Common Skin Cancer Symptoms

One of the many phenomena that, if spoken of make us skip our heart-beat, is cancer. Unfortunately there are many, who are not as lucky to speak about cancer impersonally and who’re destined to skip much more than just a heart-beat… their lives! We have heard a lot about cancer and may have personally interacted with cancer patients; however, our knowledge of this deadly disease doesn’t go beyond a certain limit. This is why it is imperative to take this curtain off your ignorance.

Skin cancer, compared to more familiar types of cancers, like blood and lung, is particularly less heard of but most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. Its mortality rate is quite low; nevertheless, the skin cancer symptoms are as excruciating as in any other types of cancers.

Skin cancer develops in the outmost layer of the skin, causing the tumor to be visually noticeable, and in turn being detectable in an early stage. Although it causes lesser deaths compared to other cancers, the symptoms of skin cancer can be quite defacing.

Let’s know the skin cancer symptoms, based on their three types.

  • Basal-Cell Carcinoma

This is the most common and less deadly type of skin cancer, however, because of its tendency to disfigure and to invade the surrounding tissues, it is considered malignant. Its symptoms are,

–        It begins as a small dome-shaped bump, which is covered by small superficial blood vessels that looks shiny and pearly

–        Mostly appear on the chest and back, grow slowly, and look like a red patch of raw and dry skin

–        It thickens the skin, making the use of “Tactile Sensation” and “Skin Biopsy” mandatory

–        Looks like an acne scar

–        Severe inflammation

  • Squamous-Cell Carcinoma

This is a result of unrestrained growth of malignant cells. It is also a common type of skin cancer and it develops in large number of organs, like skin, lips, urinary bladder, prostate, vagina, cervix, etc. Its symptoms are,

–        Lesion, ulcer, or plaque that grows slowly and has hard edges

–        Erratic bleeding from the tumor

–        Chronic skin damage

–        It has a substantial risk of metastasis

  • Melanoma

This is the least common and most deadly skin cancer, being responsible for the 75% deaths relating to the skin cancer. This cancer is more common in women than men, and more precisely Caucasian women, who live in sunny climates. Its symptoms are,

–        Change in the shape or color of the existing moles

–        Itching, ulcerating, and bleeding moles/lumps

–        Irregular borders and asymmetrical shapes of the legions or lumps

–        Generally is the size of 6 mm diameter

–        Slow growth

–        Elevated above the skin surface

–        Stiff to the touch

–        Loss of appetite

–        Nausea

–        Vomiting

–        Fatigue

These skin cancer symptoms can vary to some extent, nevertheless, are apparent as mentioned above. Since, they have a slow growth and immediate visibility one must seek medical help as soon as any of the above symptoms are experienced.

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