About Cognitive Behavioral And The Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is also known as the ‘talking therapy’. This theory uses a psychotherapeutic approach. This therapy was developed in the early 60’s and was used to treat depression. The cognitive behavior therapy is based on ‘rational thoughts’ and not on assumptions.

This therapy mainly aims to solve dysfunctional emotions such as anxiety, abrupt behavior, thoughts and Cognitions through a systematic procedure.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is combination of behavior therapy and cognitive therapy.

By the application of this theory a variety of problems can be solved such as:

– Anxiety.

– Eating disorders.

-Problems such as substance abuse.

-Psychotic disorders.

-Personality disorders such as panic phobias, stress disorders.

-Insomnia, substance /drug addictions.

-Severe mental disorders.

-Pain management.

-Sexual abuse recovery.

This theory basically talks about how one thinks about themselves, the people around them, the world in general and how their thoughts affect their behavior and feelings. This theory mostly helps in dealing with the current state of the problem instead of going back to the root of the problem.

By the application of this theory the problems which seem very overwhelming may be simplified by breaking it into parts. These parts may include-the situation, the thoughts and emotions that go with it and the consecutive action that is taken.

This theory is a part of behavior management which is used to change the problem causing emotions and behavior. It is the interaction of one’s emotions, cognition and behavior. Cognitive bahavior management shows a history in management of pain.

It helps in decreasing the fear factors, helps in acquiring new ways of thinking, feeling and doing things.

The basic aim of the cognitive behavior therapy is to change the way a person thinks.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has the following characteristics:

1) The basic emphasis is given on the current behavior and the state of mind.

2) Based on changing the thoughts of a person internally rather than depending on external factors such as surrounding people, circumstances and events.

3) In this therapy, it is believed that thoughts cause feeling and behaviors.

4) This therapy is considered the fastest in treating psychological problems.

5) Good therapeutic relation and approach between the patient and the therapist who counsels skills and subsequently the client learns.

6) This theory also shows to differentiate between myths and assumptions from reality.

7) Homework for patients is also given wherein the client is asked to practice what is learned in therapy while at home and when not in therapy. In this way the patients will gradually overcome their fears.

8) It also teaches individuals to remain calm in difficult situations.

Symptoms seen in people who require this therapy:

-Those suffering from low self esteem.

-Individuals suffering from depression.

-Dejected people.

Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment:

The treatment can be challenging as the patient has to be open to the therapist in discussing his/her problems openly without being shy or ashamed. The success of the problem depends on the commitment and participation of the individual in the process. This therapy can be applied in a group or at an individual level.

An average course of treatment may last from 6 weeks to 6 months. Depending mainly on the type of problem and how the patient responds to the treatment given. It is important to keep practicing the cognitive behavior management skills even after the therapy is over. It is believed that cognitive behavioral therapy is better than antidepressant drugs at preventing depression from coming back.

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