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Pituitary Tumor Symptoms Vary Related To Certain Factors

Pituitary tumour symptoms emerge when there is a development of atypical cells in the pituitary glands’ tissues. The pituitary gland is the very small organ found at the central portion of the brain slightly over the back of the nose. Pituitary tumours may develop in the pituitary gland.

Classifications of pituitary tumours

Pituitary tumours are classified into three groupings. The first group is comprised of benign pituitary adenomas or non-cancerous tumours. These growths develop exceedingly in a progressive manner and do not extend from the pituitary gland to other parts of the body. The second classification of these tumours is invasive pituitary adenomas. These are still benign tumours that have the possibility to proliferate to the extent of reaching the bones of the skull or probably the sinus cavity that is located underneath the pituitary gland. The third classification is pituitary carcinomas. These are malignant or cancerous tumours that may possibly extend to other parts of the central nervous system which include the brain and the spinal cord. From here, these tumours may also reach the parts beyond the CNS. However, not too many pituitary tumours become cancerous.     

Some pituitary tumours are non-functioning while others are functioning. Non-functioning pituitary tumours do not generate hormones while the functioning ones generate over the usual quantity of hormones. Majority of pituitary tumours are functioning. When these tumours generate surplus hormones, this may engender some signs or symptoms of certain illness.  

Pituitary tumour symptoms

Symptoms may differ for individuals who are found to have pituitary tumour. This is contingent to certain factors like the type of tumour the individual has; the extent of the size of the developed tumour; the location of the tumour; and if it makes hormones or does not make any. The pituitary tumour symptoms can vary from simple complaints or usual condition like malaise or being tired and restless into more severe symptoms like headaches, nausea and vomiting, or light-headedness. For certain circumstances which involve the most prevalent type of pituitary tumour, the symptoms that can be observed from that individual may consist of menstruation problems, eyesight problems, headaches, and loss of sexual drive. Other tumour symptoms may include high blood pressure levels, either loss of weight or weight gain, as well as immoderate consumption of food. Other general signs and symptoms are confusion, dizziness, seizures, a runny nose wherein the liquid that leaks out from the nose could be the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that envelops the brain and spinal cord. If adjoining parts of the brain are also affected by the presence of a pituitary tumour there can be more pituitary tumour symptoms that can emerge as soon as the growth develops into a large tumour and puts pressure on the adjacent parts of the brain. For example, pituitary tumours can put pressure on the optic nerve which consequently will cause problems on the person’s ability to see. It is recommended to consult a physician for any indication of probable symptoms of a pituitary tumour which include headaches, eyesight problems, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness.

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Important Tomato Nutrition Facts

Among the tomato nutrition facts discussed are its staggering health advocating properties. A prominent benefit that the red tomato provides is the substance called lycopene. This provides great antioxidant benefits that assist in protecting the body against microorganism causing illnesses. Moreover, the tomato has low sodium, low saturated fat, as well as cholesterol content. Tomatoes are excellent sources of vitamin E (alpha tocopherol), thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), folate, magnesium, phosphorous, and copper. A tomato is also a good source fibre in the diet, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and manganese. The only criticizing factor that may be pointed out is that a huge part of the calories contained in a tomato come from sugars. Tomatoes are particularly excellent to be consumed by males because of lycopene and properties that protect individuals from developing prostate cancer.

Selection and storage process

In choosing fresh tomatoes while purchasing inside supermarkets or stores, look for the ones with deep red coloring and that are firm to the touch. As soon as they are brought home, clean them up and store them properly. They must be kept at room temperature away from direct sun exposure inside the kitchen. When stored the right way, they will maintain freshness up to about a week. 

Nutritive content of tomatoes

Tomato nutrition facts indicated by the USDA National Nutrient Database include the fact that these vegetables have low caloric content. A medium-sized tomato contains twenty-two calories only and less than a gram of fat; has 1.5 grams of fibre, and is naturally cholesterol free; however, trace amounts may be contained in the tomato. Tomatoes have ample vitamin A content of more or less twenty percent and twenty-six percent of vitamin C levels of the recommended daily requirement

Tomato nutrition facts that benefit health

Tomatoes have low levels of calories as well as fats, and are ample sources of fibre, minerals, and vitamins. It is also advised to consume lots of fresh tomatoes to control weight and lessen cholesterol levels in the body. Tomatoes contain antioxidants that help protect from developing any type of cancer. Lycopene and carotenoids from tomatoes are phytochemical substances. They help in the protection of one’s cells and bodily structures. Tomatoes come in different colours, deep red coloured tomatoes are particularly loaded with the most potent flavonoid antioxidant known as lycopene. Research findings indicate that lycopene serves to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well as from developing certain cancers like cancer of the prostate. Zeaxanthin is an important component that gives protection to eyes from developing macular disease among the elderly people through filtering the damaging rays of the sun. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants like the carotenes, xanthin, and lutein. These substances are essential in protecting one’s ability to see. Vitamin A is also excellent in maintaining the health of mucous membranes as well as the skin. Tomatoes are vitamin C-rich foods which is helpful in fighting off infectious agents and free radicals. These are also high in potassium which is necessary in the electrolyte balance in the body to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and other bodily systems. 

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Hearing Aid Batteries 312 For Modern Hearing Aid Devices

The electroacoustic gadget which is usually fitted behind the ear of a user who has hearing problems typically referred to as a hearing aid utilize hearing aid batteries 312. Hearing aids are intended to intensify and adjust sound for the user to be able to hear things to a certain level. Some of these devices make use of rechargeable batteries or throwaway types. However, most hearing aids nowadays make use of standard type batteries. Older versions had made use of mercury batteries or those with mercuric oxide components; nonetheless, these battery cells were prohibited in a lot of countries for safety reasons. Contemporary hearing aid battery types are usually referred to by means of their common number name or the wrapping colour of the battery. 

The kind of battery hearing aids make use of is contingent to the size of the battery and supposed lifetime. Battery life depends on the power used by the hearing aid gadget. Usual battery life is from one up to fourteen days. The size of hearing aid batteries 312 are approximately 8mm x 4mm. Physical size is exceedingly vital in determining appropriateness of hearing aid batteries. The bigger capacity the battery has, the longer period the hearing aid device can be used. A size 312 is definitely larger and can store more energy than the size of a battery 10A. Hence, stored energy has become a vital factor in computing for the gadget’s battery life or for how long the hearing aid device can be used before the battery gets used up. The value of stored energy is measured in milliamp hours which may vary contingent to the manufacturer of the battery in use. Anyhow, default values may be used for computation or in looking at the battery wrapping it indicates its milliamp hours.

All batteries are made with varying colour codes. This is in order that the user may be able to identify them without difficulty merely by getting a look at the colour code. For those who are looking for sources to buy hearing aid batteries 312 from, these may be obtained from local drug stores or pharmaceuticals which also sell medical devices and power supplies for these gadgets. These places provide the appropriate size and type of battery that a hearing aid gadget needs. At the same time, online websites also demonstrate an array of battery types being sold for individual needs. Online distributors would be more than willing to ship the necessary items ordered and delivered to homes. For the battery size of 312, these batteries have brown-coloured tab labels. It is important to know that batteries which contain mercury are unsafe. The way to dispose of them whether containing mercuric oxide or not should follow the proper ways of battery disposal to avert from endangering the environment and the health of people. They are not supposed to be thrown in the garbage along with other trash items. Bear in mind while purchasing batteries that the size and colour are carefully printed at the back portion of the batteries.         

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STDs Symptoms – Symptoms Of STDs In Women And Men

This article will go over some of the more common symptoms of STDs in women and men. Not all symptoms affect both sexes so read carefully.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) are conditions that are passed on from one person to another through sexual intercourse.

Chlamydia or the ‘’silent disease’ does not generate STDS symptoms or are asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, females may have increased discharge because the cervix is swollen; frequent urination, or pain while urinating; pain during sexual contact, or bleeding following sexual intercourse; abdominal pains; and irregular menses. For males symptoms may include white or cloudy liquid discharge that cause stains to the underwear; burning sensation, or pain while urinating; and testicles are sore and tender> For both genders, Chlamydia infection to the rectum are seldom symptomatic.   

Genital herpes frequently generate mild STDS symptoms or possibly asymptomatic. If they occur, symptoms may include itchiness or tingling sensation in the genital or rectal area; little blisters with fluid inside and when they rupture leave sores; pain while urinating over the sores; headaches; back pain; and symptoms similar to having flu like inflamed glands or increased temperature.

Gonorrhea can possibly be asymptomatic or have non-specific symptoms like infection in the bladder. Symptoms are more noticeable among male individuals. For the women, symptoms may include atypical vaginal discharge from yellow to greenish color that has strong odor; pain while urinating; and rectal discharge or irritated anus. Symptoms for males may include white or yellow penile discharge; pain while urinating; and rectal discharge or irritated anus.    

Hepatitis-B to approximately thirty percent of individuals is asymptomatic. If they occur, symptoms of STDS  include slight elevation of temperature; headaches; muscle pain; pain in the joints; malaise; no appetite; nausea and vomiting; dark urine and pasty bowel movement; pain in the stomach; skin turns yellow; and whites of eyes turn yellowish.

Syphilis symptoms include painless sores on the genital areas, vulva, cervix, anus, or possibly mouth; small-sized bumps or protuberances in the groin where glands are inflamed; rash with not itch; and elevated temperature or flu-like symptoms.

Genital warts are not always visible among individuals infected by human pappilloma virus (HPV). Warts or flesh and white-colored, smooth, little bumps or sometimes bigger thickset cauliflower-like protuberances can be visible along the genital parts. Women who have warts in the cervix may have some bleeding or atypical color of vaginal discharge.

Scabies infection symptoms include silver or brown lines or burrows found usually in between the fingers and toes, genital areas, surrounding the anus or over the buttocks, elbows, or wrists. Individuals experience pervasive itching especially during night time or after taking a bath at the time the body warms up. Itchiness demonstrates the body’s reaction to the presence of mites.

Crabs or pubic lice are present among infected individuals demonstrating symptoms that include itchiness of the skin; affected area is swollen; sometimes lice and eggs are apparent; and blood spots when lice feed on the skin’s blood vessels. 

Candidiasis or thrush infection symptoms among the women include irritation; itchiness; viscous whitish vaginal discharge; redness; pain and swelling of the genital area. Symptoms male individuals may experience include irritation; penis discharge; and swollen head of the penis which makes it difficult to pull back the foreskin.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now have a better understand about symptoms of STDs in women and men.

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Purple Heart Donations For The Better

There have been numerous recipients of Purple Heart donations all over the country. Apparently, the Purple Heart is bestowed on behalf of the United States President. This is given to injured or slain members of the Armed Forces of the United States in the course of providing administered service in defence or protection of the country. Some of the instances rendering these services that deserve the Purple Heart may take account of any act in defence of the nation in the face of its adversary; any act with the corresponding military personnel of another nation to which the U.S. Armed Forces have been taken on to fight against; in the course of rendering national service along with affiliated forces of another nation engaged to wage war against enemy forces to which the U.S. is not an aggressive party; as an outcome of any action defending the nation against its adversary; or as an outcome of any antagonistic action by forces outside the country.    

Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)

The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) or simply Purple Heart is an organized association comprised of military veterans authorized by the House of Representatives more than seven decades ago. This association helps out in convening the needs of veterans and budgetary support, rehabilitation as well as educational programs particularly bespoke to all living veterans along with their significant others. The source of financial support for these purposes engaged by the Purple Heart is derived from the selling of donated vehicles and other items from homes that are still useful.   

Purple Heart donations

Contributions and assistance given to Purple Heart are declared tax deductible. Majority of the time, one is able to obtain a bigger tax deduction as compared to what may have been obtained if the items are sold at the same veering away from any problem connected with the selling. When people extend support and contribute to Purple Heart, they are also providing much assistance to veterans and their families.

Ways to donate to Purple Heart

Used clothing, home items, and vehicles or cars are acceptable as donations to the Purple Heart organization. After informing the central office, donated items are collected from the home of the provider without any charge by means of the Purple Heart pickup service. They only ask and prefer that the items to be collected are still usable and in good condition. For individuals or companies intending to donate vehicles or cars are requested to fill up a form that can be accessed through the Internet. The Purple Heart office can also be contacted through a toll free number for these donation types. As soon as filling up forms have been accomplished, the office will be initiating communication with a towing firm to set up and coordinate the pickup schedule for the car or vehicle at the owner’s most convenient time free of charge. In addition, the Purple Heart association will be forwarding a tax deductible donation receipt when the car or vehicle has already been obtained. To date, there are five hundred thousand cars or vehicles which have been part of the Purple Heart donations.

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How to Buy Used Dental Equipment

Buying and selling used things are predominant nowadays from cars to gadgets people were inclined to buy used things. However, for some buying used dental equipment is less common or even unheard of but this is a usual practice by dental clinics.

If you will visit dental clinics often, you will be surprised to see that the one your dentist is using in you is used dental equipment that he bought from a larger dental clinic. You might be surprised to see that the used dental equipment is running in smooth condition.

Meanwhile, if you are in a dental profession, you may consider buying used dental equipment. Purchasing used equipment will give you several advantages. First advantage is saving more dollars without sacrificing the worth of your work. The used equipment is priced more affordably than other dental equipments but they can deliver effective treatment the same way, brand new equipments works.   Second advantage is that you may be able to use the saved money for other purposes, which you need for your dental clinic. Lastly, you may treat your patients the service they need minus the high cost of equipment.

In buying used equipment, you have to be very meticulous and scrutinize to make sure that it is in good running condition. Ask when the equipment was purchased and if are you the second hand or even third from buying the equipment. This information is important for you to know quality of the product that you are buying.

For dental laboratories interested in buying, you may ask if the sellers offer warranty for the refurbished equipments. This is very necessary so that your machine is covered in case a problem occurs.

Many dental types of equipment are can be bought second hand, but some of the dental equipments, which are commonly sold, include cleaning unit, dental processing unit and brushless torque motor. A cleaning unit is necessary for any dental clinic.

However, do not settle for any simple cleaning unit, make sure that the cleaning unit has all the features like electric water, spray and other convenient features. Meanwhile, a good processing unit for dentures is also a primary need in dental lab. If you cannot buy a brand new, second hand equipment will also create perfect dentures for your clients. Brushless torque motor is also dental equipment that you should invest. Buying a refurbished model will serve its purpose without breaking your wallet.

In buying, select the ones that will compliment with your workstations and other machines already in your dental laboratory. Aside from large dental laboratories who sell their dental equipments from time to time, there are also online stores which sells used dental equipments. If you are buying from an online store, make sure that you see the product first and how it works before you buy from them.

When you have found the right used dental equipment for you, you may consider availing financing options. There are lending institutions out there that will help you in buying important dental equipments.

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Ten Strawberry Nutrition Facts for Everyone

Strawberry is the most favorite among all berries. Aside from the good and pleasing color to the eyes, strawberry is also deliciously healthy. You can enjoy strawberry in different forms, you can enjoy it in you smoothie, pancakes, jams or as snack.

Aside from the sweet taste, here are some ten strawberry nutrition facts, which you may be surprised to know.

First, strawberry is one fruit that you can munch on without gaining too much calories. If you eat a cup of calories, you will just have an additional of forty-nine calories, which is good news for those who are looking for delicious and healthy food without increasing their caloric intake.

Second, strawberry is rich in vitamin c. one cup of vitamin c will give you one hundred fifty percent of vitamin c. it will give you the daily recommended daily intake for vitamin c. With vitamin c, you will be able to boost your immune system, fight off diseases and protect yourself from harmful radicals that attack the body.

Another strawberry nutrition fact for strawberry is that it is rich in ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is known in decreasing the risk of skin, liver, pancreatic and breast cancer. The ellagic acid prevents the cancer cells in destroying P53 gene. P53 gene is responsible in destroying tumors. This is the reason, why a strawberry is a common staple in diet plan of cancer patients.

Fourth, is that strawberries are rich in vitamin B. It is a good source of vitamin B-6, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid. These vitamins are primarily need for metabolizing proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Next, is that strawberries are also beneficial in fighting off Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases. It is found that strawberry properties can reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Fifth, strawberry is also rich in anti-inflammatory substances. It is recommended for those who are bothered by gout and arthritis. Strawberry can help lessen the inflammation due to these ailments.

Sixth, red delicious strawberries are also nutritious way to prevent osteoporosis. It is rich in magnesium, vitamin K and potassium, which are necessary for a healthy bone structure.

Seventh, strawberry also works as a good anti aging food. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and good antioxidants like lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. These components help the body to reactive oxygen species, which are needed to delay aging process and prevent degenerative diseases.

Eight, strawberry nutrition fact is that it is good in the heart. It helps in normalizing the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure.

Ninth, it is rich with fluoride that is good for the development of strong bones and prevents dental cavities. Strawberry is especially good for the kids, who often munch junk foods and sweets, which destroy the formation of their teeth. With strawberry, they will have enjoyed natural sweet fruit, which can make their teeth stronger.

Lastly, it is rich in iron, which is primarily needed by the body to produce red blood cells. Without red blood cells, the body would not be able to supply blood in our system. Therefore, it is vital that iron is part of our nutrition.

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Pollen Allergy Symptoms: Everything You Should Know

Pollen Allergy Symptoms: Everything You Should Know

Spring can be a good season for everyone as it is very beautiful to see that everything comes to life during spring time however not all people can enjoy the outdoors during spring time. As studies shows that pollen allergy or hay fever affects five to ten percent of people. Pollen allergy symptoms may develop from mild to severe allergic reactions from plants. Plants reproduce during springtime; the pollens are dispersed along with the wind thus resulting to pollen allergies.

Some of the common pollen allergy symptoms are:

  • ·         Head ache
  • ·         Runny and clogged nose
  • ·         Watery eyes
  • ·         Cough
  • ·         Itchy throat
  • ·         Sneeze
  • ·         Trouble breathing for severe cases

Do not ignore pollen allergy symptoms, as they may develop to further serious ailments like bronchial asthma, sinus infections and even anaphylactic shock for extreme cases.

When a person have allergy, the first thing to do is to avoid the allergens but with pollen allergy, it is hard to avoid since it is in the air. You cannot control when and when not to breathe, but there are some ways that you can do to avoid developing pollen allergy symptoms.

First, check your surroundings especially the plants nearby your place. For starters, Bermuda grass and Johnson grass are the most common types of grass that may cause you pollen allergies. They may not have flowers but they have pollens, which are usually scattered by birds and bees so it is better to avoid these types of grass. Other weeds, which may cause allergies, are sagebrush, red weed and ragweed. Accordingly, ragweed can produce thousand of pollens on one season alone.

People often mistake pollen allergy symptoms as an ordinary cold however; colds are easier to treat than easily react to medications. Pollen allergies usually stay for a long time and do not easily react to old medications.

Here are some tips to alleviate your pollen allergy symptoms:

  • Always keep your windows and doors closed during spring  time
  • Use your air conditioning unit instead of opening your windows. It is better if it has air filter to make sure that it will emit clean air.
  • When you are driving, do not open your windows. A good air conditioning unit is necessary for your travels.
  • Do not step out in the morning because pollens are much higher at early morning.
  • If you are planning a vacation, you may stay away from countryside, as pollens there might be a bit higher. A beach destination may be a good alternative.
  • Wear eyeglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Change clothes often especially if you had stayed out doors for long.
  • Avoid drying your clothes outside. Use a dryer instead as pollens may stick to your wet clothes.
  • Springtime is good for cleaning especially the garden, but if you have pollen allergy symptoms, do not even think about gardening. Ask someone to mow the lawn for you.
  • Do not let your pets stay outdoors for long because pollens may also stick to their furs as well.
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Co q 10 Side Effects: Things you should know

Co q 10 is short name for coenzyme Q10. This substance is produce by the body but there are people who do not produce enough because of certain medical conditions. In cases like this, a supplement is required in order to increase coenzyme. Co q 10 is categorized as dietary supplements and not medications. Being a dietary supplement means, it is less restricted and requires more studies to show its benefits and long-term side effects. Here are co q 10 side effects which people should be aware.

  • Itching
  • Wheezing
  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Difficulty in breathing

The side effects are due to contaminants that are present in the low quality co q 10 that may trigger reactions to patients.

Aside from the co q 10 side effects, it may also result to drug interactions to other medicines. Refrain from drinking co q 10, if you are drinking blood pressure medication and chemotherapy drugs.

Co q 10 supplements will interact with your blood pressure medications, which may result to dizziness and feeling of light-headedness. Ask your doctor and healthcare provider if it is safe for your condition to take co q 10 supplements.

Co q 10 may also react with chemotherapy medicines. The chemotherapy medicines may likely to be less effective when a patient takes co q 10.

Call also your doctor’s attention if you also have present conditions like hypotension and allergies. Because low blood pressure may even plunge down if, you take co q 10. For allergies, your symptoms of itchiness and rashes may worsen when you take co q 10.


There are some instances that co q 10 is taken with a lower dosage, to avoid the side effects but it is not clearly shown if decreasing the dosage actually lessen the side effects.


In addition, if you are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, do not just drink co q 10. There are no clinical studies, which show safety of co q 10 for infants. So ask your doctor first if it is safe for you and your unborn child. Likewise, tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding to avoid any risk of co q 10 to your child.


Like any other supplements, ask your first doctor if you really need to take them, as not all supplements may be good for the body especially if you are taking it with other medications. If you really plan to take it, ask your doctor the complete instructions like dosage and how many days you should take the medicine.


When you obtain the prescription, buy only from reputable pharmacy. Buy only products that are manufactured by reliable pharmaceutical companies to lessen the possibility of severe co q 10 side effects.


At present, co q 10 is generally good supplements for those who have certain medical conditions but not all those suffering from chronic ailments can actually benefit from co q 10. Your doctor will decide for you if the benefits will outweigh the side effects.

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What are Brain Aneurysm Causes?

What is brain aneurysm? What are the brain aneurysm causes?

Brain aneurysm is a medical condition where a part of blood vessel abnormally widens. A cerebral aneurysm happens when the part of the brain weakens which result to the abnormal widening. When the blood weakens, it starts to bulge out resulting to a balloon like appearance. When the balloon starts to grow bigger, there is a risk that it may burst. Bursting is dangerous, as it will bleed to the brain. Most cases of aneurysm are not detected, the patient is not aware that an aneurysm is developing inside.  Somehow, those who developed brain aneurysm before are also likewise to develop it again in the future.

Here are some known brain aneurysm causes that affect people:

Clinical studies shows that brain aneurysm causes are acquired, meaning they are not present at birth; however, genetic factors play a very important factor. Twenty percent of people who suffered from brain aneurysm may actually have a first and second-degree relative who also had brain aneurysm. If you have relatives with aneurysm, you are more prone to develop bleeding in the brain. If brain aneurysm runs in the family, it is certain that two to three members of the family may develop aneurysm.

Other people who have certain medical ailments are also at risk of developing brain aneurysm. Some of the conditions at risk with brain aneurysm are:

  • ·         Marfan’s syndrome – this is an inherited disease which affects the connective tissue of the body. Due the weakened tissue, ruptures easily develop.


  • ·         Polycystic kidney disease – this is a condition where cysts are developed in the kidneys.


  • ·         Neurofibromatosis – an abnormal disorder that affects the growth of abnormal nerve cell, this condition often result to other ailments like brain aneurysm.

Other brain aneurysm causes are due to other factors:

  • ·         Tobacco and cigarette smoking – smoking is number one factor that leads to brain aneurysm. Almost all patients of brain aneurysm are smokers. It is seen that an aneurysm in the brain is likely to rupture ten times with a heavy smoker than non-smoker.
  • ·         Alcohol – alcohol drinkers are likely to develop brain aneurysm than non-drinkers. Even moderate drinking can increase the rupture of brain aneurysm.
  • ·         High blood pressure – high blood pressure is a one big factor that affects the brain aneurysm. If you have high blood pressure, you may ask your doctor to monitor your blood pressure.

If you have high risk of aneurysm, you should know the signs and symptoms that you should be aware. Some of the symptoms are:

  • ·         Vomiting
  • ·         Seizures
  • ·         Dizziness
  • ·         Severe headache
  • ·         Neck pain
  • ·         Sensitivity to light

Most patients do not know that they have aneurysm in the brain. They tend to neglect the symptoms until it is worst. If you belong in the high-risk group and you experience some of these symptoms, do not take them lightly, you have to go to emergency hospital to let a medical practitioner evaluate your condition.

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A Look At Vulvar Cancer Pictures

Vulvar cancer is one of the more rare types of cancer women can develop. This type of cancer affects the external female genitalia, including the vaginal lips, the vaginal opening, and the clitoris. Cancer in the vulva often starts out as vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) or dysplasia, which indicates the growth of precancerous cells on the skin on the vulva. Over a long period of time, usually several years, VIN can develop into vulvar cancer.

There are some vulvar cancer pictures online that indicate the development of the disease. In most cases of vulvar cancer, the disease affects the outer vaginal lips. The clitoris and the inner vaginal lips can also be affected by cancer cells, although these cases are rare. Often, vulvar cancer manifests itself in lesions or lumps in the affected area. Slow-healing cuts and sores in the area are also possible indicators of the development of vulvar cancer.

Unexpected vaginal bleeding or discharge is another symptom of vulvar cancer. Other primary symptoms of vulvar cancer include itching and irritation in the vaginal area. Often, these itching or burning sensations don’t subside even after professional treatment. In extreme cases, patients feel tenderness, soreness, or pain in the vulvar area. When these are located in the vulvar area, birthmarks or moles that change in size or color can also potentially indicate vulvar cancer.

In many cases, women with vulvar cancer aren’t diagnosed early. Early detection and treatment, especially at the VIN stage, is vital in the cancer’s treatment and cure. That’s why it’s important for women to immediately consult a gynecologist when these symptoms are present. There are also a few risk factors for vulvar cancer. Older women and women who are suffering from human papillomavirus infections are at risk for the disease.

Vulvar cancer can be detected using a variety of tests, the most basic of which are a physical exam and a pelvic exam. A pelvic exam helps in determining any abnormal growths in the vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Vulvar cancer pictures may also be taken through an ultrasound, to pinpoint any fluid-filled cysts or tumors. Aside from these tests, a biopsy may also be performed; during this procedure, cells and tissues from the vulva are removed for examination under a microscope.

Once diagnosed, vulvar cancer can be classified into various types. Most cases of vulvar cancer are caused by a disease called squamous cell carcinoma. This type of vulvar cancer often manifests in lesions on the skin on the vulva, especially in the labia majora, as squamous cells make up most of the skin cells on the body. Vulvar cancer caused by squamous cell carcinoma usually spreads through the lymph system, often spreading to the mons and the upper vulva. Tumors may also spread to the nearby organs such as the rectum.

Vulvar cancer pictures rarely depict basal cell carcinoma, which most often affects elderly women. This type of vulvar cancer is identified through the presence of slow-growing lesions in the vulvar area. For both types of cancer, the recommended treatment is surgery. In some cases, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also used.


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Meningioma Brain Tumor – Vital Information

A meningioma is a type of brain tumor that’s said to be to second most common type of brain tumor occurring in humans today. A meningioma brain tumor primarily develops in the meninges, the thin layers of tissue surrounding the spinal cord and the brain. In most cases, these brain tumors can grow in size and spread, although it’s difficult to determine the tumors’ growth rate. Upon growth, these tumors put pressure on surrounding brain tissue.

Meningiomas can be classified into three grades, as set by the World Health Organization. Grade I meningiomas are classified as benign, Grade II meningiomas are identified as atypical, while Grade III meningiomas are considered anaplastic. Meningiomas are usually benign, but Grade III meningiomas are malignant. The average survival rate for Grade III meningiomas, without relapse, is currently at about three years.

There are some factors that contribute to the development of brain tumors in the meninges. Excessive exposure to ionizing radiation or x-rays in the scalp region is often considered to be a likely cause for a meningioma brain tumor. Sometimes, the cause for tumor development is genetic, involving a mutation of the neurofibromatosis gene. This type of brain tumor is also the only brain tumor that affects more women than men. The tumors are most often found in people 40 to 60 years old.

The symptoms of the development of meningioma brain tumors depend on the tumors’ size and location. Small tumors usually have no symptoms, and are often discovered incidentally. Location determines the symptoms of larger tumors. Meningiomas that develop on the front areas of the surface of the brain, for instance, can cause seizures or severe headaches. Meningiomas on the area behind the eyes cause numbness in the face and vision problems.

Patients with symptoms of meningioma brain tumor development are usually recommended for neurological evaluation prior to treatment. A surgical biopsy with a tissue evaluation is one of the most effective means of diagnosing meningiomas. Patients may also undergo MRI or CAT scans to pinpoint the location of the brain tumor and to determine if the tumor has spread to other parts of the body. CT scans are also helpful at discovering calcifications, which occur in many cases of benign meningiomas.

If the tumor is easily reached and is considered to be superficial on the brain’s dural surface, surgical removal with resection is the recommended treatment. Complete surgical removal with resection guarantees the lowest 10-year recurrence rate. Tumors that have spread to adjacent bone structures, however, are extremely difficult to completely remove. The recurrence rate for brain tumors in the meninges are affected by the severity of tumor and the extent of the surgical treatment.

Patients who have received surgical treatment for meningiomas are required to undergo follow-up scans indefinitely. Meningiomas can recur even decades after the patient undergoes surgical treatment. A meningioma brain tumor that recurs is usually treated through radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is also recommended if the tumor isn’t completely resectable. To improve the prognosis for these tumors, clinical trials are currently in progress.


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Hearing Aids from Different Hearing Aids Brands

Many hearing-impaired people today benefit from hearing aids. Though these cannot fully restore an individual’s hearing abilities, hearing aids remain useful in amplifying sounds so that wearers can enjoy clearer hearing. Due to the popularity and widespread use of hearing aids today, many brands specialize in manufacturing and distributing these devices. There’s a wide variety of hearing aid types available from hearing aids brands today.

The first type of hearing aids made available to hearing-impaired individuals was in the form of body-worn aids. The brainchild of Harvey Fletcher of Bell Laboratories, a body-worn hearing aid consists of parts that are bigger than those seen today. The hearing aid features an earmold, a cord, and a case. The earmold fits into the ear and is connected to the case through the cord. The case contains the amplifier, which is often capable enough to make the hearing aid useful even for individuals suffering from profound hearing loss.

Many brands today still offer body-worn hearing aids, but these devices are outdated compared to modern behind-the-ear hearing aids. Also called BTE aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids can be fitted so that the case sits behind the wearer’s ear. Just as in the body-worn hearing aid’s design, the amplification system is also located in the BTE aid’s case. For BTE aids, the sounds are received by the earmold either acoustically or electrically. Hearing-impaired individuals looking for BTE aids can count on a wide variety of hearing aids brands.

Brands of hearing aids today also offer more technologically advanced hearing aids. One such type of hearing aid is the in-the-ear hearing aid or the ITE aid. These hearing aids are less conspicuous than BTE aids. ITE aids are usually completely customized to fit the wearer’s ear. There have been concerns regarding the use of ITE aids by individuals with severe hearing loss. The feedback said to be produced by the aids can be excessive, although many ITE aids today feature feedback cancellation or regulation technology. Most ITE aids can also be wirelessly connected to FM systems.

There are also hearing aids brands that offer receiver-in-the-canal/ear hearing aids or RITE aids. When worn, these hearing aids’ speakers are located in the wearer’s ear canal. Electrical wires are used to transmit the sounds to the hearing aids’ speaker. This results in the wearer enjoying a clearer, crisper sound from a RITE aid. These hearing aids are also highly inconspicuous, a feature that makes the devices ideal for people self-conscious about their use of hearing aids.

Some brands of hearing aids also offer implantable hearing aids. Bone-anchored hearing aids can be surgically implanted in the skull. These implants are usually ideal for individuals with unilateral hearing loss, as the skull can help facilitate the transfer of sound from the deaf ear to the functional ear. Many individuals prefer implanted hearing aids because of these devices’ ability to offer zero feedback. Bone-anchored hearing aids can be used for both children and adults, although children under the age of 5 usually wear the hearing aids on a headband.


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A Look At Colonial Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance can prove to be a worthwhile investment, especially for the elderly. Health insurance plans can help the elderly get the professional health care they need, even when they don’t have the finances required for these services. This is why many people opt to invest in health insurance plans many years before retirement.


These days, there are numerous insurance companies that make health insurance plans available to those who need them. Included in the many health insurance options individuals have today are Colonial health insurance plans. Offered by an established insurance company in the US, these insurance plans aim to provide affordable health insurance both to the elderly and to the young market.


If you’re planning to get a health insurance plan, there are some important factors for you to consider. One such factor is the health insurance provider you’ll be choosing for your needs. It’s important for you to find an insurance provider that offers insurance plans with coverage options that match your needs in terms of health care. Aside from this, you may also want to look for health insurance providers that have proven track records when it comes to customer service. The provider should be able to answer all your questions and address all your concerns, even if you’re just shopping around for health insurance plans.


Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, for instance, has been in the insurance business for fifty years. The company first specialized in health insurance plans for the mature market. In 1968, Colonial Penn was one of the pioneers of life insurance plans that offered guaranteed acceptance for adults over the age of 50. The company has provided more than 800,000 policies during its existence. Colonial health insurance plans are offered through Banker’s Life and Casualty, an insurance provider that specializes in health insurance for the elderly.


Popular health insurance plans today include Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Prescription Drugs plans. Medicare supplement plans are intended as add-on plans to existing Medicare policies. Many of these supplement plans are renewable, so these can’t be cancelled once the policy is fully paid. Supplement plans for Medicare policies help policyholders with expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare. These expenses include the costs of ambulance use, required extended confinement, as well as co-insurance with doctors.


Medicare policyholders can also opt for Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans are ideal for Medicare policyholders who prefer to choose their own doctors. These health insurance plans also use a co-payment system for some professional medical services. These health insurance plans are included in Colonial health insurance plans that are offered only for policyholders enrolled in parts A & B of Medicare.


There are some Medicare Prescription Drugs plans allow policyholders to receive free medications for a set amount of time. Medicare policyholders are also usually eligible for these plans. Aside from these Medicare-related plans, there are also various health insurance plans available for individuals. These include insurance plans for long term care or home health care, and are not exclusive only for Medicare policyholders.


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Common Brain Tumor Symptoms in Women

Brain tumors account for many cancer-related deaths today. In women aged 20 to 39, brain tumors are the fifth leading cause for these deaths. There are certain types of brain tumors that more commonly occur in women than in men. Pituitary adenomas, for instance, are more common in women than in men. Meningiomas, or brain tumors in the meninges, also occur more frequently in older women.


Brain tumors can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including viruses, genetics, and environmental factors. No matter what the causes are, though, early detection is important in the surgical treatment of these tumors. Early detection and surgical removal prevents these tumors from spreading out to other parts of the body. That’s why it’s vital for women to watch out for these common brain tumor symptoms in women.


Symptoms indicating the development of brain tumors are usually dependent on the tumors’ location rather than their size. Women may experience severe symptoms even though the tumor is relatively small. Tumors in various areas of the brain can also manifest in different ways. The most common areas where brain tumors develop are the falx, the brain surface, and the sphenoid wing.


The falx is identified as the area between the left and right sides of the brain. Brain tumors growing in this area are often considered as meningiomas and are identified as parasagittal tumors. Parasagittal brain tumor symptoms in women include bilateral weakness in the legs. This may manifest in walking difficulties or balance problems. Poor coordination and numbness in the leg muscles may also be signs of brain tumor development in the falx region.


Brain tumors in women also commonly grow on the brain’s surface, near the front lobes. The presence of symptoms for these tumors may be dependent on the tumor’s size. A large brain tumor on the brain’s surface may cause symptoms such as severe headaches, seizures, muscular rigidity, and limb paralysis on one side of the body. Women should remember, though, that headaches aren’t the sole indicators of brain tumors. Headaches caused by brain tumors often manifest themselves along with other symptoms.


Brain tumors in the sphenoid wing develop on the area behind the eyes. These are also considered as meningiomas. For the sphenoid area, brain tumor symptoms in women include visual problems and numbness in the face. Visual problems associated with brain tumors usually concern involuntary eye movements, as well as visual impairment in one or both eyes. Blurring and visual hallucinations may also be experienced.


Brain tumors in women can also develop in the nerves located between the nose and the brain. Since these nerves affect your olfactory functions and abilities, tumors in the olfactory groove can affect the ability to smell. In some cases, the sense of smell is lost completely. Brain tumors growing along the brain’s underside can cause pressure on the cranial nerves upon growth. This causes the temporary loss of hearing. Depending on their location, brain tumors can also cause facial pain and facial spasms.


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Common Chia Seeds Side Effects

Although chia seeds are known to be a great omega-3 fatty acids source, there are some chia seeds side effects that are associated with the use of the dietary supplement.   However, most observed symptoms are only minor and can easily be treated and managed.  After all, since the earliest documented history, people have already been known to use chia seeds as a kind of endurance food.  To be always on the safe side, it is advisable to consult with a health care professional before using any dietary or food supplements.

Chia seeds are known to contain twice the amount of protein found in most other grains and seeds, and thrice the levels of antioxidants in blueberries.  They are also known to be packed with calcium, and contain the mineral known as boron which helps the body absorb and utilize calcium.  Chia seeds also have three times the amount of iron given by spinach, and contain twice the calcium content of a banana.  But chia seeds are best known for their good fats or essential fatty acids content.

Incorporating chia seeds into the regular diet will help enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods.  It is also known to provide help for people with gastritis, ulcer, GERD, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS.)  The dietary supplement is intended to complement regular treatments and medications for the said disorders, and not as the primary source of relief.

Studies tend to show that consumption of chia seeds in volumes can help bring down blood pressure in older people.  As chia seeds are also known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin B, proper caution must be exercised when using it in conjunction with other Vitamin B supplements as too much Vitamin B may have a negative effect on the body.

Although the use of the seeds as nutritional supplement is generally encouraged because of the massive health benefits one can potentially get from them, there are some concerns about possible chia seed side effects that may result from their use.  There are, however, no conclusive studies done yet that can conclusively link major side effects to the use of chia seeds and validate the concerns.

There are reports that increased flatulence can be a side effect of chia seeds consumption in big quantities.  This is probably because of the high fiber content of the seeds.  Likewise, people who are allergic to mustard seeds are observed to have negative reactions to the use of chia seeds as well.  Likewise, because chia seeds are known as an abundant source of potentially blood-thinning Omega-3, people who are taking aspirins and blood thinners, hemophiliacs, or those who are scheduled to undergo surgical procedures, must refrain from taking chia seeds.

Some experts also advise against the use of chia seeds in large quantities as this may have an addictive effect.  And although tests are not made on pregnant women, the use of chia seeds for expectant mothers is highly discouraged as it may result to chia seed side effects either on the mother or the baby, or both.

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Common Chest Cold Symptoms

Chest cold symptoms usually pertain to those manifested by a person afflicted with a contagious disease known as acute bronchitis.  The disease is often caused by a type of viral infection like influenza or an infection in the upper respiratory tract that crawls up to the lungs.  This then causes the hollow air passages in the lungs (bronchi and bronchioles) to inflame.   When the bronchioles and bronchi are infected and inflamed, symptoms of chest cold such as shortness of breath, fever, and wet cough that produces yellow or white phlegm, occur. 

Although they are observed to be most common during winter, chest colds can actually happen at any time during the year.   Infants, younger children, and older adults are most susceptible to the disorder affecting the respiratory system.  People with existing diseases of the lungs, smokers, and those who have prolonged exposure to lung irritants and air pollution are also at high risk of contracting chest cold.

When caused by a viral infection, chest cold is contagious and can spread from one person to another when the sick person talks, sneezes, or coughs.  These actions send contaminated droplets through the air which can then be inhaled by other people.  The risk of spreading or catching the disease can be prevented by avoiding contact with an afflicted person, avoiding exposure to lung irritants and air pollution, and covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, not smoking, and frequently washing the hands.

A multi-faceted treatment plan is normally used to treat chest cold, the implementation of which can vary depending on the patient’s medical history.  The more serious cases of chest cold can lead to pneumonia, a life-threatening disease.  It is therefore important that medical attention is sought once chest cold symptoms such as wet cough and fever are observed.  On the other hand, immediate medical care (a 911 case) is necessary if a person exhibits symptoms such as severe breath shortness, bluish coloration of the fingernails or lips, or changes in the level of alertness or consciousness.

Symptoms of chest cold are the result of the inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles caused by irritation or infection.  The severity of the symptoms will depend on the patient’s medical history, general health, and age.  The symptoms are generally mild for healthy adults.  However, more severe symptoms are seen in people with chronic illnesses like congestive heart failure or COPD.  They are also more severe in very old or very young people. 

Common Symptoms

A lot of people often confuse chest cold symptoms with those of allergies such as chest pains or tightness in the chest when coughing, chills, chest congestion, fatigue, fever, breath shortness especially with physical exertion, and loose and wet cough that comes with thick yellow or white phlegm.

Severe Symptoms

A simple chest cold can sometimes lead to more serious and life-threatening conditions like pneumonia.  People experiencing symptoms for such conditions must immediately seek medical care.  These chest cold symptoms include disorientation or confusion, changes in alertness or consciousness level, lethargy, gurgling throat sounds, labored and rapid breathing, moderate to severe breath shortness, high fever in excess of 101 degrees F, wheezing or a whistling breathing sound, and rapid pulse.

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The Average Multiple Myeloma Prognosis

A prognosis is the expression of a medical opinion as to the possible course and outcome of a particular disease; and a multiple myeloma prognosis involves the consideration of several factors – disease stage, presence of a particular immunoglobulin or antibody, and whether or not there is damage to the kidney. These factors will be considered along with various applicable case statistics in order to determine the possibility of multiple myeloma. 

No doctor, however, can say with certainty what the result will be for any specific patient.  As a prognosis is basically the odds that a patient has for recovery, and subsequent recurrence of the disease, it will depend on several things such as the location and type of the cancer; the extent to which the disease has spread or metastasized (cancer stage); how fast the cancer will spread and grow, and how abnormal they look (cancer grade); and the patient’s overall health, age, and treatment response.

In some cases, multiple myeloma does not manifest any symptoms.   In cases they do, the symptoms include pain in the bone, usually behind the ribs; bones easily break; fever outbreak for no apparent reason; frequent infections; weakness in the arms and legs; easy bleeding or bruising; appetite loss; feeling of tiredness; feeling thirsty and frequent urination; nausea or vomiting; constipation; and having difficulty thinking or mental confusion.

People facing the prospects of being diagnosed with multiple myeloma are expectedly concerned about the future.  However, understanding the disease can help the patients and their families as well, in preparing for any eventuality.  Together, they will need to plan about the various treatment options, their finances, and the lifestyle modifications they may need to make to cope with the cancer.

In considering a multiple myeloma prognosis, doctors carefully evaluate all the factors that may have an effect on the patient, all the treatment options, and the possible results that may happen.  However, these are only predictions based on researched information on people afflicted with the same type of cancer.  Whenever possible, information from cases of patients with the most similar situations will be used. 

Survival rate is a statistic indicative of the percentage of patients with a specific cancer type and stage who survive the disease for a particular time period after being diagnosed with the cancer.  Usually a 5-year survival period is used for statistical purposes.  A 5-year survival rate, for example, is the percentage of patients who are still living five years after the diagnosis regardless of whether they are totally free of the cancer, have few cancer symptoms left, or are currently receiving treatment.

What is important is to always keep in mind that a prognosis is only a prediction and even with a bleak multiple myeloma prognosis, a patient may still respond positively to treatment.  All the available information about the disease are used to analyze the various treatment options, and to determine which ones were proven to work better on past patients under similar conditions.  However, no two patients are exactly alike and no matter how similar the cases may be, treatment results for one person cannot be used to expect another person to respond the same way to the same treatment method.

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Postherpetic Neuralgia Treatment Options

Postherpetic neuralgia treatment usually comes in the form of antiviral agents used during the outbreak of acute herpes zoster.  Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a serious type of herpes zoster complication that is more commonly seen in older people, and is normally linked to considerable morbidity.  The disorder is known to cause fatigue, depression, and insomnia in people who have it.  Likewise, the patients’ day to day activities are affected as the disorder interferes with their normal motor functions.  Because of the pain, most patients are unable to work or perform their regular physical tasks.

Valacyclovir, acyclovir, and famciclovir are the most effective medications currently available that can be used for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia.  These three have all been clinically proven to help alleviate the pain that is normally associated with herpes zoster, and are known to lessen the time of the herpetic rash appearance.  They are also approved for use in herpes zoster treatment. Antiviral medications can produce the most positive results when taken within the first three days of the occurrence of the rash.

There are other PHN treatment options available including tricicyclic antidepressants (TCA), gabapentin, topical analgesics, and opoid analgesics.  In many cases, patients need a combination of various treatment modalities to sufficiently manage and relieve the pain caused by the disorder.  This is because PHN is complex and the treatment options vary, depending on the specific condition of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Just like most other chemical and synthetic types of medications, there are certain side effects that are associated with the use of the antivirals for postherpetic neuralgia treatment. This includes vomiting, headache, nausea, and abdominal pain.  However, these side effects are generally considered as low and only minor that can easily be managed.  Usually, they do not linger and will go away within several days.

Postherpetic neuralgia is one type of disease that can be extremely debilitating particularly if it afflicts older individuals.  However, the early application of the antivirals, specifically within the initial 72 hours from the rash onset, can do a lot to help the patient.  It is effective not only for the reduction of the duration of the rash, but more importantly, for the reduction of the PHN duration as well.

The treatment of postherpetic neuralgia starts with its early diagnosis, and the subsequent control and management of herpes zoster.  The other treatment options like topical and opoid analgesics, gabapentin, and TCAs are usually needed because a lot of patients continue to experience pain even with the timely use of the antivirals.  Unfortunately, no single therapy is found to be totally effective that is why the implementation of various treatment modalities is often necessitated.

Most of the therapeutic agents available are applied only after the rashes are already treated and the application of one or more of them (TCA, gabapentin, analgesics) together with the antiviral agents during the stage of acute herpes zoster infection will help for both pain alleviation, and for the proper postherpetic neuralgia treatment and prevention as well.

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Nellcor Pulse Oximeter Overview

The Nellcor pulse oximeter product line is intended to suit particular blood oxygen reading requirements of various hospitals and medical facilities.  The various models are relatively easy to use and accurate whether for use in the continuous monitoring of a single patient or for one-time testing of numerous patients.  With the introduction of the OxiMax technology, Nellcor is able to enhance the reading accuracy even more.

In the past, the important process of oxygen reading that involved measuring an arterial blood gas took all 30 minutes of lab work to complete before results are made available.  Now, it only takes five minutes to test, although this is only possible for spot checking, and not for the purpose of continuous monitoring.  Likewise, the procedure used then for taking arterial blood is invasive that makes it difficult to do for some patients including infants.

Whereas majority of pulse oximeter models are able to measure for 70% to 100% oxygenation only, Orimax’s Oximeter LoSat from Nellcor takes this a step further with its unique ability to take measurements for 60% to 100% which is unprecedented.  No other brand can match Orimax’s accuracy at such low levels of saturation.  Likewise, most technological improvements in the past focused mainly on the monitor unlike a Nellcor pulse oximeter that has a developed sensor that can be calibrated.  Because of this innovation, more sensor application options for the patients are made available by the pulse oximeter from Nellcor.

Generally, clinicians find it difficult to measure the blood oxygenation levels in some patients such as those whose extremities have low blood flow, those suffering from severe burns, or those with extremely sensitive skin where the use of traditional adhesive sensors is not possible.  In such cases, Nellcor sensors that are specifically calibrated can be utilized for the purpose of taking the oxygenation level measurements.  The unique calibration allows these sensors to accurately get readings even under the most difficult patient conditions.

Nellcor offers the OxiMax Soft Care (non-adhesive) and the OxiMax Max-Fast Forehead sensors for single patient applications.  These specifically-designed sensors are for the exclusive use of the various newly-introduced Nellcor pulse oximeter models that feature the revolutionary OxiMax technology.  Models from other manufacturers do not have the same capability.

Nellcor also has an answer to the portability requirements of some medical facilities especially for situations where spot checking is necessary.  The handheld OxiMax N-65 pulse oximeter from Nellcor with LoSat technology, among other models, is a good option.  The unit can easily be transported to the emergency room or loaded to an ambulance whenever necessary.  When used with an OxiMax sensor, it can be effective for both spot and continuous blood oxygen level checking to saturation levels as low as 60%, better than the 70% standard.

For continuous bedside and in-patient blood level monitoring, there are several Nellcor pulse oximeter models applicable that are all compatible with the OxiMax sensors.  This allows for a wide range of application options for different conditions that may require continuous monitoring of blood levels including those with movements.

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Basic Pycnogenol Side Effects

While pycnogenol remains to be useful and effective as a vitamin or dietary supplement, there are still claims that this has side effects that are extremely dangerous to one’s health when consumed. This substance has not been studied extensively by the scientists and researchers so there may still be unknown possible side effects. Pycnogenol has certain nutritional or medicinal values, and can be incorporated in one’s drink or food.

Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that some people turn out to be allergic to this ingredient, and so people should still remain cautious if in case these warning symptoms show up. The top four cases of pycnogenol side effects include stomach ache, headache, nausea or vomiting, and vertigo.

These symptoms are usually just light cases and can be prevented by eating before the intake of this medicine. Most of the time, people are caught unaware that some medicines require a person’s stomach to be full or at least contain food. From a few research results, it appears that pycnogenol is among the list of medicines which belong to this category.

In order to be safe, it is actually better to eat a light snack if you are in a rush to go outside or are too busy to eat a whole meal. This way, the medicine will not be the only thing ingested by your stomach. And if followed properly, the medicine will not turn out to be as strong as it should have been on the body.

There are actually many medicines on the market already which can be consumed without eating anything prior to it. However, if one’s body is not accustomed to the strength of the ingredient, the body may react negatively to it—such as the symptoms listed in the pycnogenol side effects.

If it is your first time buying pycnogenol, it would be wise to seek for advice from an expert regarding the matter. A good example would be a doctor, especially if it is the same doctor which recommended you to take pycnogenol. You can ask him or her questions with the assurance that what he or she will say is not a marketing deal.

If perhaps you bought pycnogenol for yourself and therefore, without the recommendation of your personal doctor, you might still want to ask for valuable information by talking to a pharmacist. Being around medicines all the time, they are sure to give you their experience on the product. Do people buy it often? Is it recommended by the customers? Are there any complaints regarding the product? If you are luck you might be able to dig for what you really want to ask, the pycnogenol side effects.

But if for some reason you cannot get recommendations and/or suggestions from either your personal doctor or your pharmacist, you still have other alternatives. One alternative would be to ask a friend who pycnogenol. You can ask him or her directly if there are any dangerous side effects that you should be aware of when ingesting the medicine. A friend’s recommendation should have no bias considering that he or she only values your health and safety first.

If you are really left with no choice, perhaps researching on the internet will give you the results you seek. But when researching, be careful and scrutinize the comments regarding pycnogenol side effects because some of these may end up to be critics who really have no first-hand experience with the product.

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Grapefruit Nutrition Facts To Help You Lose Weight

Many people who wish to have nutritious and vitamin-filled fruits refer to oranges and apples for their main source, but most do not actually consider these two fruits are as healthy as the grapefruit nutrition facts.

In fact, grapefruits are not even among one’s first few choices when naming a grapefruit. The more common ones, like orange, apple, banana, still dominate the minds of many. These fruits are undeniably healthy—however, for those who are interested in body fitness; these common fruits may not prove to deliver that ideal body.

In this case, grapefruits bring an edge regarding its nutrition value. Because as opposed to perhaps the popular vitamin c concentrate found in oranges or the potassium source in a banana, grapefruit nutrition facts show that its vitamins and minerals are more inclined to serve one’s fitness regimen.

Some people try to opt for the tried-and-tested exercise as a way to make their body healthier and fitter, but not everyone is capable of reaching their ideal body type or ideal body weight within a specific timeframe. And if they fail to reach their goals, they might be disheartened for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, some people fail to understand that exercise is more effective when combined with the intake of a nutritious fruit extract that can help boost one’s metabolism or release special enzymes which will help with faster weight loss. They think that in order to lose weight, it is either one takes up exercise or dieting only. Those who are certified health buffs and nutritionists would absolutely recommend the speedy results of utilizing these two weight loss tactics instead of choosing just one.

Now that you have understood the value of eating healthy, metabolism-boosting fruits, it is only a matter of choosing which fruit would be optimally efficient in helping you achieve your goal. And for this, one should always refer to the nutrition facts as described on the food, or in this case, fruit.

Through research, one will find that grapefruit nutrition facts actually serve the purpose of helping one’s body lose weight while remaining the skin to have a youthful, clear image. Aside from the nutrients that boost a healthier body, the grapefruit also contains the popular vitamins like lycopene, vitamin c, pectin, and beta-carotene.

Grapefruits are actually very nutritious and very delicious to one’s taste, if peeled and washed properly. To those who are reluctant to buy grapefruit because it may have never been a part of their diet, now is the time to widen one’s taste by including the grapefruit as a regular part of the meal.

The success of the grapefruit does not only rely from science’s claim of the effectiveness of grapefruit nutrition facts; it is also proven by various companies selling energy drinks and the like. The grapefruit is very remarkably efficient that its extract is included in slimming nutritional drinks for all ages.

And that is what sets the grapefruit dietary supplement apart from the slimming, body-fitting vitamins. The grapefruit can be consumed by anyone regardless of age, gender, and other categorizations. The grapefruit is easy to consume and one can buy it from the local grocery without spending too much money for it. Aside from that, it is also assured to be effective, as proven by the nutritionists as well as the fitness instructors and companies that use its extract. So if you are looking for an efficient yet inexpensive way to lose weight, the grapefruit may be able to help you.

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Different Midlife Crisis Symptoms

If you are in middle age, you need to understand midlife crisis symptoms for you to cope up with this condition. A midlife crisis is actually the attempt of a human’s mind to restart life to improve the outlook. This is experienced by between ages 40 to 60. It was first explained by Car Jung and is described as a normal process in ageing.

Most people will go through some sort of emotional changes during middle age. A change that could lead them to make them reflect their present situation and do some required adjustments to the way they are spending their lives. Most people have reported this case experiencing the transition smoothly without having any troubles. However, there are still cases where a midlife crisis is more complex. It can be troublesome in an emotional aspect of a person that can lead to depression and the need for psychiatric help.

Undergoing this condition is not about treatment of midlife crisis symptoms. To put it simply, this is not about going into process of cures and treatments. Rather this is a period of a man’s life in expanding their horizon. This is about transition of life to better fit where the emotion yearns.

A midlife crisis is a natural morphological and psycho social process of ageing. Even though some of the symptoms could indicate a procedure contradictory of ageing – at times a person needs to go back to lean forward. This can also be a form of enjoying since playing is indeed a way of education.

Everybody evolves within their life as they mature. The most suitable resolution to crisis is accepting the realities of life and study the methods of changes. Doing nothing is to let problems make up your mind on how you change. The problem still conjures up transformation, but it’s the external changes that a person no longer can handle and usually lead to damages. 

Another setback is that modern living is heavily based upon making money and personal goals instead of supporting principles. People are so alert in boosting their incomes and the next salary that they do not remember to embrace a life to their genuine personal truths.

Here are some of the most common midlife crisis symptoms

  1. Facing in the mirror and you find it hard to recognize your own image
  2. Feeling the necessity to quit a paying career
  3. Hard to explain bouts of stress and depression when performing tasks that used to be enjoying
  4. Reading about new beliefs, religions or new age ideas
  5. Transition in habits. Activities that used to bring happiness could be now wearisome.
  6. Not able to finish or focus on tasks that used to be easy to do
  7. Eagerness to escape from everything
  8. Longing for a better physique
  9. Moody feelings, irritability or sudden anger
  10. New allergies
  11. Desire for new physical activities
  12. Changes in musical preferences
  13. Yearning to play a new musical instrument
  14. Yearning to learn drawing, painting or writing poetry
  15. Less time for sleeping
  16. Contemplating death
  17. Changes of dietary requirements
  18. Changes in food preferences
  19. Addiction to shopping
  20. More time devoted in looking good

These are just some of the midlife crisis symptoms that you need to take note. If you need to learn more about midlife crisis, then you should consult a psychologist.

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Examining the In Vitro Fertilization Cost

If you have reached this article since you are worried about having your own child and want to know in vitro fertilization cost, then you don’t need to worry. There are millions of women around the world with the same case as you. Instead of worrying, most women with the same case look for ways to solve their infertility problems.

As long as you put your determination and willpower into IVF, bearing your own child is possible, especially due to the blessings of science. However, you need to review the in vitro fertilization cost since this is not a cheap medical procedure. This is a miraculous medical process that enables a woman to conceive a baby even after ligation or infertility.

Before you review the in vitro fertilization cost, you should know the procedure first. There are many medical procedures today for women to get pregnant and in vitro fertilization is just one of them. However, IVF has been found to be very effective that is why it became famous procedure used by many women today.

During IVF, the doctor will obtain egg cells from a woman and sperm cells from a man. These cells will then be united in specialized laboratories. If the egg cell is successfully fertilized, it will be implanted inside the uterus of the mother where it will develop naturally. The primary reason why this procedure is very effective is because it still undergoes the natural development of the baby inside a woman’s womb. It just aids the egg cells to be successfully fertilized.

If you are considering an IVF, you’re likely thinking about the in vitro fertilization cost. Even though the total price could change based on your certain situations, the basic expenses for IVF in the US is generally the same.

The average in vitro fertilization cost is $ 13,000. However, it can be blown to $ 15,000 or could be lesser as $ 10,000. These prices are for only one cycle of IVF.

If your doctor reveals that the IVF would only cost less than $ 10,000, you should ask what the other charges that you need to pay. You should take note if the total price includes drug purchases, examinations, blood transfusion and other procedures that are considered extra yet necessary for the fertilization to happen.

You should also remember that if you have frozen egg cells and sperm from a previous IVF, you can use them since it will greatly lower down the price as compared to a complete cycle with freshly harvested embryos. The usual cost if you have already frozen cells is about $ 3,000.

Although basic in vitro fertilization cost is about $ 13,000, if you are required to undergo certain procedures, the cost will definitely go up.  For example, if you want a faster fertilization, you may add $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 since the sperm will be directly injected to your egg. Also, if you want to store your extra embryos, you may need to pay charges for storage and maintenance.

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Chemistry Supplies – The Best Sources

Cleaning a chemistry lab could be a difficult task especially if you are not familiar with chemistry supplies. You should remember that in a chemistry lab, you could encounter all types of complications that come with maintaining the lab after experiments are done.

The primary reason is that regular detergents are not used since you have to be familiar with the substances and chemicals used during the lab work before you select what detergents to clean the surfaces and containers. You need to know the possible reactions between the chemicals and the detergents. Then you also need to use the detergents that will effectively clean the chemistry supplies. Some chemical spills are difficult to clean unless you use the correct repellent.

Another reason is that the standard of maintaining a chemistry lab you follow in a clean kitchen is not enough for a lab. Cleanliness in a laboratory includes sterilization of chemistry supplies even if no toxic substances were used during the experiment. You also need to ensure that there are no residue of detergents since it can have effects on the next experiments.

There are chemistry supplies that have made specifications for all types of cleaning conditions. To aid you save time and effort, there are glass scrubbers in different types for all sizes. They are different significantly from regular dishwashers in the layout of the frame. Sterilized racks and washers helps in cleaning and lessens the possibility of contaminations. Even those slim necked chemistry supplies can be totally cleaned by bristles that can reach all the portions of the flasks. Narrow pipes that are very impossible to clean manually can be cleansed through direct injection. 

There are brands of chemistry supplies that provides sorts of water pumps for rinsing and draining. These pumps can lessen contamination. The protocol programs provide the selections of a broad of washes and temperatures, as well as the timer delays. Separate racks can also be used for your customized needs.

Aside from these cleaning supplies, you should also look for washing powders and detergent liquid appropriate for lab cleaning. These often come with the washer rack you choose. You should also look for low foam cleaners, micro cleaners, acid repellents, enzyme detergents and surface cleansers that can all easily discard the residue of other acid or alkaline repellents.

For manual washing, you can get a foam covered glass cleaning bristles as well as all styles of brushes even with micro brushes to clean small parts. These are also available in elongated, formed or flexible styles and sizes for cleaning differently-shaped chemistry glassware such as pipettes and tubes.

A whole variety of brooms and brushes are also available for cleaning out the lab and surfaces. When the cleaning is done, you should sterilize all used tools and glassware.

In sterilization, you can use filter or ultraviolet sterilizers to effectively reduce the chances of contamination. Also, there are liquid sterilizers that you can use if you don’t have an ultraviolet sterilizer. Chemical vapors are also used to clean various chemistry supplies.


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