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Common Causes of Clavicle Pain

Clavicle pain is usually experienced if there is a fracture in the collar bone, or if you are injured in the shoulder, ribs or chest. This type of pain can also be a result of certain bone diseases. This condition is commonly known as collar bone pain, but for the sake of discussion let’s use the generally accepted medical term, which is clavicle pain.

The most common cause of clavicle pain is a fracture in the clavicle itself. In many cases, the clavicle is protected by hard bones. However, if it received a hard beating, a fracture can happen. The clavicle can also be fractured if there is a tension as a result of violent movements. Thus, it is one of the usual sports injuries experienced by wrestlers, football players, tennis players and other athletes who are into sports that require more movements using the clavicle. Falling on your shoulder can also create a tension on the clavicle that makes it fractured.

Clavicle pain can also happen when there is an injury in the muscles, tendons and ligaments within the collar bone area. This could happen from other fractures to these areas. For instance, degenerative arthritis in the neck area can damage nerves that can lead to neck pain and clavicle pain. Also, degenerative disc disease in the cervical spondylosis in the neck area can lead to neck pain stretching to the collar bone.

Unusual conditions including the spine, heart, lungs and diaphragm can also cause clavicle pain. Such examples conditions are:

  1. Fractured collar bone

Falling on your shoulder can cause your clavicle to be fractured. This is certainly usual when athletes accidentally injure themselves.

  1. Inflammation of the Bursa or bursitis

A bursa is a pod situated over the joints providing a soft cushion to the joints and muscles. If worn out, bursa can swell leading to bursitis that can be also a cause of clavicle pain.

  1. Heart problems

Specifically, heart attacks can result to neck and clavicle pain. This is also called as referred pain.

  1. Fractured shoulder blade

A fracture to the shoulder blade is normally linked with a very strong shock or tension in the clavicle causing excruciating pain.

  1. Damage in the rotator cuffs

The rotator cuff is a bundle of tendons that fortifies the shoulder. These tendons can be fractured during tensions, when doing strenuous activities involving a lot of repetitive motions.

  1. Shoulder separation

Often called as the A-C separation, the clavicle and the shoulder blade could separate when the connecting ligaments are fractures causing pain in the shoulder blades and clavicle.

  1. Whiplash fracture

Fracture to the ligaments and muscles in the neck and collar bone are can be caused by abrupt motion such as during automobile accidents.

  1. Inflammation of the Tendon

Swelling of the tendons or medically known as tendonitis can also cause clavicle pain. The tendons link the muscles to the bones. Due to stress, the tendons can be inflamed resulting to pain.

  1. Any cause of swelling in the abdomen area can also result to clavicle pain.
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Finding the Best Phonak Hearing Aids Prices

If you are looking for premium quality hearing aids, it is very beneficial for you to compare phonak hearing aids prices to get the best deal. Certain phonak hearing aids comes with an easy to use diagnostic device to determine your accurate level of hearing and the suitable position to put the device.

Basically, you can put the hearing aid behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC) and entirely in the canal (CTC). This is very efficient since you can choose the design and the necessary adjustments according to your needs. Each design, each style has its own price range. 

All phonak hearing aids are devised to discard whistling. This serves as a hearing filter so that you can maximise sound reception. Also, it is interesting to note that even though phonak hearing devices are more expensive than other brands, you can still save money since the battery lasts longer, it has bigger memory and optimized with auto phone adaptability and data logging. You can also sign-up for a free 1 year free trial.

Phonak hearing aids prices are featured on different auction sites and because of the discounted selling prices, they often do not reveal the price of these hearing aids. You need to send them an inquiry and request a quote to give you a price range.

With the recent trends in digital technology, innovations and adjustments in the production of hearing aids has been noted. For example, the customary ear trumpet was used in hearing aids similar to a minimal box that would be affixed to your neck all day long. This is often called the body fit hearing aid.

Then the optimized hearing aids came, which have been noted to be large and crude, but installed into your ear and the microphone near your mouth. This was considered a significant advance in the field of hearing aids. Then aesthetics was considered in the production of hearing aids. The analog hearing aids were produced that have been the precursor devices to stylish listening devices.

Also, analog hearing aids that can be programmed came. This trend change the technology of listening aids, giving added clarity, filtering sounds, dual microphones and precise audio power. Usually, the more advance the technology used in the production of hearing aids, the higher the price. Thus, with the careful process of producing the product, phonak hearing aids prices is normally a bit more expensive than other brands of hearing aids.

Aside from this, you can also enjoy beneficial accessories such as the remote controlled hearing aids, which you can easily change the volumes and programs for clearer sound quality. Phonak hearing aids employ wireless communications technology to help you hear better when you are at a noisy environment.

With more than an decade of providing the benefits of better hearing, Phonak offers great selections of hearing aids to perfectly match a client’s needs. This brand is of premium quality, top compatibility and most compatible with transceiver devices. You just need to compare Phonak hearing aids prices for you to get the best deal online.

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Sores On Scalp May Be A Sign Of A Disease

If you love your hair, prevent the possible grow of sores on scalp! Hair is called the “crowning glory” of a person because it is a very customizable part of our body, specifically the head, which can be decorated according to our own whims and quirks. The hair is usually styled, and this is why hairstylists were created and continue to be in business.

Having a hair is not just enough for most people—it should be luxurious, full of volume and color, and soft to the touch. Those which do not have these characteristics are usually unhappy with how their hair looks like and they want to aspire for an ideal hair image.

Even celebrities are in the hairstyling craze, in fact. They are as obsessed with the latest hairstyle trend or the latest hair color as they are obsessed with the latest fashion. So to look for inspiration or sources of the latest hairstyle, one can refer to the celebrities, whether male or female.

Since it is established that hair should be well-kept and groomed, there are accompanying anxiety moments regarding one’s hair as well. What if suddenly, one day, you suddenly have sores on scalp? That would be such an unfortunate thing to happen not only for the sake of appearance.

Aside from fearing that other people will laugh at your sores on scalp, it might actually be already a symptom of an even more dangerous disease that has spread already to different parts of the body. Or perhaps, it is the result of an allergy that you have not noticed.

Then again, it could actually be the result of a continued hairstyle or hair color change. Some celebrities go through this constant change, which is not recommended for anyone’s scalp because of the strong chemicals that are introduced to the scalp every time a person changes his or her hair.

If there are painful or itchy parts in the scalp, do not hesitate to check it in the mirror or ask a friend to do an immediate check-up on your head. These might actually get infected when exposed to outside air, so make sure that these sores are treated immediately or referred as soon as possible to the doctor.

Consulting a doctor regarding the itchy parts on a person’s scalp will surely help in deciphering if the matter is a hairstyle mishap or an impending symptom for a dangerous disease. If it is the first option, then it would be wise to stop using strong chemicals for one’s hair in order to let the skin re-grow itself. There are many other ways on how to restyle the hair without dousing the scalp on too many chemicals.

However, if it is the latter, then you should consult your doctor on the source disease–whether it was bacterial, viral, or from a fungi—and see to it that it will be cured. Your doctor should have the right cure for this kind of sore, and it will most likely be found in your local drugstore.

It is important to keep one’s body healthy at all times. There are times when rashes appear on one’s skin, and there are times when there are illnesses hidden under it. Like the sores on scalp, these diseases or symptoms of ailments should not be treated lightly and instead cured as early as possible to prevent fatal effects on the person.

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Medline products promise to give you a healthier life

Health is one of the most important facets in our life and it is through medicine that we can continue living our daily lives without worry.  But one should not just put his or her trust in any medical company which sells equipments and other products–one should place their faith into a company which already has a reputation for its quality care as seen in their services. And with this, medline products will certainly fit the bill.

What do medline products have that other companies do not? With medline, the medical equipments are carefully created and rechecked so that no equipment or product will be of poor quality. They value not only the quality of medical products but also the quality lifestyle that should be emulated by all people.

Many companies offer medical products that are seemingly cheaper than those offered by medline, but these items may turn out to be substandard in quality. Be wary of these cheap offers or sales that persuade you into buying their items without a warranty or a sample.

And if one has already decided to purchase the cheaper version of the product and it goes haywire, more money will be spent on hospitalization bills and medicine fees for perhaps, a tetanus shot from a rusty injection or a bone fracture from a hospital bed that collapsed. You can never be too sure with these suspicious and cheap materials being sold.

So why go for quantity when you need quality? It may be an appealing thought for hospital executives to consider the cheapest product being sold to be used as the hospital’s medical equipment, but keep in mind that these items not only have to be safe but also secure and sturdy. Even if these products are indeed clean, are they sturdy enough to be used for a longer span of time or will they break when used multiple times?

Some medical-manufacturing companies use this strategy in order to get more customers in a shorter span of time as opposed to those which sell high-quality products. Nevertheless, their unfair strategy should not be patronized because they are one step short of selling poor-quality materials.

But with medline products, quality healthcare is already in your hands. They offer various products, ranging from anesthesia, durable hospital beds, gloves, surgical face masks, hand soaps and liquids, materials for incontinence, gowns, and wound care. Their products are affordable without sacrificing any amount of quality.

To find these high-quality products from medline, you might want to visit their website for the list of their medical materials. The website is user-friendly and you will be able to see various designs and customizations of these items. They also have a brief and accurate description of all their products on the website to give you a better insight on what these materials do.

Medline products promise to offer only the highest quality care that their products can offer for their customers who deserve nothing but the best. Medline ensures the safety of your lives, as it is their promise in order to promote a better life.

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Alcachofa Diet For A Natural Weight Loss

Many people have tried looking for their ideal weight loss method through exercise or taking dietary supplements—but all of these are not as effective as the alcachofa diet. This diet is supremely effective while remaining to be completely healthy for anyone to ingest.

The alcachofa diet is based from the artichoke plant which means that the ingredients used in the creation of the dietary supplement are one hundred percent all-natural. In fact, it is so natural that you are certain that your health will not be endangered by other chemicals which may prove to be hazardous to your health.

Some people try to go on diets which are of course, cheaper in methods. An example of this is by exercising regularly. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of losing weight from exercise alone. To those who are weaker in body strength, they would find it more difficult to handle the whole exercise regimen and thus, give up in a short time.

In the end, these people might end up being ridiculed for their incapacity to lose weight. Of course, those who criticize them do not actually understand that their bodies are more difficult to adapt even in the face of exercise. Some bodies tend to sweat at a faster rate than others. Some tend to lose weight in a shorter span of time than others do—but these critics do not see these possibilities.

For someone who is terribly worried about his or her weight, perhaps a better option would be to lose it by lessening one’s food intake, also called as “dieting”. They follow the strict diets of eating—perhaps not just more than a couple of bites or just drinking water for the whole day. Sad to say, this regimen is extremely dangerous and if not corrected immediately, could cost someone his or her life.

But thanks to the scientists and researchers who went back to the wonders of natural cure, the rediscovery of various plant medicines are rising into popularity once more. Many diseases and illnesses of different kinds and degrees are now being cured not only with man-made medicine but also with plants’ natural healing powers.

As for the problem of weight loss, it is important to consider the fact those chemicals-turned-into-supplements, while remaining to be extremely effective, may turn out to be dangerous to one’s health. There may be unacknowledged or undiscovered side effects regarding these so-called vitamins and once these side effects prove to be fatal, it will only be far too late to cure it.

Why spend and waste your money on these dietary supplements that while effective, can pose great threat to your health? Instead of this, use the natural dietary wonders of the alcachofa. For those who are wondering, alcachofa is the Spanish word for artichoke–so you are certain that this plant source of your vitamins is not a suspicious genetically-modified organism (GMO) or anything similar to it.

The magic of the alcachofa diet lies in the alcachofa extract. If for others, the dietary supplements try to attack all the fats in one’s body, the alcachofa extract goes to the brain and releases hormones so that the body and the mind will have a notion of not being as hungry as they usually are.

Thus, for those who are interested in a safer method of losing weight without endangering his or her life, try the diet from alcachofa extracts to see remarkable results within several weeks. And to those who prefer an even speedier one, the alcachofa diet can also be used alongside one’s exercise regimen.

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Common Zyflamend Side Effects

What is Zyflamend? What are the Zyflamend side effects? Zyflamend is the newest pain reliever drug in the market. It is use to sooth inflammatory conditions. What makes this anti-inflammatory drug different from the others is that it is composed of ten natural herbs. Zyflamend is safer to use than any typical medication.

Zyflamend is composed of the following herbs:

• Hu Zhang – has antioxidant properties

• Tumeric – this has curcumin which can help in reducing inflammation

• Green tea extracts – is good in reducing the cox-2enzymes that causes the inflammation. Also works as anti – oxidant.

• Ginger – has anti-inflammatory

• Holy Basil works as detoxifying agent

• Oregano – anti –bacterial

• Chinese Goldthread

• Rosemary – works as digestive aid

• Barberry – boost immune system

• Scutellaria – has anti-cancer

The medical research for Zyflamend was lead by reputable institutions such as Columbia University. As of now, many doctors are recommending this anti – inflammatory drug to their patients. However, due to the newness in the market, Zyflamend has a long way to go in terms of research and studies. As any other medication, Zyflamend have side effects.

Here are some of the common Zyflamend side effects:

Some of the herbs used may cause abdominal discomfort. Some of the known discomfort includes:

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting


• Bloat

• Loss of food appetite

Aside from the common Zyflamend side effects, other known discomforts are:

• Insomnia

• Dizzy

• Restlessness

• Allergies

Due to Zyflamend side effects, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding should not take Zyflamend, as there are no clear studies about the effects to infants. Likewise if you are taking a medication about certain illness, you have to you doctor or healthcare provider if it is safe for you to drink Zyflamend. There are no clear studies on how Zyflamend reacts to certain medications. However, some studies show that Zyflamend can affect the blood thinner medications.

Meanwhile, some people lessen their dosage to cut possible dosage. The recommended dosage of Zyflamend is once or twice a day. Depending on the severity of the ailment, your doctor may prescribe it as once a day especially if they are prescribing it as dietary supplements. Some doctor’s view it as dietary supplements instead of a medicinal tablet.


Zyflamend is a medical breakthrough because it works as Vioxx minus the side effects. It can detoxify the liver and lessen the inflammation, which are associated with arthritis. An herbal pill that works as anti-inflammatory is a better alternative than other drugs with severe side effects. Some also consider it as anti-aging and detoxifying agents and it is use to promote good cardiovascular functions.


However, like any other medication, do not take Zyflamend without your doctor’s approval particularly if you have an existing chronic illness. The doctor will decide if the Zyflamend side effects will outweigh its medicinal benefits. Likewise, Zyflamend is still a new drug; it still needs further studies for its benefits and side effects for long-term use.


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Baby Teeth Order – What Order Do Baby Teeth Come In

Baby’s teeth actually begin while you are conceiving it but you may not see the first tooth until your baby reach six months. Primary teeth are often called baby teeth, but since it is not yet developed, you cannot really see them but they are already beneath the gums. Are you wondering which teeth will come out first? Are you familiar with baby teeth order?

It is important that as parent you know the baby teeth order so you know what to expect. Here is the baby teeth order: What order do baby teeth come in…

  • Incisors are also known as front teeth. Usually baby’s teeth come out in pairs. Incisors in the underside will be the first ones, then, followed by another two. Incisors in the bottom will appear in six months while the top two teeth will show in 8th month.
  • Lateral incisors – are normally found near the central incisors. It normally appears on the 9th month. The superior lateral incisors will come first, then next by the underside lateral incisors.
  • First molars – Next to rupture are the first molars. Molars usually come out in the thirteenth month. After molars, canines will follow.
  • Canine – canine teeth is near the lateral incisors. They are usually used for eating solid foods. You can expect this to come out on the 16th month.
  • Second molars – this are often called second molars as they usually appear upon reaching two years of age.
  • First permanent molars these sets of molars are not included in baby teeth as they are already the first permanent teeth. It appears when they reach six years of age.

Now that you know baby teeth order of your infant, you also have to know the signs and symptoms of teething. Normally, teething is a discomfort stage in your infant’s life and they are not all the same for infants. Some starts as four months while there are some who will develop their teeth later. Gum discomfort develops which it may seem swollen and reddish. There is blood blister in the area where tooth will come out. The process of tooth eruption is not all the same. Some tooth may bring more discomfort than the rest of other teeth.

Some symptoms of teething include:

  • Restlessness
  • Sleeplessness due to discomfort
  • Redness of the gum
  • Less appetite
  • Drooling

Some infants develop fever during teething but it is not part of any symptoms of teething. If temperature is high, you may consult your doctor.

Typically teething symptoms varies from each teeth eruption. The first sets of molars are painful for your child while the others can show mild discomfort. It is important that you know these teething symptoms so you know when to call your doctor.

If other symptoms also seem like diarrhea, high fever or excessive drooling occurs, then you have to visit the doctor to rule our any serious disorders.

It maybe hard for mothers to see the discomfort due to teething but do not worry as the discomfort usually passes after the teeth erupts.

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How To Find Walking Sticks for Sale

Walking sticks had been around before medical machines and breakthroughs. It is a walking agent for the elders and anyone who needs aid in walking. However, not all people are familiar with walking sticks. They just keep looking around on stores with board signs of walking sticks for sale but they are not familiar with what they are looking for.

In the past, walking sticks symbolize class and superiority. One who uses is deem scholarly and has great wisdom. However, today, it is use as a walking agent and support for added mobility.

However, you should know something about walking sticks before buying one. Do not just jump on the first store that advertises walking sticks for sale.

In buying, you have to name your purpose. Why do you plan to buy? Will you use it as a walking agent? If you plan to use walking sticks to aid you in walking, then you may just buy an ordinary and regular walking for you. However, if you plan to use it to help you in moving, then a more properly sized walking stick is what you need. A wrong size of walking stick may not be able to help you in your mobility. An ordinary walking stick is suitable for you to put rest the wrists, but it will not totally help you in moving.

Second, choose the material that you want for your walking sticks. The material will depend on your personal preference about style and comfort. If you want, stylish, good designer walking sticks may be good for you. Alternatively, you may choose vintage walking sticks. Vintage walking sticks are also popular for the elders who prefer style and design.

However, it may be impractical for daily use for moving around. If you are looking for functionality, then you may consider a modern walking stick. Modern sticks are lightweight for use and it is more practical to use.   Almost all stores who sell walking sticks for sale have different kinds of walking sticks for you.

Now, you may also choose the typed of the walking sticks for sale. Try to check the head and the footing of the walking sticks. You may choose between straight handles and J-curved handles, which both cater to different needs. The walking sticks with straight head bring more comfort but the J-curved handle is a favorite for especially for the elders because it can give an extra hand. You may hook things on is head which cannot be done with an ordinary cane. In footing, you may choose whether you prefer the walking stick with three or four pronged sticks. The pronged sticks is recommended for those who just recovered from any accidents and strokes.  However, to use it for aesthetic reasons, then you may opt for an ordinary walking stick without the added support.

Before you buy walking sticks for sale, you have to decide on the choices above before you go to the store as you may quite confuse when you face a couple of walking sticks around.

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What are Egg Allergy Symptoms?

What is Egg allergy? What are the egg allergy symptoms? Eggs are normal staple in our table, from scrambled eggs in breakfast to sumptuous salad in dinner.

Eggs are favorite and healthy food for everyone but not all people can enjoy this delicious food. Some people overreact to proteins present in eggs. The over sensitivity to eggs is called egg allergy.

The body sees the protein as harmful and to fight it off, the body releases antibodies like immunoglobulin E.  That is why a person sensitive to eggs develops an allergic reaction. Though medical studies show, that people tend to react to the egg yolks instead of the white part of eggs. Egg allergy is more common in children under the age of five but they simply outgrown it after. However, there are rare cases that egg allergy also develop in adults.

Symptoms of egg allergy usually appears a couple of minutes to an hour after eating eggs. Here are some egg allergy symptoms:

  • Skin rashes
  • Hives or swelling
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pains
  • Nausea

In some cases of egg allergy, anaphylaxis is developed. It is a severe threatening reaction, which actually blocks the nasal airways thus making the person hard to breath.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis are:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Fast pulse rate
  • Swollen throat
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Faint
  • Anaphylactic Shock

If some of these signs develop, go to emergency hospital for an epinephrine shot. In addition, if you already have a history of developing egg allergy symptoms, then you should always be ready with a medication, do not wait for the severe reaction to take place.

The best thing to do to avoid egg allergy symptoms from developing is to avoid all products, which contain eggs. However, this is tough challenge because eggs are found in almost all food preparations.

Not all people are risk with egg allergies. However, some are higher at risk to develop sensitivity to eggs. Some of these groups are:

  • Family history – if there is a history of food allergies in one or both parents.
  • Age – egg allergy is common in children but most cases outgrown their allergies as they grow older.
  • Eczema – people who have eczema are more likely to react with eggs.

It is important that you consult with your doctor, of egg allergies especially if it develops in children because if not treated properly, other complications may arise.

Other egg allergy complications may include:

  • Asthma
  • Peanut allergy
  • Milk allergy
  • Asthma

To avoid egg allergy symptoms, try to cut these foods from your menu:

  • Salad dressings
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cakes
  • Pasta

You also need to check if your child is developing reaction to chickens because there are some cases that, when a child is allergic to eggs, there are also sensitive to chickens. If you are also planning to have flu vaccination for you or your child, you have to tell the doctor because flu vaccinations contain egg proteins to which your body may react.

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Common Ubiquinol Side Effects

Ubiquinol is regarded as one of the most important chemical substances in the human body. The substance is a form of coenzyme Q10, an oil-soluble substance that’s naturally produced in cells. Ubiquinol is a vital component in aerobic cellular respiration, being responsible for producing most of the human body’s energy. Production of ubiquinol in the body can slow down as a person ages.

Given the importance of ubiquinol, ubiquinol supplements comprise one type of popular dietary supplements today. These nutritional supplements are usually taken by adults whose bodies need help in the production or absorption of coenzyme Q10. The supplements are said to have antioxidant and anti-aging effects, and are said to enhance energy, as well. Despite these benefits, there are still some known ubiquinol side effects.

These side effects vary depending on the health of the individual taking the supplements. The side effects of ubiquinol on healthy adults can be considered as minor. Ubiquinol supplements can cause temporary gastrointestinal problems such as loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. Fatigue and muscle weakness, along with other flu-like symptoms, can also be brought about by the consumption of these supplements. There are also reports of users experiencing skin rashes and nausea.

In some cases, ubiquinol supplements are also said to have caused dizziness and light sensitivity in the eyes. Upper abdominal pain, insomnia, heartburn, and increased feelings of irritability and tiredness are also common side effects of ubiquinol supplements. These side effects are usually mild in most healthy adults, as these subside without treatment.

Ubiquinol side effects can be considered more serious in adults who suffer from health conditions and take prescription medicine for these conditions. Ubiquinol has known side effects on users who have diabetes or problems with regulating blood sugar levels. Like other coenzyme Q10 supplements, ubiquinol can cause a decrease in the body’s blood sugar levels. Users who suffer from hypoglycemia or diabetes are recommended to consult a health care provider before taking ubiquinol supplements.

Ubiquinol, as a form of coenzyme Q10, can also cause dips in blood pressure. This is why ubiquinol supplements must be used with caution, especially if the individual taking the supplements already takes medication for high blood pressure. In some cases, side effects of ubiquinol supplements may extend to organ damage in users with heart disease. These cases ensue when oxygen flow to the organs is obstructed.

Ubiquinol side effects are also apparent in users who also take prescription medicine that slows down blood clotting. Coenzyme Q10 supplements can enhance blood clotting in the body, possibly counteracting the effectiveness of these medicines. For safety, individuals taking blood-clotting medicine are recommended to consult their doctors before taking ubiquinol or other coenzyme Q10 supplements.

The benefits of taking ubiquinol supplements, however, somewhat outweigh these supplements’ side effects. These supplements are taken by many adults for these substances’ anti-aging and antioxidant effects, as well as their reported benefits of reducing the frequency of migraines. There have also been studies reporting the effects of ubiquinol supplements’ ability to slow the effects of early-stage Parkinson’s disease.

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Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis – Can You Handle It

Small cell lung cancer is one of the major classifications of lung cancer. Although small cell lung cancer occurs less frequently, it is known to be one of the most aggressive classifications of lung carcinoma today. This type of lung cancer spreads so quickly throughout the body that there are only two stages for it: limited and extensive. Small cell lung cancer prognosis is usually poor, and only a small percentage of patients with extensive small cell lung cancer survive past a year.

Smoking is a leading cause for almost all types of lung cancer, and this activity is the culprit for most cases of small cell lung cancer. Even past smokers can get small cell lung cancer. A physician should be consulted in the presence of symptoms of persistent painful coughing, shortness of breath, or double vision.

Cancer cells usually appear in the lungs’ bronchi, and then spread to other organs in the body. These cancer cells are highly capable of multiplying rapidly and spreading throughout the body, making small cell cancer cell far more difficult to treat compared to other types of cancer. In the limited stage, small cell lung cancer affects only one lung and the lymph nodes on the lung’s side of the body. In the cancer’s extensive stage, both lungs are affected as well as other organs.

Small cell lung cancer cells also have the ability to form large tumors and metastasize. These cells use lymph nodes to reach other parts of the body, such as the bones and the liver. In many cases, the cancer is spread out throughout the body before it’s diagnosed, leaving limited options for treatment. This is why small cell lung cancer prognosis is often poor, even for patients who are in the cancer’s limited stage.

As with other types of lung cancer, treatment for small cell lung cancer includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy. For many cases, a combination of these treatments is used to eradicate small cell lung cancer cells. Combination chemotherapy is also proven to be effective at improving a patient’s chances of survival from limited-stage small cell lung cancer. Surgery isn’t usually an option for this type of cancer, but tumors that are found only on one lung can be removed through surgery.

With treatment, the five-year survival rate for small cell lung cancer at its limited stage is said to be at about 14%. This type of cancer, although uncommon, can also recur in formerly treated patients. The prognosis for small cell lung cancer becomes even worse during recurrence, with treatment options limited to palliative therapy and other treatments to relieve pain. Patients who experience relapse from small cell lung cancer typically survive only up to three months.

To date, small cell lung cancer remains to have the quickest clinical course of all other types of cancers. If left untreated, individuals with this type of cancer can survive only up to ten months after the cancer spreads. To improve small cell lung cancer prognosis, clinical trials are being held for possible new treatments and the improvement of current treatments.

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NHS Hearing Aids – What You Should Know

Hearing impairment afflicts many people in the world today. This can be caused by many factors, including genetics, physical trauma, or even diseases and illnesses such as meningitis and measles. Many technologies and devices have been invented for the improvement of many individuals’ hearing abilities, but few have surpassed the effectiveness of hearing aids.

A hearing aid can benefit a hearing-impaired individual by amplifying sounds and making them clearer. These aids, though, aren’t capable of restoring the hearing abilities of hearing-impaired people. Despite the effectiveness of hearing aids, though, many remain wary of using these devices. Some are put off by the hearing aid’s bulky appearance, while others are discouraged by the costs of purchasing hearing aids.

If you live in the UK, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily get hearing aids through the National Health Society. NHS hearing aids are available for people who have been prescribed for these devices after going through a test to confirm hearing loss. These hearing aids are often customized to perfectly fit the wearer, and can be claimed two to three appointments after prescription.

These hearing aids can last for up to five years. Hearing aids from the NHS are given to individuals on loan, free of charge. The NHS covers the costs for battery changes and maintenance. However, individuals whose hearing aids have to be replaced may be asked to contribute to the costs of replacement. For the convenience of hearing-impaired individuals, the NHS offers digital, behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Most NHS hearing aids today are of the digital type, which contains a miniature computer for sound processing. This technology is what allows the hearing aid to function efficiently despite use in various environments. Using these hearing aids, individuals can hear properly both in rooms with loud noises and rooms that are quiet.

Hearing aids from the NHS are classified as behind-the-ear hearing aids. These hearing aids have miniature molds, a tube, and a case. Housing the amplifier for the hearing aid, the case is secured behind the ear while the tube connects the case to the mold in the ear. The earmold contains the receiver or speaker, which transmits the sounds into the wearer’s ear. Behind-the-ear hearing aids usually work great for individuals with mild to medium degrees of hearing loss.

For added convenience, some of these hearing aids are also multi-directional, allowing the wearer to choose from listening to a wide range of sounds or focusing on sounds from a particular direction. This comes in handy if the wearer finds himself in a noisy environment.

Hearing aids NHS are often highly customized for the wearer, to prevent the wearer from being self-conscious due to the hearing aid. In some cases, the NHS offers hearing device types that are hardly visible to other people. There are also options for people who want to consider their hearing aids as fashion accessories. These hearing aids are available in a wide variety of colors, aside from colors that match the complexion of the wearer.

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Toxoplasmosis Symptoms: What to Watch Out For

Toxoplasmosis symptoms are not very well-known. For this reason, it is essential to familiarize yourself with them in order to understand whether you or your loved ones may be at risk.

            First of all, what is toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is a disease that is caused by toxoplasmosis gondii, a type of parasite that can be found in uncooked meat and cat excrement.

            The following are the types of toxoplasmosis and the symptoms to watch out for with each one:

            Acute toxoplasmosis is a condition wherein toxoplasmosis physically manifests. During the first couple of months after contraction of the parasite, the person may experience flu-like symptoms including the following:

  • ·         Fever
  • ·         Swollen lymph nodes, particularly common at the neck, armpits and groins – These often occur at single sites in adults and multiple sites in children. In 60% of all cases, the swelling disappears within one to two months. The healing period ranges from 2-4 months in 25% of all cases. About 8% of the cases, on the other hand, take 4-6 months to heal.
  • ·         Muscle aches and pains

            Acute toxoplasmosis symptoms are worse in immuno-challenged people such as AIDS patients and those undergoing chemotherapy. These patients usually suffer from serious complications such as brain and eye damage. In rare cases, even patients with fully functional immune systems have been known to suffer eye damage. In babies who contract the disease from their mothers, the most common effect is nasal malformation.

                        Latent toxoplasmosis occurs most of the time when the person who contracts the   parasite is not immuno-challenged. This is when toxoplasmosis is contracted but does not             physically manifest, except as invisible cysts in muscle and nerve tissue. In these cases,      the person is infected but does not know it. Infected babies may exhibit no symptoms at    birth but may develop symptoms later.

                        Cutaneous toxoplasmosis is a more severe type of toxoplasmosis. Here, skin           lesions appear on the patient. This is a rare form of the disease.

            Toxoplasmosis has also been linked to psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Studies have shown that schizophrenics are more likely to have an elevated level of the toxoplasmosis gondii antibodies than non-schizophrenics. This link is most probably attributable to the fact that dopamine deprivation has long been known to cause schizophrenia, and toxoplasmosis gondii contains an enzyme that limits dopamine production.

            To prevent exposure to toxoplasmosis gondii, avoid handling and ingesting raw meat, cat feces and gardening, because cat excrement is commonly found in garden soil. For cat owners, exposure may be prevented by emptying the litter box every day.

            If you or someone you care about is exhibiting toxoplasmosis symptoms, it is important to see a doctor right away and have it treated. Pregnant women in particular should take special care in avoiding toxoplasmosis, so as not to pass on the disease to their child. However, if they have already contracted it, having themselves treated during the pregnancy will still significantly lessen the possibility that they will pass it on to their unborn babies.

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Important Nattokinase Side Effects

Before you or your loved one start taking nattokinase, make sure that you are aware of its nature as well as possible nattokinase side effects. There is no substitute for sufficient information.

            Nattokinase is an enzyme that is produced by a soybean called natto, which looks like blue cheese and is a popular breakfast food in Japan. Nattokinase is extracted from fermented natto. It has been used as for many years and has been thought to be effective in addressing blood clots and preventing strokes and heart attacks, which result from abnormal blood clots. Nattokinase is believed to do this by dissolving the fibers that make up blood clots.

            Aspirin and Coumadin, which also work on blood clots, work differently. While nattokinase is said to dissolve fibers in the blood clot, aspirin works on blood clots by reducing the viscosity of the blood. Coumadin, on the other hand, prevents blood clots from forming. For many years, nattokinase has been thought of as a suitable substitute for aspirin.

            In recent years, however, some very serious nattokinase side effects have come to the surface. These are the following:

  • ·         Internal bleeding – Nattokinase, when used with other anti-stroke drugs like aspirin and Coumadin, may cause internal bleeding. There have been recorded cases of patients who suffered from brain hemorrhage after they took a combined dose of nattokinase with aspirin for a week. These cases have even appeared on medical journals.

Similarly, combining nattokinase with other herbs whose purpose is to prevent blood clots has also been shown to cause bleeding. Herbs with blood-thinning properties include ginger, gingko biloba, garlic, anise, bogbean, angelica, danshen, turmeric, horse chestnut, white willow and red clover.

  • ·         Hypotension – Another side effect that may be caused by nattokinase is extremely low blood pressure. Typically, a patient with hypertension takes prescription drugs for it. These drugs, when combined with nattokinase, produce abnormally low blood pressure in the person. Hypotension is just as dangerous as hypertension, in that it may also lead to a stroke.

Theoretically, when nattokinase is taken with herbs that lower blood pressure such as black cohosh, raises the risk of hypotension.

  • ·         Bruising – Nattokinase, theoretically, may also cause bruising because of its anticoagulant properties.

            Some doctors are wary of nattokinase for the reason that it might have effects on the body that are yet unknown. According to them, nattokinase has not undergone enough testing, for the results to be conclusive.

            If you’re thinking of taking nattokinase for your blood pressure, or to prevent stroke or heart attack, do not do this without first consulting your doctor. The reason for this is that some drugs are not meant to be combined with each other and may have very harmful effects. The same goes for herbal supplements. Just because something is herbal doesn’t mean that it will always be harmless.

            Now that you are aware of the potential nattokinase side effects, you can look out for your health better, and make better choices for yourself and the ones you love.

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Recognizing Gout Symptoms Foot

In order to understand gout symptoms foot, it is necessary to first understand what gout is and what causes it.

            Gout is a condition that plagues about 2% of the Western world, and is more common among adult men than among adult women. As such, it is one of the most frequently recorded medical conditions in the world.

            Gout is a kind of arthritis (joint inflammation), and is caused by uric acid deposits in the joints. When uric acid in the blood is abnormally high for a long time, it causes a buildup of uric acid in the person’s joints. However, gout only manifests in 10% of all cases of hyperuricemia, so a person may have a high concentration of uric acid in his blood without experiencing this kind of arthritis.

            Uric acid is that component of purine which it eventually breaks down to. Purine is present in most foods we eat, particularly meat, shellfish and meat innards. Hyperuricemia may be caused by one of two conditions: a lessened capacity to excrete uric acid and an overproduction of uric acid by the body. About 90% of the cases of all cases of hyperuricemia are due to underexcretion rather than overproduction of uric acid.

            Here are the symptoms of gout:

  • ·         Acute pain and swelling – This is most commonly manifested on the joint at the base of the big toe. This condition is called podagra, and is said to be so excruciating that even the light touch of a sheet on the toe is unbearable. Other than gout symptoms foot, pain may be felt on one or two joints such as the ankle, knees, fingers, wrists and elbows. The pain usually starts during the night, when a person’s body temperature is lower.
  • ·         Rapid increase in the intensity of the pain – The pain of a gout attack increases rapidly and may stay with the person for many hours, days and weeks, depending on the severity of the condition.
  • ·         Very red skin around the area of the affected joint
  • ·         Tophi – Gout may first manifest as hard formations or nodules on the joints called “tophi” before any pain is felt. Tophi most commonly appear on the ears and fingers.

            There are also instances when gout will manifest not as a series of painful gout attacks but as chronic gout. Often, chronic gout is mistaken for other kinds of arthritis, particularly in the elderly.

            Knowing the basics of gout symptoms foot is not enough. If you recognize these gout symptoms as your own, see a physician right away and have yourself properly diagnosed. This will ensure that you will be treated properly. Gout is usually treated with drugs like Colchicine or Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. However, more important than surviving the pain of your gout attacks is addressing your high uric acid levels. Your doctor may instruct you to start taking a certain dose of allopurinol everyday. This will help prevent future gout attacks and other extremely serious gout complications such as kidney disorders.

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Cataract Surgery Recovery – The Fast Way

Cataract surgery recovery is successful most of the time, with less than 10% of all cases developing complications.

            If you will be undergoing cataract surgery, make sure you understand the nature of the operation and the guidelines you can follow to aid your recovery:

            In a cataract surgery, the lens of your eye, which should be transparent but the cataract has made cloudy, is removed by an ophthalmologist. It is then replaced with a synthetic transparent lens, restoring clarity of vision. The surgery is most often done in a surgical center in a hospital, and is completed with only a local anesthesia and a small incision. Patients report very little or no discomfort at all.

            After the surgery, you must get enough rest. Expect that your eye will feel gritty for the next day or so. Your vision might also be blurred for a week or more. Avoid bending over or lifting anything heavy for the first few weeks.

            As part of your cataract surgery recovery, avoid touching your eyes or rubbing them. You must take the utmost care for your eye not to be infected. The eye is always vulnerable, but never more so than right after the operation.  Your doctor will probably give you an eye patch, particularly for sleeping, to prevent you from touching your eye or rubbing it from sheer force of habit.

            Your doctor will prescribe different kinds of eye drops for your use after the surgery. These will include antibiotics to prevent infection and anti-inflammatory drops to ease pain. It is better if you can have these prescriptions filled before the operation, so that you don’t have to worry about it or stand in line at the pharmacy while you can hardly see. Better yet, get someone to have your prescription filled for you.

            Your doctor will ask you to come back for a post-operative follow up. Do not miss this appointment. It is extremely important that your doctor is able to monitor whatever inflammation exists after the surgery, and the subsequent improvement in your vision.

            Take note that some patients do develop complications. These include the following:

  • Infection
  • Swelling of the macula, which can be treated successfully most of the time
  • Posterior vitreous detachment or detachment of the retina from the glassy fluid that fills the eye behind the lens. This may be accompanied by light flashes and floaters.
  • Retinal detachment, which is rare and may happen a long time after the operation, from several weeks to several years
  • Glaucoma may occur, particularly when there is inflammation
  • Posterior capsular opafication, which means the new lens that has just been implanted becomes hazy. This is usually simply addressed by a laser procedure.
  • Swelling of the cornea
  • Floaters, which are very common


            Proper cataract surgery recovery is essential to the ultimate success measurement of the operation, which is to restore your vision. Make sure you are properly guided by these guidelines and report any irregularities to your ophthalmologist at once. This will ensure that any complications can be prevented, or addressed right away.

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Anxiety Symptoms in Women: Knowing the Basics

                It is important to recognize anxiety symptoms in women.

            Anxiety is a psychological state that is characterized by abnormally intense feelings of worry and apprehension. While it is normal to feel nervous sometimes, anxiety goes beyond what is normal and rational, given the particular situation. Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from it than men.

            There are both physical and emotional anxiety attack symptoms in women:

  • ·         Rapid heartbeat
  • ·         Breathlessness
  • ·         Shaking or trembling
  • ·         Nausea or dizziness
  • ·         Clammy hands
  • ·         Full feeling in the throat or chest
  • ·         Fatigue
  • ·         Sleep problems
  • ·         Restlessness
  • ·         Irritability
  • ·         Inability to concentrate
  • ·         Feeling  doomed
  • ·         Excessive worrying

            Usually, these symptoms of anxiety are brought on by a stressful situation, but would later disappear, as the situation improves. However, in people with anxiety disorders, these physical and emotional symptoms occur together in such a way that they interfere with their ability to cope with their daily activities.

            There are different types of anxiety disorders, each with its own set of symptoms.

            A generalized anxiety disorder lasts for a period of six months or more and is characterized by an extreme amount of worrying. A person is said to be suffering from GAD if she has at least three of the following symptoms:

  • Getting tired easily
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep problems
  • Personality changes
  • Irritability or outbursts of anger
  • Inability to focus

            Another type of anxiety disorders is phobic disorders which are characterized by recurrent and intense fear of certain things and situations. Examples of phobias are claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and acrophobia (fear of heights). Often, these fears cause panic attacks in people, when they are faced with the object of their fear. Agoraphobia is another phobia which may result from the fear of having panic attacks. It is the fear of being in a difficult situation where help is unavailable or where getting help is embarrassing.

            Post- traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that stems from a traumatic incident or circumstances in a person’s life such as war, child abuse and rape. Symptoms are the following:

  • Avoidance behaviors
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks
  • Hypervigilance

            If you think that you may have an anxiety disorder, seek the help of a professional. Professional treatment may involve your physician, or a psychiatrist or psychologist. Treatment of anxiety disorders may consist of any or a combination of medication, psychotherapy, and support group therapy. There are also natural remedies and techniques that you can explore such as relaxation and meditation, hypnosis, avoiding stress and getting enough rest and exercise. Dietary changes such as including more fatty fish acids in your diet may also contribute to your emotional and mental health and well-being.

            Knowing the anxiety symptoms in women is only the first step in your journey. If you have these symptoms, do not forget that you do not need to stay that way. There are professionals who are willing to help you. The rest is up to you.

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Top Three Powdery Mildew Treatments

The term powdery mildew might sound cute, but the disease is more of a nuisance to any person who takes plant cultivation seriously. Powdery mildew is a common disease of plants mostly flowering and vegetables caused by the lot of 100 species of fungi belonging to the Erysiphales order. It can easily multiply in your garden due to the moist and cold environment the plants provide.


The disease is easy to identify given its distinguishable dusty appearance of white to gray coating on the leaves. It also causes disfigurement of the flowers as well as plant shoots and to a some extent the roots. Although, the disease is not fatal to your plants, it lessens the aesthetic value of flowers with a change in the flavor of vegetables. Some might be concerned with the effects of the disease on humans and despite the reports of long-term ailments of the respiratory system developing, none have been conclusive so far.


Nevertheless, seeking powdery mildew treatment should be on top of your gardening checklist as the disease can easily spread and progress. Another problem with finding the right treatment is that you might have to try a few before finally getting rid of the disease. It would be best if you try the natural methods first as using of chemical fungicide may cause adverse health conditions especially when not applied properly. To help you with your powdery mildew problem, below are the top treatments that have been proven to successfully eradicate the annoying disease once and for all:


1)      Baking soda. Top on the list of powdery mildew treatment is baking soda. Not only is this considered a cleaning agent in most households but an effective way to eliminate powdery mildew. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one quart of water thoroughly. You can then use a spraying bottle to apply the mixture to the affected parts. The change in pH level of the plants from use of baking soda is the secret of this effective treatment.   

2)      Milk. You can complement the use of baking soda with the spraying of cow’s milk, which is a good prevention for the spreading of the disease. Dilute one part of milk to nine parts of water, spray, and rub the mixture on the affected plant parts especially on the underside of the leaves, where the mildew is usually plentiful.

3)      Garlic. This powdery mildew treatment works as a natural fungicide as it is high in sulfur. To make your own garlic fungicide, crush four medium-sized cloves of garlic in one pint of water. You can spray the mixture once every two weeks.   


You need to complement the above treatments with the correct plant hygiene. Trim infected plant parts with a clean pruning shears by dipping the shears in a mixture of water and bleach to prevent spreading of the disease. Remove dead plant parts as these can be sources of food for the fungus. Dispose of the cut plant parts by using them as mulch or burying them.  

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Hip Bursitis Treatment and Prevention

Ironically, the term hip bursitis might not be a household term, and people who have not been afflicted might not be familiar with it; but what they don’t know is that when they start to feel pain in the hips, bursitis would be the most probable cause. In fact, the disease occurs in 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men. The gnawing pain that you currently feel in your hips might be caused by bursitis. So let’s get to know the disease better because someday you might find yourself afflicted with it given its prevalence. Here are some facts about the disease from causes to hip bursitis treatment:


1)      What is hip bursitis? To understand the condition, there is a need to dissect the term. Bursitis comes from two combining words bursa and itis. Bursa refers to the sac-like part of the body, which separates two moving surfaces such as bones and tendons. It is filled with fluid that reduces the friction of the two surfaces. Itis, on the other hand, refers to the condition of being inflamed. When you have hip bursitis, it can either be in two of the bursae, the trochanteric or the ischial bursae.


2)      What causes hip bursitis? Inflammation is actually a defensive mechanism of the body to speed up healing. During such, the proteins and others needed in the repair   of the affected part seep in the area via the vascular fluid.

Generally, there are two major causes of hip bursitis. One is when there is injury to the bursa and is referred to as aseptic bursitis. This is common to athletes and those that suffer traumatic falls. The other is when there is bacterial invasion of the area and is called septic bursitis.       


3)      What are the different hip bursitis treatment modalities? The type of treatment indicated usually depends on the cause and is geared toward alleviation of signs and symptoms.

For aseptic bursitis, it usually can be managed through ice compress and regular intake of medications such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  These drugs will reduce the inflammation and then the pain, respectively, enough for the person to resume activities of daily living that were disrupted from having the bursitis. If this combination of treatments does not work, the person is indicated to have the fluid in the bursa aspirated under the capable hands of a surgeon. It is also during this time that cortisone is injected to help reduce if not alleviate the swelling.

For septic bursitis, since it is the invasion of the bacteria that is causing the inflammation, giving of antibiotics is the main hip bursitis treatment used.   


4)      How can hip bursitis be prevented? When the inflammation subsides, the person needs to undergo physical therapy to keep the function of the hips, reduce the recurrence, and maintain optimum health. The person is also told to avoid physically exerting and straining the hips. Wearing of comfortable footwear is also a must during the course of the disease and even thereafter.  

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Finding the Right Bariatric Recipes

Obesity, the condition of being 20 percent over one’s ideal weight, has continued to raise the concern of various sectors because of its increasing prevalence, affecting as much as 35 percent of the adult and 20 percent of the children populations. It does not only bring about emotional problems such as low self-esteem and poor body image but can herald several diseases from the mild sleep apnea to the more severe and debilitating conditions of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.


The moment a person reaches the obese line, losing weight becomes a feat only few can achieve. Aside from the difficulty of fighting increased appetite, engaging in physical activity becomes a problem as the obese person finds it difficult to move about. Because of this, the person will require more drastic weight loss measures such as bariatrics. In fact, you might perceive the term to be a type of surgical procedure of reducing the capacity of the stomach. However, the term bariatrics refers to the totality of weight loss measures from behavioral therapy to surgery. 


The person is recommended to engage foremost in a lifestyle modification program before indication of surgical procedure such as gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy. A large determinant of the success of such weight reduction program is the diet, needing the person to adapt a healthier menu on a daily basis. Thus, finding the right bariatric recipes to help you reduce weight needs to be on top of your lifestyle change checklist.  Here are some tips to help you with your search:


1)      Find recipes you love eating. The need to change one’s diet might dampen the spirit of anybody on the quest to losing weight, thinking that most bariatric recipes will be devoid of the deliciousness one was used to. However, this is a misconception which needs correcting. There are actually a lot of recipes found in the Internet that you will still enjoy, so the trick is finding the right one suited to your taste. For instance, if you love cheese, you will be happy to try the cheesy vegetarian chili recipe; if you are a chocolate addict, there is no need to pass up on an inviting chocolate pudding.

2)      Find recipes that will give you more. You will find that most recipes capitalize on fitting all kinds of macro and micronutrients in one dish. After all, you will need to consume less while needing to get the nutrients to help you stay healthy. So it is best to find out which nutrients you specifically lack then find a suitable recipe to alleviate such nutritional deficiency.

3)      Find recipes you can modify. Because most probably you will be stuck to such lifestyle, it is best if you will be able to adapt earlier to your new diet. To help you do this, you can experiment with the existing bariatric recipes especially if you love to cook. Once, you have found the perfect recipe, you can then share it to the rest of the population trying to fight obesity.   

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Using the Am I Depressed Quiz to Your Advantage

The expression “I am depressed” might be commonly used in today’s speech and connotes the lack of zest for activities of daily living, but depression is nothing to be joked about as it is a recognized psychological disorder. Depression or clinical depression is a type of mood disorder wherein the person experiences abnormal and intense sadness or grief that lasts for a long time and tends to recur. It can either occur as a single disorder or in combination with mania, its opposite, in bipolar disorder. Depression is a major concern of society as it affects a large portion of the population with 10 percent of adults, 8 percent of teenagers, and 2 percent of children afflicted.


There is no specific cause of depression and can result from an abnormality in the neurochemicals of the brain, a triggering experience, heredity, or can have no specific etiology. Its main signs and symptoms are aches and pains without a specific cause, constant desire to sleep, feeling of hopelessness, irritability, lack of appetite as well as loss of weight, lack of interest in everyday life, and loss of energy. Most importantly, depressed people find themselves thinking about suicide more often.       


If you are experiencing a major crisis in your life right now and find yourself with three or more of the above signs and symptoms, you might be in the process of developing depression. The good news is that you can proactively combat clinical depression, and the first step is recognition of the disease. If you think visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist to be a drastic measure, then there is another alternative to finding out if you are on the process of developing depression and this is through taking of am I depressed or just sad quiz.


There are several am I depressed quizzes found online, which you can take free of charge. The test aims in identifying how you behave on a daily basis, how you react to certain situations, and how you deal with life in general. Below are some tips of maximizing the use of such tests:


1)      Take the test as honestly as you can. Some items in the test can be leading such as how do your friends describe your personality? You might not want to be diagnosed with depression, so there is a tendency of giving the wrong answer. Give an honest answer according to how your friends perceive your character. You can even ask them the answer to such question if you really are interested in finding the truth.

2)      Take several quizzes. Regardless of your findings after the quiz, you don’t have to take the results of one quiz as conclusive. Take as many tests there are just to be on the safe side. Print each result out and compare the whole.

3)      Use the results of the am I depressed quiz to your advantage. If your test results tell you that you could have depression, then face this bravely. Your next step is to seek professional help, which will conclusively tell you if you are on your way to really developing the disorder. 

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Understanding Acoustic Neuroma Symptoms

One of the more uncommon diseases called acoustic neuroma affects as much as 1 in 100,000 people with 3,000 diagnosed cases yearly. This prevalence rate can be insignificant compared to other more common diseases; however, if you or other members of your family get afflicted with it, you will not find the disease to be unimportant any more. Despite such low prevalence rate, the disease actually amounts to 6 percent of all tumors in the brain. It affects those in the fifties to sixties – both men and women.    


When you first hear about the disease, you would have to repeat it twice or thrice to yourself just to have an idea of what it really is; much baffling when you are given its other name, vestibular schwannoma. Like other diseases, the naming of such disease is actually based on its etiology. Acoustic denotes hearing while neuroma pertains to a growth or swelling (-oma) in the nerves (neuro). However, understanding fully the condition needs more than just definition of words.  


Before discussing acoustic neuroma symptoms, there is need to discuss the standard. The body is made up of twelve cranial nerves (CN) directly arising from the brain, controlling specific body parts and bringing about various bodily functions. Acoustic neuroma is a disease in the eighth cranial nerve called the vestibulocochlear nerve. Because the nerve controls both hearing and balance, such disease involves an alteration in the two as you soon will come to understand. Its cause is actually unknown but an interplay of the effects of inheritance and environment is suspected.


When the tumor is localized in the CN 8, specifically in the internal auditory canal, the first of the acoustic neuroma symptoms to manifest is deafness in the same side where the tumor is located, also called ipsilateral hearing loss. When the tumor continues to increase in size, the person afflicted may experience loss of balance as well as altered gait, vertigo (the perception of being spun around even when remaining stationary) with nausea and vomiting, and tinnitus (the perception of abnormal sounds usually ringing even without the presence of such sound). These last signs and symptoms arise because of the tumor pressing on the vestibular portion, which controls balance.


Later on, when the tumor enlarges, other cranial nerves become affected as well. Among such nerves are cranial nerves 5, 7, 9, and 10. The acoustic neuroma symptoms then extend to include the loss of function from the pressing of such nerves. With CN 5, the trigeminal nerve, and CN 7, the facial nerve, the person may experience loss of sensation in the same side of the face where the tumor is found. With CN 9, the glossopharyngeal nerve, the person may find himself or herself with impairment in swallowing and gag reflexes. Later in the course of the disease, parts of the brainstem such as the pons and medulla may be affected, at which stage altered consciousness may ensue.


Treatment of the disease is usually done as it progresses with conservative methods of drugs and radiotherapy when the tumor remains benign and surgical removal when it starts to grow and presses on other nerves.  

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What is Ileostomy Reversal?

Ileostomy is a surgical procedure done to those people who have a problem removing their body waste because their intestines are either removed or part of it was removed. In ileostomy, the person will need to have an external appliance or a bag wherein the body waste is being collected. However, this procedure is now being replaced with K-pouch or Barnett Continent Intestinal Resevoir or much known as Ileostomy Reversal.

People with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Familial adenomatous polyposis, or Total colonic Hirschprung’s disease are advised to have ileostomy to be able to eliminate their body waste. Moreover, people with colorectal cancer undergo this procedure to prevent the wide spread of the cancer cells.

Living with the external appliance or the ileostomy bag is really not easy because it causes problems to the person who has it. This bag may cause skin irritation, leakage of the waste, and since it is on the external, other people will see the person’s waste making him feel uncomfortable. And to resolve this issue, medical experts are now trying to slowly replace this procedure with k-pouch or BCIR.

So what does ileostomy reversal really mean? This is actually a procedure of reversing the ileostomy until the large intestine is possible for transplantation which is far more years from now. Having this procedure, there will be a way to eliminate body waste without wearing any external appliance or ileostomy bag.

BCIR or K-pouch, a type of procedure to reverse ileostomy, is a surgical procedure creating a pouch or a reservoir inside the abdomen, made from the last part of the small intestine for the storage of the waste. The pouch can store liquid waste which will then need to be drained using a catheter several times a day. Draining the pouch can easily be done by the person himself simply by inserting the catheter through an opening in the abdomen which is directly connected to the pouch inside. The person needs to drain the pouch two to four times a day depending on the type of the food he eats. Draining the pouch is not as messy as draining the external ileostomy bag and it only takes a few minutes. It is also not painful inserting the catheter inside.

Unlike the ileostomy bag, the person will not need to worry about any leakage since this BCIR does not leak intestinal waste because it is well sealed. This does not also cause any skin irritation because the opening on the abdomen is very small which is actually can be covered with a small bandage.

A person with failed ileonal J-pouch operation may be a candidate to have the ileostomy reversal if he is in good condition. Any person who needs their intestines or rectum be removed may go on the procedure at the same time with the BCIR. In this case they will not have any problem eliminating their body waste.

People will now not have any second thought of repairing their intestines since there is now a much convenient way to eliminate their waste product.

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Common Tongue Cancer Symptoms

Tongue cancer is associated with oropharyngeal cancer, oral cancer, or oral cavity cancer. In tongue cancer the squamous cells in the tongue widen uncontrollably making way for the growth of tumours. Cancer of the tongue is curable if detected early, however this may lead or may metastasize to other body parts if left untreated.

Tongue cancer and other oral cancer are caused by many factors and the most common cause is intense smoking and heavy alcohol drinking. Family history of cancer is also a contributing factor. People who fall on the above category have the high risk for tongue cancer. Men over 40 are also high risk compared to women because of their lifestyle. Poor oral hygiene, recurrent oral ulcers, and irritation of the mucous membrane are also known as contributing factors for cancer of the tongue.

So how would a person know if he has tongue cancer? The following are the tongue cancer symptoms:

Lesion, Lump, or Ulcer on the Tongue

Check your tongue for any lesion or lump or ulcer because this is one of the warning signs of cancer. But an occurrence of one lesion or lump does not necessarily mean that a person has a cancer. If there is any abnormal growth, better have it check for early detection if this is cancer. This abnormal growth usual grows on the upper region or underside of the tongue.

Upon medical consultation, the doctor may extract portion of the lump for pathology purposes to check if it is really cancerous and what type of treatment is needed.

Difficulty of Swallowing

Anyone may experience difficulty of swallowing and having it for a day or two does not indicate that a person has tongue cancer. However if this difficulty persist better have it check for this may be one of the tongue cancer symptoms.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sore is not really something to be afraid of because this is common especially if a person had eaten something hot or spicy. On the other hand, if this soreness does not resolve in a week or two, the person should consult a doctor or a family physician may do. If the mouth sore is suspected as cancerous they may refer the person to an oncologist, the doctor specializing cancer.


Cancer cells kill the nerves of the affected bod part making it numb or lose its sensation. Same goes with the tongue if diagnosed with tongue cancer. If the numbness does not go on its own, have it check right away because this means that there is something seriously wrong.


Hoarseness of Voice

If changes of voice happen due to swollen tongue or mouth sores, this may indicate some problem. Not a conclusive of cancer but better have it checked because there is a problem for sure.

Painful Chewing

If there if pain during chewing and there is no other persisting problem like tooth ache or sore, go to the doctor right away for consultation because this is one of the conclusive symptoms of tongue cancer.


Bleeding may be due to something else, like when one brushes his teeth too hard or if has eaten something. However, if the person tastes blood even after doing nothing, this may indicate oral disorder; maybe not cancer but better have it check before it’s too late.

The tongue cancer symptoms can be detected by the person himself, because he is the only person who would know the things that are happening to his body. If one feels something suspicious better talk to medical experts right away. Tongue cancer is curable is detected early, so it is advisable to talk to family doctors before it’s too late.

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The Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Colonoscopy means viewing the colon using a scope. It is usually done to check for any suspected problem in the colon, or if the person has a family history of colon disorders. This may be done annually to have a regular check on the condition of the colon.

The procedure itself is not really invasive however it needs some preparation because the person needs to have a clean colon for the doctor to have a clearer view. There are many colonoscopy prep diet before the procedure and this preparation are usually given by the doctor to achieve the desired outcome. This preparation should be followed seriously by the person because if not, this may hinder the doctor from doing the procedure and postponed it for another day.

If the person, who is about to undergo colonoscopy, is on iron supplement he may be advised to stop it five days before the procedure because this may cause bleeding. It is also much better if the person will inform the doctor about all the medication he or she is taking at the moment to avoid any adverse effect.

As part of the colonoscopy prep diet, the person may also be advised to have a low-residue diet three days before the exam. This may include bread, white rice, fruits (like apple, pineapple, apricot, honeydew, bananas, pears, and peaches), and vegetables (like potato, carrot, cucumber, squash, and pumpkin) but avoid the skin and seeds, meat, and other light foods. Dark coloured foods should be avoided as these may give false-negative result during the colonoscopy.

One day before the procedure, the patient may be advised of not taking any heavy meals or to take only breakfast meal; a piece of bread is good or a hardboiled egg. Since the person is not allowed to take meals anymore, he will be directed to have lots of fluid to keep him hydrated. But avoid drinking dark coloured beverages like chocolate drinks, grape-flavoured juices, or sports drinks that has dark colour. This preparation is also known as the clear liquid diet.

The colonoscopy prep diet on the day of the procedure is actually nothing. Meaning the person is not allowed to take anything by mouth except for the medication to be taken to help clear out the colon. Laxative medications are given to the person and as a result of the aforementioned diet; a liquid bowel is expected and free of any solid matter.

There should be no side effect for the aforementioned colonoscopy prep diet; but if there are any untoward effects, consult the doctor right away. If the person feels nauseated because of the medication or the mixture, stop drinking the mixture and have some few walks and have a hot drink. If the feeling of nausea continues to vomiting, stop drinking the mixture. Rest the stomach for a while with a hot drink. It is important for the person to defecate and if still there is no bowel movement, continue taking the medication or the mixture.

After the procedure, the person may not be allowed to drive or go to work and should have some rest because of the preparation and the procedure he underwent.

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