Biofreeze Side Effects: Origins and Uses

Biofreeze  is  a cold therapy  form also known  as Cryotherapy, cooling an area upon touching the skin. The hypothesis is that signals of cold gets to the brain faster than signals of pain. The brain is placed in a mode of attention to the signal of cold rather than the signal of pain. Is ice a better alternative? Biofreeze has the property of not constricting the blood vessels, hence, Biofreeze  is not ice.

Biofreeze side effects treatment to  injury  is directly applied to the skin where the concentration of pain is prevalent, considered a topical analgesic. Biofreeze  is a temporary and quick pain reliever not to be used as an alternative to prompt medical attention of the injury suffered.

Further elucidating Biofreeze side effects treatment to injury  has put forward the traditional idea that the action mechanism of menthol (an ingredient of biofreeze) has the effect of a counter-irritant, or simply, counter-irritant (sufficient menthol-found in biofreeze) overrides the persisting signals of pain going to the brain by means of a process of ‘gate control’ or ‘gating’  described foremost by Wall and Melzak, it is a process where modulation of non-pain transmitting  receptors and pain transmitting neurons/receptors happens and enters the brain.

In recent times, discovery by researchers have arisen that  stimulation by menthol of the cold receptors, led to the further discovery that  the body has a cutaneous (skin) temperature detection abilities and the cooling properties of menthol functions as a topical (applied topically by hand) analgesic activating the receptors and relieving of the pain results therefrom.

Injury caused during a sporting event or persisting to continue  in the training, despite having suffered from an injury, Biofreeze side effects treatment to injury pain is a quick pain reliever usable anywhere, easily purchasable from a therapist, trainer, and a chiropractor or even online. It has tube form and gel form packages as well as spray bottle dispensers  for areas that are hard to  reach.  Availability of Biofreeze in roll –on is also being marketed to suit the individual needs of consumers.

Biofreeze felt the growing need for a biofreeze singles,  which is very portable, manufactured in a no-mess packaging which can be carried in your pouch, wallet or bag easily accessible when injury strikes during fishing, running, hiking  or even bike riding.

The main ingredient of bio freeze is ILEX, an extract  of herbal  sourced from a holly shrub in South America. Herbalist had been postulating that ILEX  is a fast acting penetrating pain reliever, temporary in nature.  Biofreeze side effects  treatment to pain may likewise contain the ingredients of  Menthol, , FD and C blue no.1, carbomer, herbal extract, Glycerin, camphor, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, methylparaben, FD and C yellow no.5, silicone dioxide, water and tri-ethanolamine.

Contraindications of use of Biofreeze:  It should not be used on open fresh wounds, or applied to skin which had suffered burns, pregnant women are excluded  in the enumeration of users. For best results consulting with a medical professional is highly recommended before use of the product. 

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