Common Symptoms Of Syphilis

Syphilis is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted disease. It occurs due to the bacteria known as the treponema pallidum. The treponema pallidum belongs to the spirochete family and affects both males and females.

The symptoms of syphilis vary. This variation is due to the stage of the infection at which the condition presents.

In most cases of the initial stage of syphilis the symptoms go unnoticed. The affected person generally presents with sores which are painless. The individual would also present with swelling present in the lymph node area. As the condition progresses without any form of treatment the suffering individual may show signs of persistent fever, body aches, appetite loss along with fatigue. If the condition is left untreated it can prove to be fatal as eventually other organs of the body would get involved. The symptoms of syphilis may be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms with which it presents is similar to most of the other infections.

Symptoms of primary syphilis:

The main symptom of syphilis at this stage is the chancre. The chancre may appear anytime between the first 15 days to 3 months after acquiring the infection. The chancre may be single or multiple. The most common sight for the appearance of the chancre is the anus, the vagina, the scrotum and the mouth. The chancre even if not treated, may regress, however there is always a chance of recurrence of the condition in periods of stress.

Symptoms of secondary syphilis:

This stage is considered as the most contagious stage of syphilis. At this stage the bacteria multiplies and spreads rapidly throughout the body. This stage is characterized by the appearance of rash on the body. This rash is commonly seen on the extremities of the body specially the palms and the soles. The person also presents with moderate to high fever with fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, body pain, headache, extreme weakness, hair loss and sometimes the appearance of white patches anywhere in the body. As seen at the stage of primary syphilis, at this stage also the symptoms of syphilis may regress after a while but if not treated then the condition progress to the next stage of syphilis known as the latent stage of syphilis. Hence it is important to correctly diagnose the condition whenever the detected.


Symptoms of latent syphilis:

The latent stage in syphilis does not present with any kind of major symptoms. Detection of the virus in the body can only be possible through a blood test. The condition of the patient can be totally revered till this stage of syphilis. This latent stage can last from 2 to 20 years after the symptoms of syphilis have disappeared.

Symptoms of tertiary syphilis:

This is the most dangerous stage of syphilis. The symptoms of syphilis at this stage can show anytime. Sometimes it takes about a year for the symptoms to show up in tertiary syphilis and sometimes it takes 20 years. At this stage the blood vessels of the body are affected and also various organs in the body are affected. This condition is characterized by blindness, nervous problems, various kinds of nervous disorders, heart problems and sometimes death. Neurosyphilis and cardiosyphilis are seen to occur at this stage.

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