All about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a leading cause of mental retardation. In this particular type of condition the patient suffers from multiple handicap problems. Many babies are born with this condition every year which requires them to need special education and medical assistance throughout their lives.

The cause of this type of illness is due the intake of alcoholic drugs during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman drinks too much of alcohol she is at risk of giving birth to a baby who would be physically or mentally defected. These mental and physical defects may cause the child to live a handicapped life forever. Some of them are severely affected while others are affected to a very minor limit.

People who are diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome might have issues like; memory loss, learning difficulties, communication problems, impaired vision, hearing difficulties, etc. Some people are affected by only one of the above mentioned problems and some are affected by combinations of these problems. These problems and issues rally affects the individual’s personal as well as social life.

In worst cases the child born is born with defects like small brain and head, abnormal facial structure, defected organs, etc. The mother is responsible for a child born with such condition and she is responsible for making a child suffer from these defects throughout his or her life. The symptoms of babies born with such condition are that they tend to weigh less than normal babies and they are shorter in height as well.

There is not one certain group of individuals who are affected by this type of syndrome. But every mother who drinks too much alcohol is risking her unborn child to be born with this syndrome. If this condition is diagnosed early it can be treated at an early stage. Though there is no cure for this condition but early diagnosis can help the affected children in a much better and positive way. Other than alcohol abuse some other causes of the syndrome are; use of drugs during pregnancy, defect in heart such as atrial septal defect or ventricular septal defect, women who give birth after the age of 30 and have a long history of alcohol and drug abuse.

Some of the most common symptoms of this condition are; difficulty in communicating with others, poor socialization ability, poor coordination of body movement and muscles, mental and physical retardation, abnormal size of the head, slow learning abilities as well as slow growth rate and many others. The treatment of this particular type of syndrome comprises of a few different methods which are; long term care and treatment along with developmental follow up and organizing rehabilitation programs for alcoholic pregnant women during their pregnancy.

Hence, fetal alcohol syndrome is becoming a very common phenomenon because nowadays there are hundreds of pregnant women who abuse their unborn babies by consuming a lot of alcohol and drugs.

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