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What are some of the Symptoms and Treatments of Acromegaly
Some of the acromegaly symptoms are as followed:

  • Headaches and impaired vision
  • Decreased libido
  • Joint aches
  • Fatigue
  • Oily skin
  • Sleep apnea

Even though these are some of the symptoms associated with acromegaly it does not mean that there are not more or that a person with this syndrome even gets these symptoms because it differs from person to person. Some doctors will check the IGF-I levels if acromegaly is suspected because IGF-I that is high is almost always a sign of acromegaly unless the patient is pregnant because levels are higher in pregnant woman.

The disorder of acromegaly cause is because of an overproduction of a chemical called GH that regulates the pituitary gland. GH is a hormone that controls the growth of the body, when GH is released into the blood stream it makes the liver produce a different chemical called insulin-like growth factor. This is the actual hormone that causes tissue to grow. When there is a disorder with these 2 chemicals and they do not work properly together it can cause acromegaly, bone over growth and organ enlargement which can have bad effects.

Acromegaly is in a small amount of the world’s population according to clinical studies but some say that this number is not accurate because it’s not always found. Some of the adenomas are common and never affect the individual but about 70 out of a million people in the world will suffer from the effects of acromegaly.

In order to get diagnosed, a doctor must take a measurement of the GH levels to see if it’s higher than normal. Doctors will often use a glucose test given orally to diagnose this disorder with precision because a normal blood test will not give the results needed because the amount of GH in a person’s body can differ from time to time and may be different from person to person.

Acromegaly Treatments

Most treatments today for acromegaly are surgery to remove the tumor causing the issue and even some radiation therapy too. Doctors will do what’s best for a particular case and they will make the determination of treatment after an evaluation.

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