Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Options

Today, adrenal fatigue becomes common type of illness because a lot of people are living a stressful life. Rest, sleep, proper diet, and emotional stresses are become common to everyone. Adrenal fatigue syndrome, also known as hypoadernia, is an illness when the adrenal glands become tired. The adrenal glands are responsible in producing different kinds of hormones that includes hormones that produces adrenalin and energy. In simplest term, when you feel tired even if you rested for a long period of time or when you are feeling sleepy even if you slept for almost half of the day, more possibly your adrenal gland is already exhausted and failed to produce hormones to handle more stress thus developing adrenal fatigue.

It is quite hard to diagnose adrenal fatigue because it can be associated to other illness. But once a person is diagnosed having one, adrenal fatigue treatment regime should be planned to help in curing this illness effectively. There are lots of treatments available to correct adrenal fatigue. This may include over-the-counter drugs and hormonal supplements containing progesterone and pregnenolone, psychological tests or activities, diet and lifestyle change. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue and wants to go natural, here is an adrenal gland treatment plan than you can do by yourself.

1. Change in lifestyle. If you are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, it is very important that you stop them to make a progress in your adrenal fatigue treatment.

2. Rest and sleep. The main reason of adrenal fatigue is stress so people diagnosed suffering of such should have enough rest. Have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. This will refresh you and be able to work efficiently the following day. Do not ever bring work at home. It is also recommended to take short rests in between working hours so you will regain your energy. It is also necessary to take regular breaks from work like vacation or holidays with family.

3. Exercise and relaxation. Try to find a peaceful place to relax. There are also lots of relaxation methods to choose from. You can enroll in an aerobics class or invite friends to have yoga sessions at home. Exercise will reduce your tensions and anxiety.

4. Food eating habits. Plan your meal. Eat frequently but in small amount of food. When you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, the food will be translates into energy faster than normal resulting to fatigue. Thus, you have to eat more often but consume small amount of food each time you eat. Don’t skip meals especially breakfast. You should also take nutritious food. High fiber and protein rich foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are very important to adrenal fatigue diet. These can boost your immune system, your energy and at the same time provides you will right amount of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Protein rich food also helps you lessen your craving for sugar, salt and caffeine. Avoid eating processed meat products and fried foods. Fruits in early morning is a no because some elements that are present in fruits have a negative effect in the adrenal glands. Although you can take some fruits in small amount if necessary. You should also have salt in moderation. Salt will generate sodium that will decrease the weakness of the body muscles, enhance dehydration and normalizes the beat of the heat. And lastly, drink plenty of water and avoid consuming to much of caffeine and soda as theses causes pressure in the adrenal glands. Tea can be a better replacement of coffee.

5. Positive thinking. Avoid negative thoughts like anger, despair or problems. Go out with friends.


Keep your adrenal glands working properly is equally important as taking nutritious food, living a healthy lifestyle and having positive perspective in life. Keep your adrenalin rushing!



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  1. Resting and relaxation seem to be good treatment options when dealing with an illness such as adrenal fatigue. Thanks for writing about this.

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