Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms & Treatment

Suppose you are on a camping trip with your family, and after an entire day of strenuous camping activities you feel like getting immersed into the deep sleep and “be happy as the “night” is long”! And, just when you get ready to let exhaustion out of your senses, you are bitten by a bug. Sadly, these are not love-bug-bites… these are just plain, common, blood-sucked bed bug bites. After this, your supposedly peaceful night is turned into an apparently long day, which is to be spent in getting rid of these blood sucking goblins.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, like humans. Even though, in developed countries bed bugs were largely eradicated in the early 40’s, its prevalence is increased again since 1995. As a matter of fact, it was reported that USA has been hit by bed bugs and there are many incidents of moderate to severe bed bug bites.

The symptoms that are accredited to the bed bug bites are diverse, and their intensity varies depending on each individual. Generally symptoms, like skin rashes, which include small macular spots, prominent wheals & bullae, intense itching, & central hemorrhagic spots are noticed amongst those who’re bitten by these parasites. Nevertheless, psychological disorders, like anxiety, stress, insomnia, and delusional parasitosis have also been noted as the symptoms of this problem. At times, severe infestation as a result of bite may lead to anemia, bacterial skin infections, systematic poisoning, and asthma attack (via airborne allergens), however such symptoms are rare.

The primary precautionary treatment for bed bug bites is nothing but keeping the person from being repeatedly bitten. And trust me, it is not as easy as it sounds! Avoiding bed-bugs is quite a tricky task, because it is not like catching a rat in the trap or shooing away a stray-dog from your courtyard. Bed bugs are so tiny, that sometimes you may even find it difficult to see with your bare eyes, and while getting rid of them, if you leave a small chunk of them behind, they can accomplish their own “bed-bug evolution” in no time. So, to eradicate them you might require a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches. Simple vacuuming the house can also prove to be of great help, while applying the main-stream precautionary measures.

Even if bed bug bites, there is no substantial treatment or medicines are required. In case of severe itching steroid ointments or oral antihistamines can prove to be useful against these symptoms. Some secondary bacterial infections develop heavily scratched areas. At such instances antibiotics can be used.

All in all, since bed bugs are not easily identified and most of the time pest-control companies are the main source of reports on their occurrences, this problem is believed to be more severe than it appears. Therefore, best we can do is carrying on occasional pest-control in our houses and offices, and practicing primary precautionary regimes. Apparently these are the perfect days to kiss our kids good night saying, “Sleep tight, and don’t let a bed bug bite!”

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