Common Midlife Crisis Symptoms

Some people use the term midlife crisis very loosely without understanding the how traumatic this period in life can be for others.

A midlife crisis is common to persons between the ages of 40-60 or otherwise known as middle aged persons. Midlife crisis affects women differently than it does men and could lasts in men from 3-10 years. Midlife crisis usually starts around the age of 46.

Midlife crisis doesn’t appear out of thin air but it has quite a number of triggers such as aging, a combination of changes, problems or regrets. Some regrets may stem from physical changes of aging, work related issues, death of parents, spousal relationships or even the maturation of children.

You may be wondering what the differences between a man and a woman’s midlife crises are? Listed below are a few or them.

  1. 1.      Men become afraid of all the changes that come with getting older like becoming ill and dying
  2. 2.      Women being thrust into midlife crisis now have the opportunity to fulfil her own dreams because her children are now grown.
  3. 3.      Men are afraid of not being attractive to females.
  4. 4.      Women have now reached the times in their life where they are financially secure and this gives her great opportunity to do the things she always wanted to
  5. 5.      Men are afraid of not being able to reach the goals which they have set for themselves.
  6. 6.      Women go through menopause which changes her both psychologically and biologically. This change causes her to reflect on her life and question whether or not she should make changes to it at this point in her life.

Persons who have been able to achieve what they wanted out of life are less likely experience midlife crisis symptoms. Men who have great relationships with their spouses and are able to meet their needs make their transition into midlife crisis a lot easier than men in dysfunctional relationships.

Persons who don’t live outside of a family circle are more than likely to experience midlife crisis. In other words the man or woman that do not socializes and live their own dreams outside of the family is more prone to having a midlife crisis due to regrets they have based on sacrificing so much for their family.

The midlife crisis is formed over time in stages. These stages are – depression, shock, denial, anger and acceptance. Some persons may be able to cope with these stages while others usually jump through each stage without learning any coping mechanisms. Until these coping mechanisms are learnt they would never come out of their midlife crisis.

During midlife crisis men and women may exhibit certain behaviours that they usually don’t display other wise known as midlife crisis symptoms. Some of these midlife crisis symptoms include:

  • The desire to leave the work place
  • Bouts of depression
  • Unexpected anger or irritability
  • Desire to get physically fit
  • Pondering over death
  • Interest in new hobbies
  • Compulsive buying
  • Hair changes

There is no cure for midlife crisis but you can seek the professional help of a therapist to help you resolve all of your midlife crisis symptoms.

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