Common Kidney Infection Symptoms

Kidney infections are dangerous. Kidney infections, especially those caused by bacteria will cause pain around the kidney area which is located near the spine and just below the rib cage. This area is tender when palpated. Sometimes kidney infection symptoms are difficult to diagnose as they show the same symptoms of a regular back pain. Usually only one kidney gets infected.

The common kidney infection symptoms are:


-smelly urine

-lower back pain

-urine may contain blood or the urine may appear in a dark color

-pain around the abdomen area


-pain during urination

-increased frequency of urination, except less amount of urine is passed each time



-pus in the urine

-night sweats


For someone who suffers from kidney infection or shows the symptoms of kidney infection should immediately consult their doctor because if not treated, the condition can further progress to chronic pyelonephritis.

Infants and children can also develop kidney infections. The symptoms seen in them are as follow:


-loose bowel movements


-loss of appetite


Symptoms seen in the elderly include:

-pain in the lower back area

-sharp stabbing pain in the abdomen

-pain around the waist

-a constant dull ache in the abdomen


-rapid heart rate

-low blood pressure


Kidney infections in the elderly should be carefully treated. These people show a low resistance for bacterial infection. There is a high risk of death from kidney infections. Death can also result as kidney infection can be a complication of some other underlying disease. Kidney infections in the elderly can be severe as they have weakened tolerance for bacteria and other infections.


Unless a person regularly suffers from kidney infections, it is difficult to recognize the symptoms. Some of the warning signs and symptoms of a kidney infection are as follows:

-Burning on urination is a common sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection). If the UTI is not treated, it can cause kidney infection. The burning sensation should not be confused of a yeast infection. The burning sensation in a UTI is generally associated with intense pain.

-Pain which is felt in the lower back area right around the waist is a sign of a kidney infection too. The pain could be of a constant dull aching type or a sharp stabbing pain. Generally any kind of pain concentrated in the right corner of the lower back is an indicative of kidney trouble.

-Fatigue is also another sign of kidney infection. There may be no other symptoms of kidney infection except that the person may be extremely fatigued all the time.

-The person suffering from any kind of kidney infection generally presents with a mild fever. If the infection remains untreated, the fever will rise.


Not all symptoms may develop each time. Sometimes a kidney infection may just show vague symptoms. Kidney infections are four times more common in women than in men according to a recent survey. These infections are also common in children and during pregnancy. Kidney infections can occur at any age.

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