All About A Proctologist

Proctologist is a physician who deals with the digestive tract, specially the final part of the digestive tract- the anus, colon and the rectum.

Proctologist help in the diagnosis of the patient’s problem, they help in determining the course of action, prescribe proper medicine and sometimes may take part in the treatment procedure as well. A proctologist basically works with the laboratory tests and help in the diagnosis of the condition affecting the patient.

A proctologist is also referred to as a colorectal surgeon. The word proctology is derived from a Greek word. Proktos means behind or rear quarters and logy meaning study. He sees a variety of conditions in his or her normal practice. He generally works very closely with an urologist and a gynecologist/obstetrician.

The condition a proctologist treats are varied which are as follows:

-severe constipation

-fecal inconsistency

-cancer of the colon

-rectal cancer

-conditions like fissures, fistulas and hemorrhoids

-birth defects like imperforated anus

-any kind of swelling or infection in the anus and rectum

-in rectal prolapse condition where there is the protrusion of the walls of the rectum into the anus.

-treatment of colic disorders like in conditions like crohn’s disease

-repositioning of the rectal area

A proctologist is consulted when a surgery is needed or when a complex proctological condition exists.

He provides a specialized surgery which is non-invasive and high quality care is provided to the patient.



Proctologist duties:

-the most important part of a proctologist’s duties is the correct diagnosis of the condition

-he looks for signs of pain, swelling, abnormal growth, constipation or any kind of discomfort in the anus, rectum and the colon area

-to decide the line of treatment he is expected to perform routine tests such as colonoscopies and biopsies

-an important part of a proctologist’s working is to treat his patients holistically

-he might advice and suggests certain dietary and lifestyle changes

-he decides the medicine and the correct surgery needed to handle a particular case successfully

-colectomies, polypectomies and stricture plasties are the common surgeries performed by a proctologist. Colectomy is a procedure in which the colon is removed or repositioned. Polypectomies are done to remove the polyps and stricture plasties are done to remove the scar tissue from the bowels

proctologists generally work in a clinic, hospital or they may have a private practice

-patients who generally come to a proctologist are referred by a general care physician

To become a proctologist one must become a medical doctor. He should then gain access to a proctologist training program. He should complete the course and become a licensed practisioner. All proctologists are surgeons. The first step in becoming a proctologist is completing medical school. They must be fully certified surgeons. Proctology specialty program is available at many medical schools. A typical course of proctology is of five years. It is a combination of surgical and diagnostic courses. Studying for this course involves lot of time, effort and focus. All proctologists get affiliated to at least one major hospital in order to meet their patients need.

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