All About Kegel Exercises For Women

A kegel exercise is named after Dr. Arnold kegel. These exercises mainly consist of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form the pelvic floor.

The basic aim of this exercise is to restore the muscle strength, tone and control. By doing these exercises, it prevents or reduces the pelvis floor muscle problems.

The pelvic muscles can weaken due to:

-being overweight


-during pregnancy

-inactivity of the body

When these muscles weaken due to any reason, they can be strengthened again by a kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise in women is good for treating the vaginal prolapsed and in preventing uterine prolapse in women.

Kegel exercise may be useful in treating prostate pain and prostatitis is men.

This exercise may be useful in treating problems of urinary inconsistency in both men and women.

A pelvic toning device or a kegel exerciser is a medical or a pseudo medical device. It helps women to exercise the muscles of the pelvic region (pelvic floor muscles). This improves the tone of the vaginal muscle also known as the pubococcygeal muscle.


These devices can be of different types:

-vaginal weights or cones or barbells are designed in such a way that they can be held in the vagina. The action of retaining this device internally, actively or passively improves the tone of the muscle. Barbells are made up of stainless steel. They are smooth and polished which can be wiped clean with a moistened cloth with mild soap and some water.

-Rubber resistance balls with indicators are devices which provide normal resistance to squeeze against.


-TENS device administers an electric current through an internal probe. This current causes the adjacent muscles to twitch.

-The only device that meets all the criteria of the kegel exercise is the progressive resistance vaginal exerciser with springs. They basically provide a biofeedback that the correct muscles are being engaged. They act by applying a variable and increasing amount of resistive force to maximize the exercise effort.



The weakening of the pelvic muscle in women can result due to pregnancy, being overweight, during childbirth, due to abdominal surgery such as a cesarean section or due to aging. Pelvic muscle strength will be regained by kegel exercises in women.

Due to the weakened pelvic muscles, there may be urinary and bowel inconsistency. Strengthening the pelvic muscle will help in overcoming these problems. These exercises also help in the prevention or treatment of urinary leakage problem.

How to perform the exercise:

Most women start out by doing the kegel exercise by exercising the wrong muscle. Therefore it is generally recommended to start exercising under the assistance of a doctor or a nurse.

You can also check yourself by placing your finger in the vagina and squeezing around it. If pressure is felt around your finger it means that you are exercising the correct muscle. Try to keep all the other muscle around the pelvic muscle relaxed. A kegel exercise can be performed by keeping your knees together in an upright position or while sleeping. Try to breathe slowly and deeply while performing this exercise.

Kegel exercises in women can be done for 5 minutes twice a day.

To see proper outcome of this exercise it takes about 6 to 12 weeks.

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  1. What the Kegel exercises actually do is target the PC muscles which form the floor of vagina. Keeping the Kegels in control are really essential and only if the Kegels are in control they can be said to be strong. Having strong Kegel muscles can make your sex life really awesome. If you have control over the Kegels than you can provide a lot of pleasure to your partner and make him squirm. Also it will give you multiple orgasms by which all your desires will be fulfilled.

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