How to Stop Anxiety On The Spot

How to Stop Anxiety

So you’re here looking for ways on how to stop anxiety? First, lets cover what anxiety really is and what causes it before we can figure out how to stop it. Anxiety is an extreme, multi-symptom response to low-level stressors. In a dangerous situation, these symptoms would be necessary to enable fight or flight. However, in a normal situation, it only interferes with the functioning, comfort and health of the person experiencing the symptoms. Symptoms include sweating, shaking, nausea, vomiting, hyperventilation and feelings of dread. These feelings can be overwhelming, but there are both natural and pharmaceutical methods of getting rid of them.

One of the most recommended treatments for anxiety — and depression — is exercise. Regular exercise has been shown to decrease instances of abnormal anxiety and to relieve the symptoms. The overall health brought about by regular exercise seems to help, but there is more to it than that. Exercise creates endorphins, which helps the body maintain mental health. It may not get rid of all of the symptoms, but it will make them more manageable, at the very least.

Another way to get rid of anxiety that has proven to work well is a cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is done with the help of a licensed mental health professional so that it is safe for the sufferer. The therapist will expose the patient to stressful thoughts or situations, especially triggers that have a history of causing anxiety for the patient. Then, the therapist will talk the patient through experiencing the anxiety and waiting for it to pass. Eventually, the patient should feel less fear of the situation, having learned how the anxiety eventually passes over.

Simple changes in what a person ingests can halt anxiety. Items like coffee, cold pills, chocolate, sugar, caffeinated soda and cigarettes can trigger anxiety. Eliminating these stimulants can completely alleviate anxiety if they were the initial cause. If they were not, there will still be a marked decrease in edginess that leads to anxiety.

For people whose anxiety interferes with their lives or is uncontrollable by other methods, there are numerous medications. Some depression medications can help people with anxiety. There are also mild sedative like drugs that can alleviate anxiety symptoms. Depression medications are typically daily, so anxiety will have to be controlled with a daily pill. Sedative like anxiety medications may be prescribed for several times a day, once a day or only for during an anxiety attack. The dosage and number of pills will depend on your weight, health, age and level of anxiety. All of these pills can work, but there are also potential side effects. Always talk to your doctor about your medication, how it makes you feel and if you are experiencing side effects.

How To Stop Anxiety Conclusion

Anxiety, like many other illnesses, does not typically go away as soon as a change is made to stop it. The body and mind have to adjust to medication and/or lifestyle changes before any treatment can be 100% successful. It is important to keep up with treatment and not get discouraged if anxiety does not simply disappear as soon as you want it to. It takes time for the human body to stop triggering an anxiety response to non-threatening situations. Those are just some of the ways on how to stop anxiety, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below.

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