Bursitis Hip | Hip Bursitis Symptoms And Treatment

Bursitis hip is an inflammatory condition which arises due to the inflammation of the bursa. The bursa is a fluid filled sac. This sac helps in reducing friction during the various gliding movements of the hip. The two bursae located in the hip area are the trochanteric bursa and the ishchial bursa.

The most common cause of hip bursitis is any kind of trauma or stress to the hip joint. When these factors cause the bursitis hip, it is known as aseptic bursitis hip.

When any kind of infection occurs in the hip area due to some kind of bacteria, cause the inflammation of the joint, then it is known as septic bursitis hip.


Symptoms of bursitis hip:

-Tenderness is present in the affected side of the hip.

-pain while lying down on the side affected

-pain is seen to worsen while climbing or getting down the stairs

-dull pain is persistent. The pain worsens when a person sits on a hard surface for a longer duration of time.

Hip Bursitis is commonly seen in athletes. Especially in those athletes involved in sports such as football which involves lot of running and hence causes stress to the hip joint area.

Bursitis hip is also seen as a post surgical complication in individuals who have suffered from a fracture in the upper thigh region.



Bursitis hip is commonly diagnosed on the basis of a physical examination. Usually the condition is easily diagnosed as pain and tenderness is present in the outer part of the hip region over the bony prominence.

Pain in most cases is accompanied by swelling. Provisional diagnosis is made by injecting a local anesthetic in the involved area, the pain disappears and then diagnosis can be confirmed by taking X-rays of the hip. Further to confirm diagnosis of the condition, a little bit of the fluid is aspirated and sent to the laboratories to confirm diagnosis. This procedure is done under sterile conditions by the doctor under local anesthesia.



Hip Bursitis treatment depends on the causative factor. The treatment differs for septic and aseptic forms of bursitis.

For aseptic bursitis hip the patient get relief by applying ice packs over the affected area. Also the condition may improve with adequate amount of rest along with pain and anti inflammatory medications. If this condition occurs in obese individuals then the condition can improve drastically with reduction of body weight. Stretching exercises and other forms of mild exercises are recommended for all individuals.

Treatment for septic bursitis hip varies. This condition first off is a rare occurance. When hip bursitis is seen to occur due to the presence of some bacteria further investigations should be carried out. It is important to identify the causative bacteria causing the infection in the affected area. To identify this, an adequate amount of the bursa fluid is removed and sent to the lab for further analysis. This condition would need antibiotic treatment. Repeated aspirations are required in cases of septic bursitis. Sometimes bursectomy (removal of the bursa) may have to be done.

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