Common Back Of Heel Pain Causes

Heel pain is one of the most common complains faced by doctors. The heel area acts as a pressure bearing area of the foot. Various factors are responsible for causing the heel pain and it’s most commonly found in the back of the heel. The symptoms should be correctly studies and proper diagnosis should be made to treat the condition properly. There are various conditions which trigger heel pain such as strain on the bones, the ligaments, muscles which are located in the foot area.

Some of the common heel pain causes are listed below:

-Plantar fasciitis: a very common cause of pain in the heel is plantar fasciitis. The pain is generally felt when there is a tear in the plantar fasciitis ligament. This occurs due to excess stress which it is subjected to. In this condition the tight tissue which is located in the arch of the foot gets irritated, bruised and inflamed. This causes heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is caused mainly due to prolonged walking or if a person keeps standing for a long period of time. The other factors which may cause plantar fasciitis are wearing uncomfortable unsupportive shoes and weight gain which may happen in a short period of time.

-Heel spurs: severe pain is felt when a tiny fragment of bone is pulled away in the direction of the toes when the plantar fasciitis ligament gets retracted. This condition occurs when the ligament is subjected to excessive stress. The pain which is felt is very severe as the bone which gets dislocated starts invading into the nerves of the foot area and also the soft tissues present there. Heel spurs are generally present in all most all individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

-Heel bruises: heel bruises are also a common back of heel pain cause. This occurs when there is any kind of injury to the heel area. This condition is also referred to as stone bruising. When a person walks for a long duration of time without shoes or without proper footwear can suffer from heel bruises. This happens due to bruising caused by stones or any other hard objects present which may cause stress to the heel area. This condition can improve on its own with taking adequate rest.

-Other stress related factors: fracture is on the main stress related heel pain cause. The calcaneus fracture is a rare occurance. This does not occur commonly, but is seen mostly in athletes and in people involved in some sport which involves lot of running activity.

-Achilles tendonitis– this is the heel pain in the posterior region. The Achilles tendon runs along the back area of the foot. A calf muscle which is very tight can cause excess stress on this tendon and hence is a common cause of heel pain. The pain which is felt is due to the inflammation of this Achilles tendon or retrocalcaneal bursitis. Again, this condition occurs mainly in athletes.

-Tarsal turner syndrome: this syndrome occurs in rare conditions. In the tarsal turner syndrome, there is a nerve which gets entrapped and pinched which is one of the rarer causes of heel pain.

-Overpronation: some people have a tendency to roll their foot during various foot related activity. This is seen generally in people who have flat feet. Overpronation is also one of the common heel pain causes.

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