Chiropractor Salary And Career Outlines

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor (also called as a chiropractic or a chiropractic physician) may be classified as licensed primary health care provider who focuses on understanding and manipulating the relationship between the musculoskeletal (the muscles, the skeleton and the nerves) system of the body and its physical health. Some common techniques of treatment followed by chiropractors worldwide include, but may not be limited to:

  • Manual therapy, including manipulation of the spinal cord, various other joints, and soft tissues
  • Exercises (to relieve pain)
  • Health and lifestyle counseling

Chiropractors often function on the ideology that physical health of the human body may be revised or made better and at the same time be preserved just by making certain changes to the musculoskeletal structures, particular the spinal cord. Their practice does not involve the use of medicinal drugs in any form whatsoever or performance of surgical procedures (although they do recommend their patients to undergo such procedures if a need arises).

Any person who desires to be a chiropractor must undergo a 4 year bachelor’s (comprising of theory classes in the related field and lab work) degree at a chiropractor school. Chiropractors are then directed to attempt an examination administered by the state to obtain their licenses. A chiropractor salary can vary greatly which you will see why below.

Chiropractic as a Career

Recent statistical reports from the Bureau of Labour depict a bright future for people entering the chiropractic field. In fact, the report states that in the case of a chiropractor, a more fruitful career may be expected as compared to that of other alternative health experts. The career is known to have a great earning potential and chiropractors may enjoy relatively steady careers.

Yet, during his/ her schooling years itself, a budding chiropractor must be prepared to face the fact that chiropractor is not as booming a career during the initial stages as he/ she might have previously thought.

It takes a while for a newly passed out chiropractor to develop interest in his/ her new clinic. Usually, it takes a year’s time to see the business achieve a steady growth.


Chiropractor Salary Expectations

During the first few years, a chiropractor should expect himself/ herself to be earning a yearly income of $47,000. And with the new age alternative methods of healing and preserving the body coming to light by the each passing day, he/ she may expect a better income as the year’s progress.

But, well, there is some good news in store for you as a chiropractor. As a chiropractor, once you are well known in your community (of course, you should be good at your job for that!), you could expect to make an income of about $118,000 yearly!

As per statistical reports from the Bureau of Labor, the average yearly wage of a chiropractor spiked up from $66,490 in 2008 to $159,640 in 2010. A major portion of the population of chiropractors across the world is self-employed which means that they are dependent on their own practice. There you have it, a chiropractor salary is no joke!

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