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It is said that one in five women suffer from heavy periods. Novasure is a procedure which can either reduce or stop the heavy period. This procedure takes about 5 minutes. This procedure does not have any hormonal side effects and also is a less invasive procedure.

Novasure is preferred by most women as this procedure does not have any kind of side effects. Yet it is seen to dramatically reduce or stop the menstrual bleeding in about 90% of women. Also since novasure is a quick and a onetime procedure, it is generally preferred by women.

This procedure can be done in a doctor’s clinic without the need for general anesthesia and without taking any incisions. Many patients report with no or a little discomfort after the procedure and normal activities can be resumed within a day.

Novasure is an endometrial ablation procedure. In this procedure, the lining of the uterus which is known as the endometrium is removed. The endometrium is responsible for menstrual bleeding in women. The endometrium can be removed by a quick delivery of radiofrequency energy.

Novasure procedure:

The doctor will slightly open your cervix which is the opening of the uterus into which a slender wand is inserted which is equipped with a triangular mesh.

This mesh then gradually takes the shape of the uterus by expanding.

A radiofrequency is measured precisely which is delivered through the mesh for about 90 seconds.

After this the mesh work is pulled back into the wand and both are removed from the uterus.

Immediately after the procedure is completed, some women may feel mild pain, nausea or vomiting, cramping. Most women get relief within a day and can resume normal day to day activity.

Instructions given by the doctor should be properly followed.

A bloody or a watery discharge is normal after this procedure. This may either occur immediately after the procedure or weeks after the completion of the procedure. This episode may last very briefly or in some cases it may last for months together. This could be intermittent and also could get aggravated by certain activities. This bloody or watery discharge is quite common with any endometrial ablation procedure.

Novasure procedure is recommended for those women who do not want to have any children in the future and who want to stop the heavy menstrual bleeding.

Proper counseling with the doctor should be done before the procedure.

This procedure is not recommended for women who would want to have children in the future or in those who are not sure about wanting children in the future.

Novasure is a procedure which treats the endometrium or the lining of the uterus hence the chances of pregnancy after this procedure are low. However pregnancy is sometimes possible if you are sexually active. But getting pregnant after the novasure procedure can be dangerous to the fetus as well as the mother. This is so because the uterine lining will not be able to properly support the fetus during its development.

Clinical results show that about 95% of women are very satisfied with the results.

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