List of Dietary Food to Avoid in Acne

Acne or acne vulgarism is not considered to be just the problem of teenagers rather it can affect the people of every age group. It is not uncommon problem for women if she suffers from acne in mid to late 20s. This mainly occurs due to certain chemical changes in our body which can get cured naturally. However, there are instances when this problem occurs due to our improper eating and living style and to cure it you may need to undergo several medications or remedial therapies.

What are Main Causes of Acne?

Basically, acne is typified by way of blackheads or comedones, scars, sebaceous cysts, and pimples. The disorder of acne is innumerable in nature. However, the widespread and recurrent condition is blackheads. These blackheads usually affect the area around temples, forehead, chin, cheeks, back and chest. Within some intense cases, it has been found that whole body is covered with blemishes or blackheads having extensive disfigurement.

These types of acne problem mainly occur due to erroneous food eating habits like irregular eating hours, unnecessary eating of fried, oily foods, starch and sugar. Acne may also happen due to chronic constipation. In case the bowels lack proper movement the body waste is not excreted out of the body in a proper way which may result in the formation of acne or skin diseases over the body. Some other reason of the particular disorder is improper vitalization of the skin because of improper way of living unnecessary intake of coffee or alcohol which leads to digestive disorders and regular body weakness.

Effective Home Remedies for Acne

Cucumber: Cucumber has proven as an effective home remedy for curing the pimples and blemishes over the skin. It is advised to rub the grated cucumber over the eyes, face or neck nearly for 15 to 20 minutes may work as a tonic for the skin.

Orange Peel: Orange is considered to be one the most effective home cure for acne. The peel of orange minced finely with plain water over the piece of the stone to get the desired paste is applied over the affected area.

Vitamins:   Two vitamins, named as vitamin A and Niacin plays a key role in curing acne. It is advised to take niacin around 100 mg and 50000 international Vitamin A dosages thrice a day to cure various problems related to acne. Besides this, you need to take Vitamin E in 400 mg quantity once a day nearly for one month.

Zinc: Zinc is considered to be another helpful therapy for curing acne.  It is recommended to take the curative dosages of zinc in 50 mg quantity thrice a day particularly for 30 days or until you may see the desired progress and after that its quantity can be reduced to 25 milligram a day.

Lemon: Just like orange, lemon too acts as a remedial herb for curing various chronic skin disorders. Lemon juice if applied over the affect area daily may help in reducing the blemishes, scars or unwanted pain on the affected area.

Garlic: Garlic is considered to be the most successful home remedial treatment for various chronic skin disorders. Pimples vanish without scratch mark as soon as massaged with garlic cloves numerous times daily. Garlic has proved beneficial in curing the importunate types of acne like spots, pimples, boils, etc among various adolescents. It is advised to take three bulbs of uncooked garlic daily to have the proper purification of the blood tributaries in the body.

Coriander and Mint Juice: One teaspoon of coriander juice or mint juice finely blended with a bit of turmeric if applied over the affected area at every night may prove as a beneficial home medicine for curing scratch mark and blemishes.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek also known to be as methi leaves is one of the handy cure for spots. The thick paste made from leaves of fenugreek applied upon the neck and face every day in night and washed with lukewarm water next morning may help in preventing the pimples and blackheads.

Dietary Recommendations for Acne

However to combat the chronic effects of acne the patient is advised to go on fasting with fruits three times a day nearly for one week. Fresh succulent fruits like grapes, grapefruit, apples, pineapples, peaches and pears are really helpful in curing various acne disorders. You may need to increase the intake of unsweetened lemon, plain water several times. Once the seven days course of all fruits diet is over you can shift to regular diet plan with weighting more on raw food stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, nuts, wholegrain cereals, etc. It is advised to stop the consumption of sugar, meat, coffee, condiments, strong tea, pickles, candies, soft drinks, refined food and ice-cream, till you overcome the chronic stage of acne.

Apart from this it is advised to go for tepid water enema daily to cleanse the bowels. Hot fomentation should be carried out for opening of the pores to remove out the body waste. The patient is advised to take sun or air baths by exposing the whole body to the sun or air. The hot Epsom salt bath two times a day is useful for curing acne problems.

Hence, Curing acne problems may become quite easy for you if you  follow the above mentioned home remedies.

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