A Look At The Ileostomy Diet

Ileostomy diet is a diet program that is specifically designed for people who underwent ileostomy or a narrow gastrointestinal tract. This diet helps those people through easing the release of wastes and reducing fecal production of their bodies. Also, it helps in avoiding blockage on different tracts, so that there will be no problem on those waste outlets.

 Ileostomy diet is one of the food planning that strictly requires full compliance of a person. Its primary goal is to restrict a person in consuming foods that are rich in dietary fibers. Intake of dietary fibers is limited because they are the food contents that are resistance to digestion. The following tips are some of the other guidelines that a person should do to comply on this diet plan.  

1.)    Limit the fruits to eat. For the people engaged in this diet, it is essential to avoid canned fruits and row fruits that have seeds or skins. Some of the advisable fruit products that can be consumed on this diet are categorized in fruit juices, skinless fruits, and canned fruits.

2.)    Limit the vegetables to eat. Some of the vegetable products that a person can consume on this diet are squash, carrots, peeled tomatoes, peeled eggplant, peeled potatoes, vegetable juice, and tender cooked asparagus tips. Some of other vegetables are also acceptable as long as they are on thoroughly blended form.

3.)     Eat only white and refined type of foods. When indulging bread, rice, and pasta foods, it is essential to select products that are white and refined. Those types of foods are easier to digest compared to others.

4.)    Limit the choice of dish. Avoid shellfish and meat with strong connective tissues or tendons. Also, avoid foods that are in casing like sausage and hotdogs. Choose foods that are tender and well cooked. Some of the recommended foods are fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, and finely selected meat.   

5.)    Chew every food eaten thoroughly. This is after all the primary step in digestion. If all of the foods are reduced to very small chunks before it reach the stomach, digestion will be easier and will lead to much easier release of wastes.

6.)    Avoid eating foods that can cause blockage to waste outlets. Some of the foods that should be avoided in this diet are nuts, coleslaw, corn, salads, coconuts, grapes, oranges, popcorn, celery, and raw carrots.

Eleostomy diet can be nutritionally enough in sustaining the good health of people who are involved in it if they give proper attention to their food selection. But on the other hand, carelessness in selection of food on this diet can easily lead to deficiency in folate acid and ascorbic acid in the body. Those chemicals help greatly on the activities of the immune system. Note that the deficiency of these can result to some serious illness such as lesions, tumors, and cancer. It is advisable for individual to assess the foods they will eat accordingly and to drink supplements that will support their nutritional needs.

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