Common Signs Of Sinus Infection

When the sinuses and the mucous membrane of the nasal passages are inflamed, it is called sinus infection or sinusitis. It can be caused by bacteria (acute), fungi (chronic) or a virus. It is a common infection can manifest a wide range of signs and symptoms depending on which part of the sinuses is affected. In the United States alone, there are more than 29 million adults who were diagnosed to have sinusitis in 2009.

Sinusitis is classified as acute or the sudden onset of the illness, and chronic which is the most common type of this infection. Bacterial sinusitis typically lasts more than a week and usually happens more than twice a year. Fungal or recurring sinusitis lasts longer but not longer than three weeks and typically takes place at least five times a year.

Here are some common the signs of a sinus infection.

1. Nasal obstruction especially at night.

2. Postnasal drip. It can be clear to greenish-yellow in color.

3. Sore throat

4. Pain around the eyes, at one nasal area, or across the cheekbones.

5. Headache at the temple, at the forehead, and on top of the head and the pain gets intense when bending over or quick moving of head.

6. Pressure or pain worsening when coughing or bending.

7. Fever

8. Vision syndrome or problem with vision if the pressure reaches the brain

9. Bad breath

10. Toothache or increased tooth sensitivity

11. Fatigue

12. Poor sense of smell and taste.

13. Ear pain if the infection spread to inner ears.




Simple nasal congestion with fever may indicate colds but once it accompanied with facial pain, headaches and other signs of sinus infections listed above and it lasts for several days, it may be a sign of sinus infection already. It can be treated easily; but when left untreated, it can lead to more severe medical problems. For example, an ethmoid sinusitis can cause infection of the eye socket. This may result to the swelling of the eyelid. Vision changes may occur and the infected person may lose the ability to move his eyes that may result to permanent blindness.

Among the immediate home remedies that can be done once you felt signs of sinus infection.

1. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

2. Inhale steam for about 10 minutes for at least 3 times a day.

3. Take some over-the-counter expectorant drugs to help expel the mucus from the respiratory passages or decongestants to lessen airway obstruction.

4. Take some pain medication to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Self-medication can alleviate the pain for a while but you always have to remember that drugs always have side effects. It is still best to see your doctor and have your condition assess. Sinus surgery is another option for serious sinus infection that can no longer be treated by therapy and drugs. Over all, sinus infection does recur and can develop other complications. Hence, the best remedy for sinus infection is avoiding to be exposed to its causing agents.


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