4 Of The Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

Anybody who has ever tried to shed a few pounds will concede that the toughest part of the process is the amount of effort and even more, the extended lengths of time that are taken for the desired results to show. This hard-hitting reality has prompted many a dietician/nutritionist to bring to the fore the very coveted list of ‘fastest ways to lose weight’. Although weight-loss with the aid of the following handy tips is visible, sustaining your new slender frame requires commitment and the one thing we love to hate most: exercise. Even so, the 4 fastest ways to lose weight will not disappoint.

  1. 1. More is better…

…with regards to the number of meals you have in a day. Experts recommend that you ditch the age old idea of 3 large meals in a day and switch over to having about 5-6 small portions. This allows you to keep yourself full almost all the time, since the intervals between two mealtimes are cut in half. What this does is effectively trick your mind and stomach to believe its happy and satisfied so that you binge eat less at every meal. In addition it raises your metabolism and infuses you with boundless energy stores that last you from dawn till dusk. Also, it puts a stopper on fat deposition.

  1. 2. Your poison: water!

One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to drink right in addition to eating right. Whatever your preferred beverage, be it a smoothie, cooler, energy concoction or even a beer, contains average of about a 100 calories. What makes these drinks even worse is their sodium content which only causes you to retain water. Long story short, stick to water; it’s the healthiest thing you can do. And also, it’ll make you look like a million bucks as it actually helps you to flush out excess water and toxins and does wonders for your metabolism.

  1. 3. Food Journal

Most nutritionists believe that a food journal (a meal to meal log of your food consumption) sheds a whole lot of light on your eating behavior which in turns helps you to right some wrongs. It is considered to be among the fastest ways to lose weight because it lends much needed clarity to your eating pattern. This is so significant because most of us tend to severely underestimate how much we actually eat.

  1. 4. Cardio-machine

Doing a cardio workout can help you ditch the flab sooner than you thought possible. And what makes it such an attractive proposition that cardio does not tie you down to a gym. You can brisk walk or jog on the beach promenade, take a relaxing swim, cycle your way to the grocery store, take a dance lesson or simply ditch the elevator for the stairs. Even the fastest ways to lose weight require you to lose some sweat and cardio is widely considered the best option. You can also mix it up with yoga to keep the workout blues at bay.

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