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Adenomyosis is a condition related to uterine muscles. It is a condition from which many women suffer and their menstrual cycle is disturbed immensely. It is required to conduct a thorough examination and evaluation in order to find out the specific condition of every single patient suffering from this condition.

Some of the common symptoms of this type of condition include; severe cramping and bleeding. A proper examination of the uterus shows displacement of the uterine muscle which is usually firm and tight and it is replaced by the endometrial tissue. These are just some common symptoms and physical findings but it all depends on the severity of condition and symptoms may vary accordingly.

Previously not much was known about adenomyosis but during the recent years a lot of study is done in this respect and many findings have been revealed about this particular condition. With the help of MRI it can be revealed if someone is suffering from this condition or not and once the evaluation is done proper measures can be taken against it.

In severe cases operation is recommended but if the condition is diagnosed at an early stage then steps can be taken to cure it without operating based on symptoms. One way of treating it is by making the patient go through different hormonal trials or by doing endometrial ablation.

One should know that this is not a life threatening illness but severity of illness can damage the overall well being of the patient. Otherwise this condition is quite manageable based on clinical findings and cure. There are a few options available out there to cure the condition. Normally endometrial ablation is recommended but it might or might not be effective depending on the individual case.

Other than ablation hysterectomy is another option available to cure the condition. It is ideal if the condition is treated successfully in the first attempt otherwise the patients usually go through repetitive operative procedures which can be very painful as well as stressful.

Before performing any operative procedures it should be understood that a thorough examination and evaluation of a particular or specific patient is very necessary. Once the evaluation is done in accordance to the given procedures then it is safe to conduct operative procedures.  Otherwise if preoperative evaluation is not done accordingly one may not know for sure whether the procedure used to cure the condition would be beneficial or not.

Hence, adenomyosis is a condition that usually women suffer from. Although it is not a life threatening illness but still before performing any operative measures it is very crucial to know the whole medical history and condition of the patient. One should not perform any kind of operative measures without fully understanding the medical background of the patient. Once the whole medical history is known it becomes comparatively easy to maintain and manage the condition of the patient in a far better way.

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