Blood Deficiency in Pancytopenia | Know Some of the Symptoms

Pancytopenia is used to describe a condition wherein there is a lack in number of all the different blood cell types such as the red blood cells, the white blood cells and even the blood platelets.  Some causes of this condition are cancers, toxins and infections.  The symptoms may vary according to how severe the deficiency may be.  This condition is often mistaken for anemia (drop in red blood cell) or leucopenia (drop in white blood cells) which can be both true because pancytopenia is a deficiency in all types of blood cells and platelets.  The other name it has is “Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome” because it also came to be due to the bone marrow’s failure or decreased production.

There are symptoms of pancytopenia and these are:

  • · Anemia – a condition where red blood cells are lacking in number that can usually make a person look so pale.
  • · Fatigue – the reduced blood cells can make the person grew tired so suddenly even if no heavy chore was done or even if he only walked.
  • · Infection – the low white blood cells count can make a person vulnerable to infections.
  • · Nose bleeding – this is usual occurrence with a person suffering from the said condition.
  • · Hemorrhage – if bleeding becomes excessive it can lead to this condition to some people.
  • · Petechiae – the tiny red spots seen on the skin caused by hemorrhage in blood vessels
  • · Pallor – is the condition where the skin’s paleness is so visible.
  • · Palpitations – persons having pancytopenia may have rapid heart beat.
  • · Shortness of breath – patients suffering from this condition can also experience difficulty in breathing and in worst case it is an indication of having a heart attack.

If you have any of the symptoms, then it is wise to consult the doctor to avoid further complications.  Some of the symptoms are also indicators of some other disease that may have directly or indirectly connected with this blood deficiency.

Some causes of the condition were due to some other diseases like bone marrow disease, radiation exposure and autoimmune disease that affected that blood count of all the types of blood cells.  The treatments for this problem are almost the same with the disease that it resembles.  Treatment may vary according to the severity of the condition and it is practical and sane to seek the advice of the medical doctor for the treatment.  Some tests will be conducted in order to know that the case is really that of pancytopenia and not anemia and other blood related illnesses.

Prevention is still the best cure and the best measure you can do (while you’re still not suffering from it) is to keep your body fit and healthy and making sure that your immune system is strong enough to ward off any unwanted bug that wants to enter your body.  Start eating the right kind of stuff and balanced diet so that all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs can be sustained.  Avoid smoking and excessive drinking (having a little alcohol in the body can actually help sometimes).  Get enough rest and never abuse your body, after all it’s the only one you got.

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