Colonoscopy Prep | All About Prep For Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy prep refers to the time which is spent in analyzing and examining everything accurately before actually performing the process of colonoscopy. The prep time is the most crucial time of the whole process because if prep was not done accordingly it may complicate the whole procedure of colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is actually a process or procedure that involves cleaning of bowel and to perform this process the physician should have knowledge regarding the various possible problems and errors that may occur during the process. In order to avoid such problems and errors the prep is done which eliminates the possibility of making any mistakes during the process. If the prep process is not performed it may lead to an unclean bowel which will ultimately lead to inaccurate results.

The duration of colonoscopy prep may vary depending upon the type of test to be conducted on the patient. The prep time can be between 10 hours to 36 hours and it is started approximately one or two days before the scheduled procedure of colonoscopy. During the prep time, the patient is not allowed to take certain type of medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. Moreover they are also not allowed to drink during the prep time.

The patient as well as the medical examiner should make sure that the whole patient’s history is known before hand so that no complications arise during the process. If there are any antibiotics or other medicines that the patient was previously taking he should tell that to the medical examiner plus if he or she went through any surgery or medical condition recently the medical examiner should be aware of that as well. With the help of accurate patient’s medical history the whole process can be performed in an accurate manner.

There are some common factors that should be known by the patient before the prep period. The most important thing that a patient must know is that during the prep period certain medicines are given and those medicines can make the patient feel absent minded so it is better to come along with someone else that can make not of the information that is beneficial for the patient. Other than that it is better to give your whole medical history and never try to mislead the medical examiner by providing him false information because that would affect you adversely.

Alcohol consumption should be completely avoided during the prep for a colonoscopy. Also if you are using any prescribed medicines you should let the examiner know about what type of medicines you are taking and from how long you have been taking them. Do not stop taking your prescribed medicines without consulting your doctor.

Hence, colonoscopy prep is an essential process that is done before the actual colonoscopy process is performed. It is very important for the patient and doctor to cooperate with each other during the prep time so that the whole process is completed in the accurate way possible.

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