Common Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Bowel cancer occurs in the large intestine where the cancer cells are located. This type of cancer is quite common and the symptoms are easy to diagnose. This type of cancer can occur due to a variety of reasons such as age, diet, medical history of a person, the general lifestyle etc.

Some of the most common symptoms of bowel cancer are as follows:

-bloody stool


-a general change in the bowel habit




-abdominal cramps and pain in the abdomen

-a feeling of fullness in the stomach

-sudden changes in the stool consistency

-loss of weight


Bloody stools:

The most common type of bowel cancer symptom is having bloody stool. However it is difficult to find the presence of blood in the stool in all cases. Hence a FOBT should be done (fecal occult blood test) whenever in doubt about the presence of blood in the stool. But the presence of blood does not always indicate cancer of the bowel. The presence of blood might be due to any defect or infection which may not be as severe as the cancer of the bowel. One should always get themselves tested by visiting a doctor whenever in doubt.


Changes in the stool consistency:

Any change in the consistency of the stool for a long period of time is an indication of some defect in the bowel. If the stool appears to be of a very thin or sometimes a ribbon like consistency then it can indicate the presence of some kind of obstruction which may be responsible for the stool thinness. The obstruction may be in the form of tumor. The doctor should be immediate

One of the other symptoms of bowel cancer seen at times is constipation; this is a very non specific type of symptom seen sometimes in patient bowel cancer patients. There can however be a number of other disorders which can cause constipation, bowel cancer being one of the most serious causes. The doctor should be informed about this happening as constipation which stays for a longer time in general can be a result of some tumor growth in the bowel.


A feeling of fullness in the stomach:

This is one of the main bowel cancer symptoms. This can be a due to a tumor growth in the stomach.


Pain and cramping in the abdomen:

There are various reasons why there can be pain accompanied by cramping in the abdomen area. When it is related to the cancer of bowel it occurs mainly due to the gas entrapment in the stomach area.



Fatigue is one if the commonest symptoms associated with most of the diseases or defects in the body. When fatigue is a symptom of bowel cancer it is generally related to anemia which develops in the body.


When any of the above symptoms are experienced by an individual the doctor should be immediately consulted as it may be a condition which may be as severe as bowel cancer. When bowel cancer is detected at an early stage, the prognosis is much better.

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