from the working of trains to the working of a simple calculator, everything captivates this person. If you are such a person and you are entering the professional world still without a profession, then research is your avenue! Research scientists are born to be curious about everything and not satisfied with anything until they have gotten to the bottom of it. That is their job- To find new possibilities, new variations, new phenomena, new anything. So if you want to know more about this profession then read on.

A research scientist is a highly trained professional whose job is to understand the world around him/her and develop new products by making new discoveries in his/her domain. It was a research scientist who discovered the use of penicillin! It was a research scientist who invented the telephone. Basically anyone who has gone a step further than any layman in a particular field is a research scientist. As a job, it is tedious, but at the same time exciting. Tedious because you are constantly at it till you make a breakthrough and exciting because your research is something that you love. When it comes to remuneration, the average research scientist salary is $ 76,000 per annum. However, depending on the years of experience, area of expertise and the industry, research scientists’ salary vary between $ 40,000 and $ 108,000 annually. They also receive health and other benefits. For example, the annual average pay of geoscientists is $ 78,000 while food scientists receive only $ 59,000.

Now that you know what a research scientist salary is, you might also be wondering what the job entails. Firstly, it is important to know that a research scientist can work in multiple fields like physics, medicine biotechnology, space and many more. Basically, as a research scientist, you will have to plan & conduct experiments to come up with ground breaking results in your field. You may also aim at developing new drugs and medically – related products. Plus your research may be basic which involves only observation and investigation (like investigating the underlying basis of a disease) or it may be more applied similar to conducting clinical research or treatment of human disorders. On a daily basis however, you will be stuck in the laboratory running tests and making records.

Apart from the research scientist salary and job description, you also need to know that this is a very high level job that requires highly qualified professionals. You need to have a master’s degree in your field of interest along with sound work experience in that particular field of study. Plus you need to be skilled with lab equipment and you need to possess good communication skills.

Lastly, as far as the job market is concerned, well there can never be a dearth of research scientists. So if you possess a natural curiosity about the world, then this is a career you should pursue.   

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A Look At Sanitarian Salary And More!

Environmental problems are a growing concern in today’s age of high consumption. The rapid increase in population has led to increased consumerism which has triggered off a number of problems including deforestation, overexploitation of fossil fuels, soil erosion and falling of the water tables and many more which has culminated into one massive menace that is global warming. In these trying times, the role of a sanitarian, who is also known as an environmental health specialist has become paramount. So if you are an environmentalist, then you should seek to become a sanitarian.

Indeed a sanitarian salary isn’t extravagant, but the work you will be doing is for the betterment of the planet and in itself is gratifying. On an average, a sanitarian’s salary is around $ 30 per hour. Thus annually, a sanitarian would receive a pay of roughly $ 64,200. However, the sanitarian salary ranges between $ 30,000 and $ 90,000 annually. The best paid 10 per cent of sanitarians earn more than $ 44 per hour which adds up to approximately $ 93,210 per year. On the other hand, the most poorly paid 10 per cent of sanitarians earn less than $ 18 per hour which sums up to an annual remuneration of $ 37,000 approximately. Thus the wages of a sanitarian depend on the amount of experience.

Apart from the sanitarian salary, you might be interested in knowing more about the job. Well as a sanitarian, you are a specialist in sanitary science & public health like as environmental protection officers whose job involves controlling or eliminating injury or disease caused by chemicals or biological organisms. This includes a wide range of activities like planning and executing environmental health programs, conducting training programs in environmental health practices, setting health and sanitation standards, enforcing regulations concerned with food processing and serving, sewage treatment, plumbing and disposal of wastes, plus many more. In addition, sanitarians also advise civic and other officials in the development of environmental health laws and regulations. Therefore, this job is not easy.

Moving on, to become a sanitarian, there are certain criteria that have to be fulfilled. A career as an environmental health specialist requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in environmental health or environmental engineering while some companies require a master’s degree in the same. Moreover, you need to have substantial knowledge in the fields of law and government, public safety and security, English and chemistry. Plus you also need to have excellent communication skills as interacting with people and making observations is an important part of your job.

Lastly, given the growing importance being laid on environmental protection and conservation, the job market as far as this profession is concerned is at its peak. The need for city sanitarians is increasing world over and their importance is being recognized. Thus, demand for sanitarians is increasing among federal, local and state governments. So if you want to join the green brigade, it’s time to step up!

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Heart Attack Symptoms In Men

To identify and thereafter correctly treat the condition is very essential. The first hour after the heart attack occurs is very crucial. The condition would worsen drastically and the life expectancy would be greatly affected after this first crucial hour passes. Hence to indentify correct heart attack symptoms are very essential. Heart attack symptoms seen in men are different from the symptoms seen in women.

Some of the main heart attack symptoms in men are discussed below:

  • ·         Pain in the chest: chest pain is one of the most important first symptoms of heart attack. The pain is acute in nature, which lasts for a couple of minutes. Patients feel this fullness in the chest area.
  • ·         Sudden discomfort: one major symptom is discomfort. This discomfort is specially felt in the abdominal area. There is this fullness which is felt. This kind of pain is referred in nature.
  • ·         Radiating pain: pain radiates to other body parts including the shoulder, the arms, the back and sometimes teeth. Pain which radiates is again an important heart attack symptom in men which should be watched out for.
  • ·         Short breath: shortness of breath is another most common symptom seen in men. This condition arises as there is inadequate oxygen supply. Inadequate oxygen supply again occurs due to the lack to blood supply to some of the heart muscles.
  • ·         Sweating: people who suffer from a heart attack undergo intense sweating. This is one of the common heart attack symptoms in men. Most people associate this symptom due to any other factor. But this symptom should be taken seriously otherwise the heart attack can prove to be fatal.
  • ·         Fainting attacks: due to various reasons fainting attack may occur. This is again one common symptom of a heart attack which is mostly ignored by people. Fainting can result due to less oxygen supply or sudden hypotension. If fainting occurs especially when it is accompanied with profuse sweating immediate medical help should be called for. This is one symptom that people fail to take seriously and consider it happening for some other reason.
  • ·         Nausea and vomiting: nausea and vomiting occur due to several reasons. But this is one important symptom of a heart attack. Medical help should be immediately called for when there is presence of blood in the vomit. This is a sign which shows that there is another heart attack which may occur.
  • ·         Feeling of lightheadedness: lightheadedness is another sign which are seen in many individuals before an actual heart attack occur.
  • ·         Anxiety: not a common sign of a heart attack but research shows that many individuals suffer from anxiety attacks before they suffer from a heart attack.
  • ·         Indigestion with heartburn: this occurs after a person suffers from a heart attack and is one of the heart attack symptoms in men.

Heart attack symptoms in men vary from each individual. Some people complain of a dull kind of pain which may be persistent for hours before the attack. Some complain of throbbing kind of pain which may occur suddenly. So these common heart attack symptoms in men should be noted and medical help should be called for as soon as any kind of discomfort is felt.

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Causes of Headaches | What Causes Headaches

So, what causes headaches? Let’s find out..

Headache is defined as pain in your head or the upper part of your neck. It is one of the most common health problems, that all of us experience atleast once in our lifetime. There are a number of causes for headaches. To begin with, you must know that headaches are classified into 3 major type’s namely primary headache, secondary headache and cranial neuralgias, other headaches. The Primary headache includes migraine, cluster & tension headaches.

The tension headache is the most common kind of primary headache. It is more commonly seen in women than in men. You might suffer from tension headaches due to contraction of muscles over the scalp. Stress causes the muscles of your scalp to undergo spasm and contraction. You are more prone to suffer from tension headaches following physical and emotional stress.

The Migraine headache is the second most common type of headaches. You may complain of pain in the head with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to noise. Most people suffering from migraines have pain in one side of the head which means you may suffer from unilateral headaches. If you have a positive family history of migraine, then you have a higher chance of suffering from it. Women are more prone to develop migraines as compared to men. Most people suffer from their first attack at migraine between the ages of 10 to 45 years. Only occasionally do they begin beyond this age. The cause of migraine is not known. However your headache may be triggered by physical or emotional stress, use of oral contraceptive pills, food containing monosodium glutamate, perimenopause, menopause, pregnancy, menstruation.

Here are some more causes of headaches.

Cluster headaches are another type of primary headache, and are quite rare. You may suffer from bouts of headaches which last over weeks or months and you may be relatively asymptomatic or pain free for a period of months or years. Each episode of pain can last from 30 to 90 minutes. It commonly affects men in their late 20’s. It often runs in families and you will be at a higher risk of suffering from cluster headaches if either of your parents suffers from it. Alcohol, smoking, certain drugs like nitroglycerin and altered sleep habits can trigger your headache.

Secondary headaches are those headaches which are caused due to some underlying structural problem in the head and neck. You may suffer from secondary headaches following head injury or trauma. Head injury can cause a bleed within your brain or between the various layers which covering your brain. There could be bleeding into the subdural, subarachnoid or epidural spaces and could be a cause of headache. Infections of the brain or its surrounding membranes could be another cause of secondary headaches. Brain tumours caused due to metastasis or due to a primary focus is another cause of headaches.

Temporal arteritis which means inflammation of the temporal arteries, cerebrovascular accidents – strokes or transient ischemic attacks all are causes of secondary headaches. Arteriovenous malformations in the brain are another common cause of headaches. High blood pressure, dehydration and hypothyroidism also cause headache.

Now you know what causes headaches and how to prevent getting them as frequently.

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A Look At Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a procedure in which a tube like narrow device is inserted through a small incision to examine the affected joint. The device used is an arthroscope.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. In some cases general anesthesia may be needed. This procedure became popular in 1960’s.

The arthroscope is equipped with a light and a camera and is connected to a monitor by which the internal structures can be visualized and studied. The arthroscope is available in various sizes, depending on which joint needs to be operated on.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is done in the following cases:

  • ·         To treat any kind of injury to the ligament or the bone or cartilage of the knee joint area.
  • ·         Smoothing the rough surfaces of the bone.
  • ·         In cases where debridement of the tissue fragments is necessary.
  • ·         To treat dislocation of the knee.
  • ·         Grafting of the ligament.

Procedure of arthroscopic knee surgery:

Depending on the type of surgery it is decided if the surgery can be done under local anesthesia where the patient remains awake and can witness the whole surgical procedure being done. Spinal anesthesia is given to the patient to numb the knee joint area. If a major surgery has to be performed then general anesthesia is also given to some selected patients.

To control the bleeding during the arthroscopic knee surgery, a device is secured around the thigh area.

Depending on the area to be operated, incisions are made. Generally 2-3 surgical incisions are made. One incision is used for the insertion of the arthroscope. From the other incision sites other instruments are inserted. For stretching the knee, saline is injected around the joint area.

Arthroscope is inserted which is connected to a monitor through which various internal structures can be visualized.

After the surgical procedure is completed the saline which was injected to stretch the knee area is drained out.

The incision site is then cleaned and sutured over which a medical dressing is given.

Advantages of the arthroscopic knee surgery are as follows:

  • ·         Incision size is small. So better healing.
  • ·         The amount of local anesthesia needed is considerably less.
  • ·         The time to recover is less. So the overall healing can be expected to be good.

Certain risks associated with the arthroscopic knee surgery are as follows:

  • ·         Excessive bleeding from the surgical site area.
  • ·         Infection may occur in some cases.
  • ·         Sometimes bleeding occurs into the knee joint area.
  • ·         The cartilage and the ligament which were unaffected at first may get damaged.
  • ·         Injury to some blood vessel or the adjoining nerve may occur in some cases due to which additional complications result.
  • ·         In rare cases there is infection of the joint after the surgery.
  • ·         A blood clot in the leg sometimes occurs.
  • ·         Some individuals experience stiffness in the joint after the surgery.
  • ·         Some individuals have reactions like breathing problems and allergies after receiving any anesthetics.

Arthroscopic knee surgery has good prognosis in most cases. Also this surgery is relatively uncomplicated and simple. Great results can be achieved with this simple form of surgery.

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Acupuncture For Weight Loss: Does It Work

Acupuncture is being used by many individuals as a weight loss method. As people are trying to find various ways of losing weight apart from dieting and exercising, acupuncture seems to strike a right chord with people who are desperately trying to lose some extra pounds. The method includes inserting needles at points which are known to increase secretion of a hormone called Endorphin. Endorphin is a ‘feel good hormone’, making you feel rejuvenated, calm and relaxed. It helps you manage stress better which itself prevents weight gain in most individuals. It has been seen that most people having stressful lifestyles tend to binge eat and put on lots of weight, and especially pile on belly fat.

Stress disturbs the homoeostasis of your body. When you are under stress your body tenses up and there is an increase in your heart beat, and release of stress hormones in your body. Your body is in a constant state of fear, fright, and flight mechanism. With acupuncture your body releases endorphins which help to balance your bodily systems and functions.

Procedure of through acupuncture for weight loss: The practitioner would choose points of treatment depending on the diagnosis of your illness. The needles are inserted into these points. In each session, the needles are kept in place for about 30 to 45 minutes and then removed. Points present in the ear are replaced with ear tacks or staples and an adhesive is placed over them. When you experience hunger pangs, or feel an irresistible urge to eat in between your meals you must apply a mild pressure over the ear staples and run them back and forth for about 20 seconds. This causes a release of endorphin and you can thus overcome this stressful situation. Endorphin release balances the physiological environment of your body and helps you overcome stressful situations and overcome temptations of eating at the wrong time.

Depending on your needs and goals the practitioner will decide the frequency of acupuncture sessions you need to undergo. If you find the tacks uncomfortable the practitioner will take them out after three days or may be even sooner. If you aim at fast weight loss, then you can opt for more frequent sessions. Eventually as and when you feel more relaxed with the treatment and are able to tolerate your hunger pangs better, the frequency of the sessions are reduced. You will benefit immensely with acupuncture therapy especially if your weight is linked to stress.

Acupuncture for weight loss must go hand in hand with a healthy diet and daily exercise regime.

There are different pressure points commonly used by acupuncture therapists depending on the cause of your weight gain. Shemmer’s point is the one which helps calming anxiety, anger, frustration and insecurity. There are points which stimulate your adrenal and ovaries if your weight gain has been related to menopause or premenopausal syndrome. If your weight is related to some endocrinal system problem or renal pathology then there are various other points to stimulate these systems.

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Veterinary Technician Salary Information

A veterinary technician performs surgeries and diagnoses all dysfunctions in animals and birds under a supervision of a senior veterinarian. They are not allowed to perform the entire operation but help the veterinarian in performing one. They are also called as a junior veterinarian or an assistant veterinarian. Their role is challenging as they have to face challenges like physically handling animals and emotionally controlling them before medicating. Some of their tasks involved are to collect urine samples, perform radiographs, feed animals, inject medicines and perform laboratory tests. They assist a veterinarian in each and every step of diagnosing a disease. The later stages after a surgery is normally taken care by a Veterinary Technician as the veterinarian performs only major tasks like surgery and initial counselling. A veterinary technician salary is also in the same demand as a Veterinarian since this is a baby step to become a veterinarian.

To become a veterinary technician, it’s necessary to complete two or three year degree program from an accredited medical school. AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) hold all privileges to accredit a medical school. But in certain provinces this is not necessary. In all schools, students are subject to gain practical knowledge before they complete their graduation. Based on all certificates, school’s background and ultimately the knowledge they possess a Veterinary Technician salary is decided for a junior level.

A veterinary technician in initial stages can earn $ 14 per hour and an experienced technician can earn $ 25 per hour. Akin to the other medical field, a veterinary technician’s salary depends on the environment where he / she practice surgeries. If the technician works under a reputed veterinarian then the pay scale would be around $ 50,000. If the technician is employed in a private hospital, then the technician can earn around $ 40,000. The minimum wage of a veterinary technician is $ 25,000. The lowest pay scale is associated to rural areas and the highest pay scale is associated to metropolitan areas. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, scientific research centres also employ veterinary technician  with a pay scale of more than $ 30,000 and less than $ 55,000. Zoos and wildlife sanctuaries seldom employ veterinary technicians and even if employed they would give a pay of not more than $ 25,000. The wage of a veterinary technician assisting in research labs is always higher than those assisting veterinarians in clinic or hospitals.

A veterinary technician salary sometimes has a hike every month or goes with the fixed pay. This is because some owners come each and every time to inject medicines and would give a small amount to the technician for doing a favourable job in the absence of the veterinarian. Sometimes the technician is supposed to cleanse the animal before a surgery and take special care of the animal throughout the treatment and at such times the veterinarian himself offers a hike in the salary. Since there is a huge demand for a veterinarian there will also be a huge demand for a veterinary technician.  

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A Brief Report On Veterinarian Salary

Veterinarians are doctors who treat and diagnose all types of dysfunctions on animals and birds only. They are trained only for that and do not hold any rights to perform on human beings.  They are trained only to take care for the health of pets and all other animals inclusive of those in zoos and laboratories. A Veterinarian’s main task is to vaccinate diseases, fix fractures, medicine wounds and execute surgeries and counsel owners on feeding and breeding. Surveys reveal that 80% of veterinarians practise medicines on pets, where as 15% work on farm animals including pigs, cattle, sheep and buffaloes and 5% work exclusively on horses. We give you a brief report on a Veterinarian salary in the below article.

A veterinarian’s salary purely depends on the essence of the job. A junior level veterinarian can earn around $ 40,000 whereas a well experienced and a reputed veterinarian can get a wage around $ 200,000. Promptly after graduation a veterinarian can earn around $ 55,000 if he / she works on small animals. When it’s for large animals the pay would be anywhere around $ 60,000 and for horses it could be $ 40,000. If the same job is done in a private hospital but after gaining some experience and knowledge, the pay for small animals will be $ 90,000 and for large animals will be $ 95,000 and for horses, the pay will be $ 93,000 and when it comes to mixed animals, the veterinarian can earn $ 100,000 annually. There are some veterinarians who work for colleges, uniformed services, state government and for corporate sectors and they get a pay from $ 120,000 to $ 150,000. But for such level, only experienced veterinarians are preferred. Veterinarians working in industries can get a pay of $ 160,000.

There are some veterinarians who enjoy a very high pay among their fraternity and this happens when they become a specialist in a particular area. Today’s owners care a lot for their pet and their basic worry would be on the nutrition foods to be given for their pet. A nutrition specialist gets a maximum pay of $ 200,000. A veterinarian who performs surgery gives a rebirth to the animal. A surgery specialist gets a pay of $ 180,000. A veterinarian salary is $ 150,000 when he / she get specialized in radiology, pathology or ophthalmology. A poultry specialist can get a pay of $ 140,000.

To become a veterinarian one should undergo a 4 year degree from a reputed and accredited college of veterinary medicine. After under graduation a one year internship would be necessary to gain practical in-depth knowledge in the field. Veterinarians who opt for certification would need to complete 3 to 4 years of residency program at the time of their study. The government has taken stringent steps against animal welfare and the need to stop animals from becoming extinct has become vital. So there is always a demand for a Veterinarian and so goes a veterinarian salary. To have vision to become a veterinary doctor would be one of the wisest choices.

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Speech Pathologist Salary – What’s Their Pay?

Speech pathologists are therapists who diagnose speech related disorders. They are trained specialists who treat problems like stuttering, voice disorders, swallowing troubles, harsh voice and fluency problems. They also treat patients who wanted to develop their communication with a better accent and those who are subjected to memory loss, attention and problem solving disorders. A speech pathologist uses custom made instruments for individual patients based on their needs. They instil knowledge in their patient on how to produce a better tone of voice, swallow effectively with help of muscle exercises. They are also known as language pathologists or speech therapists. A Speech Pathologist salary counts on various significant points of which some are listed below.

Speech Pathologists work on different environment. Some work in clinics where patients come there and undergo treatment. Some work in schools where their role becomes very responsible as they have to train students on the right appropriate pronunciations and use of accents. Some work in their client’s home and some besides their patient’s bed where they will be spending their entire course by the side of their patient training him / her on exercises and speech related disorders. Apart from all these, a speech pathologists salary is more when the pathologist visits the client’s home.

Speech pathologists have a very high demand today as a major part of the world’s employment depends on better communication. It is also believed that this demand would ascent in the near future. A speech pathologist salary ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 1, 40,000. Promptly after completing your course for a speech pathologist you can get a pay of around $ 30,000 as a paid internship. Once you gain some experience and swiftly move from a trainee to a junior level your pay would increase to $ 50,000. Once you become an expertise in this field with an experience of more than five years, you get a pay of $ 80,000 to $ 90,000.

A speech pathologist salary is the lowest when employed in schools or non-profit organisations. They get a maximum wage of $ 60,000 and this seldom changes despite of experience. So many pathologists go to schools or non profit organisations on partly basis. Some pathologists also get trained in technical writing and by doing this on partly basis, they earn around $ 70,000. If the pathologist is well versed in any secondary language, especially in Spanish then the average wage would increase from $ 110,000 onwards.

There is and will always be a huge potential for speech pathologists. Employment of speech pathologists is anticipated to grow by more than 15% by 2015, that is stronger than any other field. This is because the upcoming generation is prone to several neurological and speech related disorders due to imbalance diet and scientific developments. So a speech pathologist will definitely be needed to diagnose and assess treatments. Also retirements that is for sure happening in every year promises better opportunities with better growth. At the same time a speech pathologist salary purely depends on the experience and the knowledge he / she has acquired over the years.

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Common Causes Of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder characterized as a multiple personality disorder. It’s a chronic form of mental disorder which affects at least 1% of the population today. Schizophrenia affects men more frequently than women. There have been many debates and discussions about the causes of schizophrenia over the past many years.

After a lot of studies possible causes of schizophrenia are noted. Genetics plays a very important role and is one of the most important and relevant cause of schizophrenia. Defect in the prenatal development, neurobiology and various psychological problems are seen to be the other contributory factors of schizophrenia. Till date a common cause of schizophrenia has not been noted yet.

The symptoms of schizophrenia can be seen in future suffers mostly in the age groups of 20-25 years of age.

Some of the causes of schizophrenia are discussed below:

  • ·         Genetics: many studies show that schizophrenia is genetic in nature and its diagnosis is generally made due to various contributory environmental factors. There are many theories which state that the main cause of schizophrenia is genetic but scientifically no theory has been proved yet. When both parents are sufferers of schizophrenia then there is almost a 50% chance of the child to suffer from the same.
  • ·         Obstetric complications: research shows that child with obstetric complication has a greater than normal risk in developing schizophrenia and related disorders at a much later age. However this finding is not proven yet. This is mainly because obstetric complication occurs during almost 30% of child birth cases and not everyone is a schizophrenic.
  • ·         Inadequate fetal growth: low birth weight babies have a higher risk of getting schizophrenia.
  • ·         Hypoxia: hypoxia is a condition which results when there is less oxygen supply. If hypoxia occurs before or during birth or even in cases where there is hypoxia immediately after birth, the child can suffer from schizophrenia. Studies show that hypoxia is one of the most relevant causes of schizophrenia. In cases where hypoxia is present along with genetic possibility, there is a much higher chance of developing schizophrenia.
    • o   some of the other factors such as intrauterine malnutrition, any kind of prenatal infection or stress factors show a risk of the baby to suffer from schizophrenia.
  • ·         Some of the randomized clinical trials show a relationship between schizophrenia and those suffering from celiac disease.
  • ·         One of the other causes of schizophrenia is when the maternal age is more. This happens mainly due to the mutation of the germline.
  • ·         Exposure to toxic materials such as lead can also increase the risk of developing schizophrenia at a later stage.
  • ·         Infections: infections such as influenza, measles, HSV, rubella can increase the chance of getting schizophrenia. The risk also increases when any kind of autoimmune diseases.
    • o   Certain substance use (drugs) can trigger schizophrenia. Most of the sufferers of schizophrenia on certain drugs which may have cause schizophrenia. This is seen to occur in almost 60-62% of cases. This is again a significant cause of schizophrenia. Amphitamines is responsible for causing many schizophrenia symptoms.
  • ·         Cannabis: certain evidence based studies show that cannabis cause schizophrenia.
  • ·         Tobacco use and other modern environmental factors and lifestyles have also been noted as a cause of schizophrenia according to various studies.
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Radiation Therapy: Side Effects

Radiation therapy or Radiotherapy is the medical use of ionizing drugs to control the cancer cells and for the treatment of the cancer. It has the ability to control the growth of the cells. It damages the DNA of the exposed tissues by disturbing their DNA repair machinery during the process of uncontrollable proliferation of tissues. It is commonly combined with the chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Immunotherapy, or all the four can be used together. Many cancers can be treated by Radiotherapy. It is used in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, severe thyroid eye disease, pterygium, pigmented villonodular synovitis, prevention of keloid scar growth, and prevention of heterotropic ossification. Well, this therapy is used cautiously because it may induce development of new set of cancers.

Radiation therapy is generally painless. There are actually very little or no side effects. But there can be pain due to edema which compresses the nerves in the area. Long term treatment may cause side effects which can last up to months or even years. There are acute side effects, long term side effects and cumulative side effects. Most of the side effects are normally predictable & expected. The side effects stated are fatigue & skin irritation, similar to a slight to a moderate sun burn. The fatigue usually is experienced in the middle of the treatment and may last for some years till the treatment continues.

The Severe Side Effects:

The Epithelial surface may damage due to radiation therapy. The epithelial surfaces include the oral mucosa, the skin, bowel mucosa, pharyngeal & ureter. The skin becomes pink & sore after several weeks of the treatment. The reactions become severe up to about 1 week after the radiation therapy ends & there is damage to the skin. Radiotherapy also causes mouth & throat sores and also causes ulceration which occurs in the throat & the mouth. It affects the patient’s efforts of swallowing, patient needs painkillers & nutritional supplements. Also the esophagus is affected during the cure of lung cancer.

Also the lower bowel is treated with radiotherapy or it may be exposed to the radiation. Due to this there is soreness, diarrhea, and nausea. Radiotherapy may also cause inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues. It is seen during the cure of brain tumors & brain metastasis when there is preexisting increased blood pressure. Steroids are used during this therapy to lessen the inflammation and swelling. Gonads are extremely sensitive to the radiation therapy. The development of gametes fails in case of exposure to radiation.

Late Side Effects:

It occurs months or years after the radiation treatment. Due to prolong exposure to the radiation, the elasticity of the skin is lost and it is prone to fibrosis. Hair loss occurs. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the consequences of the long term radiation therapy. Lymph edema is another side effect due to fluid retention and tissue swelling. Prolonged exposure itself leads to development of cancer. It increases the chances of heart disease.

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