Causes of Diarrhea and Stomach Pain After Eating

Diarrhea and Stomach Pain After Eating

It is not uncommon for someone to experience diarrhea and stomach pain after eating at some point in time.  Usually this is not something to worry about but there are times when the symptoms are reason for concern.

Non-chronic explanations include: • Food Poisoning • Food Allergy • Stomach Flu • Indigestion

Let’s take a closer look at each of these as an explanation of diarrhea after eating or stomach pain after eating.   Food Poisoning – When a person eats food or drinks water that has been infected by bacteria, parasites or toxins they can develop food poisoning.  Usually this food or water poisoning is due to the bacteria Staphylococcus or E-Coli.  Typically symptoms occur within two to six hours of ingestion.  Fever, headaches, vomiting and weakness often also follow.

Food Allergy – Approximately four percent of the adult population in the US is affected by food allergies.  When foods are mistaken as harmful by the body’s immune system the body creates a defense against them.  In producing histamines to fight off these mistaken enemies inflammation, swelling and pain can be caused in the intestines or stomach.

Stomach Flu – We have all experienced this.  The stomach flu usually lasts about 24 hours and causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Some people also run a fever.

Indigestion – There are certain foods that just set off indigestion in some individuals.  Gas pains are often a part of the symptoms and sometimes diarrhea follows.

All of these symptoms should be taken seriously.  Anytime a person’s fever reaches 100 degrees, a doctor should be consulted.  Anytime the symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, at the least a trip to a drop in health facility is warranted.

There are also chronic diagnoses for stomach pain after eating or diarrhea after eating.

These include: • Crohn’s Disease • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Ulcers

Crohn’s Disease – With Crohn’s Disease patients can have long periods of time when they have no symptoms at all.  Then they have a flare up then several symptoms accompany the disease other than diarrhea and stomach pain.  Those include fever, rectal bleeding, weight loss, and a feeling of fullness.  Over the long-haul other symptoms develop and surgery is often required.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS is fairly common and causes bloating, gas, diarrhea, cramping and stomach pain.  There is no cure for the syndrome.  It can however be controlled by watching what is eaten and by making lifestyle changes.  The disease varies from person-to-person; some are homebound to those who occasionally have a bout with the symptoms.

Ulcers – These are painful sores in the stomach or the small intestine.  It is extremely serious if these ulcers perforate and surgery is often required.  Although doctors are not sure what causes ulcers, they know the ulcer is the end result.  When diagnosed, ulcers are usually controlled by bland diets.

Acute causes of stomach pain after eating or diarrhea after eating includes diseased gall bladder or appendicitis.  This is usually intense, quick moving and requires a trip to the emergency room.

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