Basic Pycnogenol Side Effects

While pycnogenol remains to be useful and effective as a vitamin or dietary supplement, there are still claims that this has side effects that are extremely dangerous to one’s health when consumed. This substance has not been studied extensively by the scientists and researchers so there may still be unknown possible side effects. Pycnogenol has certain nutritional or medicinal values, and can be incorporated in one’s drink or food.

Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that some people turn out to be allergic to this ingredient, and so people should still remain cautious if in case these warning symptoms show up. The top four cases of pycnogenol side effects include stomach ache, headache, nausea or vomiting, and vertigo.

These symptoms are usually just light cases and can be prevented by eating before the intake of this medicine. Most of the time, people are caught unaware that some medicines require a person’s stomach to be full or at least contain food. From a few research results, it appears that pycnogenol is among the list of medicines which belong to this category.

In order to be safe, it is actually better to eat a light snack if you are in a rush to go outside or are too busy to eat a whole meal. This way, the medicine will not be the only thing ingested by your stomach. And if followed properly, the medicine will not turn out to be as strong as it should have been on the body.

There are actually many medicines on the market already which can be consumed without eating anything prior to it. However, if one’s body is not accustomed to the strength of the ingredient, the body may react negatively to it—such as the symptoms listed in the pycnogenol side effects.

If it is your first time buying pycnogenol, it would be wise to seek for advice from an expert regarding the matter. A good example would be a doctor, especially if it is the same doctor which recommended you to take pycnogenol. You can ask him or her questions with the assurance that what he or she will say is not a marketing deal.

If perhaps you bought pycnogenol for yourself and therefore, without the recommendation of your personal doctor, you might still want to ask for valuable information by talking to a pharmacist. Being around medicines all the time, they are sure to give you their experience on the product. Do people buy it often? Is it recommended by the customers? Are there any complaints regarding the product? If you are luck you might be able to dig for what you really want to ask, the pycnogenol side effects.

But if for some reason you cannot get recommendations and/or suggestions from either your personal doctor or your pharmacist, you still have other alternatives. One alternative would be to ask a friend who pycnogenol. You can ask him or her directly if there are any dangerous side effects that you should be aware of when ingesting the medicine. A friend’s recommendation should have no bias considering that he or she only values your health and safety first.

If you are really left with no choice, perhaps researching on the internet will give you the results you seek. But when researching, be careful and scrutinize the comments regarding pycnogenol side effects because some of these may end up to be critics who really have no first-hand experience with the product.

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