Common Chia Seeds Side Effects

Although chia seeds are known to be a great omega-3 fatty acids source, there are some chia seeds side effects that are associated with the use of the dietary supplement.   However, most observed symptoms are only minor and can easily be treated and managed.  After all, since the earliest documented history, people have already been known to use chia seeds as a kind of endurance food.  To be always on the safe side, it is advisable to consult with a health care professional before using any dietary or food supplements.

Chia seeds are known to contain twice the amount of protein found in most other grains and seeds, and thrice the levels of antioxidants in blueberries.  They are also known to be packed with calcium, and contain the mineral known as boron which helps the body absorb and utilize calcium.  Chia seeds also have three times the amount of iron given by spinach, and contain twice the calcium content of a banana.  But chia seeds are best known for their good fats or essential fatty acids content.

Incorporating chia seeds into the regular diet will help enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods.  It is also known to provide help for people with gastritis, ulcer, GERD, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS.)  The dietary supplement is intended to complement regular treatments and medications for the said disorders, and not as the primary source of relief.

Studies tend to show that consumption of chia seeds in volumes can help bring down blood pressure in older people.  As chia seeds are also known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin B, proper caution must be exercised when using it in conjunction with other Vitamin B supplements as too much Vitamin B may have a negative effect on the body.

Although the use of the seeds as nutritional supplement is generally encouraged because of the massive health benefits one can potentially get from them, there are some concerns about possible chia seed side effects that may result from their use.  There are, however, no conclusive studies done yet that can conclusively link major side effects to the use of chia seeds and validate the concerns.

There are reports that increased flatulence can be a side effect of chia seeds consumption in big quantities.  This is probably because of the high fiber content of the seeds.  Likewise, people who are allergic to mustard seeds are observed to have negative reactions to the use of chia seeds as well.  Likewise, because chia seeds are known as an abundant source of potentially blood-thinning Omega-3, people who are taking aspirins and blood thinners, hemophiliacs, or those who are scheduled to undergo surgical procedures, must refrain from taking chia seeds.

Some experts also advise against the use of chia seeds in large quantities as this may have an addictive effect.  And although tests are not made on pregnant women, the use of chia seeds for expectant mothers is highly discouraged as it may result to chia seed side effects either on the mother or the baby, or both.

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  1. Barbara Ledford



    ❓ So many of my friends recommend Chia seeds to me and suggest that I add them to my daily intake of water ….I am currently taking two drugs ,namley ,,,AVAPRO ,,,and ASSASANTIN ..Because of the constant recommendation of Chia seeds I am encouraged to start to add them to my daily water intake as recommended ,however before doing so ,I think it only prudent that I seek your advice first to be sure that Chia seeds are compatable with the drugs mentioned ..Thank you …Robert W

    • I use Chia seeds all the time in oatmeal and stews and breads. I really don’t think you could add to water. When you expose to water they become like gel covered seeds, which would make for a gelatinous unpleasant experience in your drink. I put them in smoothies after soaking in water and they mix in fairly well, however you need to drink your smoothie very quickly as they tend to seperate from the drink and sink to the bottom again as a gelatinous mound. There are all kinds of recipes for them at Ruth’s Foods. But most of the recipes include other products that they sell not just the Chia seeds.

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