Anasarca: Symptoms and Treatments

Anasarca, also known as severe edema, is a medical condition typified by overall inflammation of the skin as a result of excess flow of body fluid into the skin. Anasarca is usually caused by congenital heart disease, liver disease such as liver cirrhosis or renal disorder, or could be as a result also of severe deficiency in protein.

This can also occur through injection of excess fluid intravenously. There are also chemotherapeutic agents derived from plants that can lead to anasarca through an elusive type of capillary leak disease. The excess fluid can add to the weight of the person, making him obese-like in just a matter of months.  This serious disease can happen all throughout the patient’s body or just a portion of the body.

Anasarca Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms of Anasarca include inflammation or swelling of the skin, stretched out skin, burnished skin, skin that doesn’t bounce back immediately, apple obesity or notable increase of the size of the abdomen.

Treatments include taking medications to increase your kidney’s production of water and sodium. Special medications such as diuretics are often used to treat anasarca such as synthetic and organic drugs.

Causes of Anasarca are too much concentration of salt in the body, burns and sun burn, very poor health, very minimal albumen in the bloodstream, critical kidney disease, cardiac failure, liver failure from cirrhosis, thyroid diseases and specific medications for blood pressure.

Slight swelling (edema) of the lower legs is common in warm summer months, especially if a person has been standing or walking a lot.

Severe edema is a common sign of people who are very ill. Even though minor edema can be very difficult to detect, a widespread inflammation is very evident.

The inflammation normally begins with the torso and can extend further to the extremities. The inflamed skin must be cool if touched and will leave a pressed skin that will stay for a few seconds. This is a symptom that the skin has lost elasticity that is also seen with dry and flaked skin. The whole body inflammation may cause a difficult life for the patients since at time; the skin may be so painful. The bloated body may cause clothes to fit very uncomfortably, and when taking off the clothes, patients could notice lines where their garments were pressed.

If the Anasarca advances, it is s assign that administrations of treatments are not adequate and the treatment and symptoms plan should be adjusted. For those patients who are waiting for treatments such as transplants, this disease is a sign of worsening sign and an increased exigency for an organ donation. Diuretic treatments can be utilized to try and eliminate some fluid and compression garbs could be used to control the inflammation to provide comfort for the patient. This treatment should be supervised by a physician specializing in Anasarca or generalized severe edema, since complication could happen very fast or fatally for the patient.  Recent studies are focused on Anasarca treatments and symptoms with the goal of effective prevention and cure for this serious disease.

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