Colonic Irrigation – Highway to Healthy Stomach

In today’s world there is no end to the ways, in which one can take care of his health. There are health spas, beauty salons, gymnasiums, nutritionists, dieticians, masseurs, aroma therapists, lifestyle experts, and Yoga gurus… you name it and you have it. In the midst of these life enriching enterprises, people generally forget that the key secret of a healthy body is a healthy digestive system. Colonic Irrigation is a way to achieve that.

Colonic Irrigation, also called Colonic Hydrotherapy, is a process of cleansing the last part of the digestive system, i.e. Colon. This procedure needs to be performed by a professional and is usually offered in cleaning spas or detoxification centers. It is intended at removing fecal wastes and nonspecific toxins from the colon and the entire intestinal tract. Based on the ancient Egyptian and Greek hypothesis it is believed that feces get stuck on the walls of the large intestine and it rots. As its layer builds up, it turns into parasites, which causes poor health. Regular laxatives prove to be insufficient to remove these hardened waste layers, so a more direct and a little stronger method, like Colonic Irrigation is required.

Its process is quite simple. In this alternative medical therapy, water is injected in the body through anus using special equipments. At times, the water is blended with some herbs or medicated liquids in order to detoxify the body. While the water is entering the colon, the therapist massages abdomen in a gentle way in order to break up and release any waste product from the sides of the colon walls. Once the colon is filled with water, the therapist reverses the flow of the liquid allowing it to exit the body through natural peristalsis. The same process will be repeated for ½ (or sometimes even complete one) hour depending on the requirement.

Nevertheless, as every good thing has some “doubtful” side to it, even Colonic Irrigation is subjected to few controversies. Some medical authorities assert that human body is naturally capable of removing waste material, and such forced procedures may disrupt the balance between bacteria and natural chemicals in the bowls. Plus, when harmful bacteria are flushed out of the body, the healthy bacteria also gets flushed out. They further think that it may harm colon’s ability to discard dead cells. However, they also state that such process can be used as a preparatory action before conducting a colonoscopy.

Some medical experts also say that sloppy use of the insertion instrument may cause some damage to the rectum. Furthermore, if the instrument is not properly sterilized it may cause amoebiasis. Colonic Irrigation has also been associated with heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances. Its frequent use may compromise the natural functioning of the colon and increase dependence on this process for clean bowl movements.

Every procedure has some pros and cons, but it is up to us to mark a limit and decide to what extent a particular health treatment is beneficial. Getting addicted to anything is bad, and so it is even in the case of Colonic Irrigation. However, when done in moderation and with total caution, it may prove to be another life-enriching experience for you.

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  1. This colonic irrigation is a healthy activity. it cleanses the colon to make it more the part of the stomach to be comfortable to process.

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