Common H Pylori Symptoms

H pylori or the helicobacter pylori are bacteria which are found in the stomach. This bacterium is spiral in shape and is responsible in the formation of ulcers in the stomach. The stomach in normal cases has a protective lining. This lining protects the delicate mucosa of the stomach from the various acidic digestive juices of the stomach.

H pylori act on this protective lining of the stomach. This causes irritation of the stomach and causes its inflammation. H pylori are one of the causative organisms of gastritis.

H pylori infections are very common. Most people living in developing countries and other crowded areas suffer from the H pylori infection commonly. Most people worldwide are the carriers of H pylori. When a person is a carrier the condition is generally asymptomatic.

Some of the H. pylori symptoms are as follows:

The H pylori symptoms of infection are very similar to peptic acid symptoms. The typical symptoms of H pylori begin with a burning sensation in the stomach which gets worse as time passes. This kind of pain in most cases is long lasting. The pain and the burning sensation are concentrated usually under the ribs. The pain reduces when any form of antacid is taken.

H Pylori Symptoms

  • ·         Pain which may or may not be associated with cramping in the abdomen.
  • ·         A full feeling in the stomach. The typical bloating sensation is felt.
  • ·         The affected individual suffers from diarrhea and indigestion problems.
  • ·         Frequent episodes of hunger develop. This hunger episode can occur 2-3 hours immediately after a meal.
  • ·         Nausea and vomiting occur. The feeling of nausea can be relieved when the person vomits
  • ·         Ulcer formation does not always occur in all individuals who suffer from H. pylori infection
  • ·         The intensity of the pain is much more when the stomach is full. Some amount of relief is felt when there is no food present in the stomach.
  • ·         Repeated burping occurs.
  • ·         In some individuals serious weight loss may occur.
  • ·         Some people have a complaint of difficulty in swallowing their food.
  • ·         Blood in the urine, stool and sometimes in the vomit is seen as a typical symptom of H. pylori.
  • ·         H. pylori affects the normal digestive process of the body due to which there is some amount of food which remains undigested and is passed in that form in the stool. This gives the stool an abnormal black color.
  • ·         More commonly the urine appears to be darker than normal which is accompanied by a foul odor.
  • ·         H. pylori pain is felt in the upper abdominal area in most individuals.
  • ·         Due to the constant feeling of nausea and vomiting there is a general loss of appetite which is felt which eventually leads to weight loss and poor health.
  • ·         Another symptom of H. pylori is severe abdominal pain and burning sensation in the stomach which is felt the most during the morning hours or immediately after waking up.
  • ·         In very severe cases of H. pylori infection there may be bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract of the body.

When any of the above symptoms are noticed, the doctor should be immediately consulted and treatment for it should be started at the earliest before the condition worsens.

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  1. I just wanted to share a really important piece of information. I’ve suffered with H.pylori for 5months before it was properly diagnosed and even after treatment I’ve suffered with issues that were caused by h.pylori, until now.

    The first time I was tested it came back negative because the bacteria culture hadn’t grown in size enough to show the problem. After I was diagnosed and treated with antibiotics I was told to go back and get another test for H.pylori in three months to make sure it was gone. So I’m guessing that three months after the symptoms start is the key date where it can be seen in the blood.

    Throughout the whole event and until just recently I’ve had seriously stiff joints, my brain has been foggy and my heart has been hurting, all of which started about a month into h.pylori taking over my stomach. These symptoms continued even after the antibiotics. Since then, I’ve been tested for everything and even tried a natropath to no avail. I have just recently found the cause and felt compelled to share it with the internet world as I haven’t seen the answer to my problem anywhere. H.Pylori’s favorite meal is potassium!!! It has usurped all of the potassium from my system which apparently only happens with medications or disease and that’s why my doctor didn’t pick up on it. I only figured this out when someone told me to try drinking apple cider vinegar for my joint problem. And within 24hrs my joints stopped aching and I could think clearly! It’s been months of frustration but I’m feeling I’ve finally found the leg up I’ve been needing.

    The recipe is this : 2-3 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 1cup of water once daily. There are also recipes where you can put 2-3 tsp of honey in. I’ve found the Braggs company to have the most nutritious form of vinegar. A side note here, don’t do this if you have h.pylori still in your system, they’ll just feed off of it and your stomach will probably feel worse.

    So there you have it, I really hope this is helpful to some of you, it’s an article I wish I had seen months ago! ( :

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