Common Mononucleosis Symptoms

Mononucleosis, more commonly known as mono and teasingly called the kissing disease, is an infection that passes from one person to another through saliva. You don’t necessarily have to kiss someone who has mono to get infected. If you mistakenly use a mono patient’s toothbrush or share food utensils and glasses with him or her, you will get infected. Older adults don’t get mono, though, because their bodies are immune to the virus that causes it.


All the mononucleosis symptoms manifest in adolescents and young adults alone. So they are often the only ones who seek for treatment for mono. So what exactly are these mononucleosis symptoms?


Mono weakens who it affects to the point that he or she will feel constantly tired and weak. An affected person might get sore throat or even strep throat, and swollen tonsils, which antibiotics cannot relieve or get rid of. Along with headache and fever, a mono patient also suffers from rashes and swelling of the lymph nodes in his or her armpits and neck. He or she also sweats heavily during the night. His or her spleen, which is located in the upper left of the stomach, also becomes soft and swollen.


To make sure that your symptoms are those of mono and not of any other disease or virus, you must get a doctor’s opinion to rule out other possibilities. Get yourself screened for mono and the Epstein-Barr virus that causes it through blood tests like the monospot test to be sure.


The symptoms of mononucleosis can go away all even without getting treatment from a physician. Anyone affected with it will just have to submit himself to long hours of bed rest, eat healthy food and avoid heavily physical activities entirely for a few weeks.


Also, he or she should take care of every part of your body that feels unwell. Gargling with a saline solution can make a mono patient’s throat feel better. Taking paracetamol will also relieve a patient of his or her fever and headache. Within two weeks, his or her fever and sore throat will go away, and in the next few weeks, he or she will feel a lot less tired.


However, these actions do not always guarantee that a mono patient will get cured. If a mono patient does not feel and see any signs of getting better within a week or two of resting and eating healthy, he or she must go to the doctor. The worst case scenario would be if a mono patient experiences unbearable pain along the upper part of his or her tummy. This severe pain signals that his or her spleen is in a critical condition that it might have already burst from its heavy swelling.


The problem with the mononucleosis symptoms is that they only become visible about a month after you contracted the disease. So you have to be on guard in terms of with whom you are sharing your food utensils and glasses. You also have to make sure only you have access to your toothbrush.


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  1. When you have symptoms of mono, drugs are not often used since the disease is self limiting. The number one suggested home remedy for the treatment of mononucleosis is bed rest.

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