Bunion Surgery | When Is It Time?

Bunion surgery is needed when a bunion is misshaped and out of place, causing inflammation and pain. A bunion is a knuckle on the joint of your big toe, which is of abnormal bending and usually common in women and runs in the family. Bunion surgery is used to correct the abnormal bending of the big toe to reduce the pain and the pressure.

Non-surgical methods can be used to help with the pain relief of a bunion but this only helps in the short term, it does not stop the bunion from getting worse in the future. When you are preparing for bunion surgery, your surgeon will give you the appropriate information before the surgery in order to inform you of anything you need to know or might need. In addition, usually you will be in and out the same day that your bunion surgery is scheduled and performed.

You will be given a general anesthetic which means you should not eat anything from midnight onwards prior to your bunion surgery operation. Drink minimum amounts of water if you doctor tells you to, some will say don’t drink 2 hours before surgery as a precaution. You may be asked to wear a compression stocking; this will help with blood circulation in the legs. Always do what the doctor tells you to do for your individual case.

During bunion surgery, which usually only takes around an hour, the bunion surgeon will make, a keyhole cut over the joint of your toe. The exact type of procedure differs depending on the size of the bunion. The surgeon will remove some of the bone and reposition it to fit as it should. Tendons and ligaments will also be repositioned then screws or wires will be used to keep the bone in place. They will either dissolve or be removed in another visit.

After the bunion surgery operation, you will need to wait until the general anesthetic has worn off and the surgeon has checked to make sure you are ok before you can go home. You will need to keep your foot well rested and well supported to allow for a perfect recovery from bunion surgery.

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