Common Tribulus Side Effects

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant being used as primary ingredients for many products or drugs that are known to increase the sex drive. It has been discovered that extract of this plant has helped men suffering from infertility to develop testosterone hormone. Accordingly, this extract increases the testosterone level of the body that aides in building muscles that help to obtain better performance during sex. Although these claims are just assumptions of people promoting the products that contain this ingredient, there are people who also vouch for the efficacy of products containing this natural ingredient. While the efficacy is not certain, the Tribulus side effects are something that raises another concern.

Since there are general claims that this substance can increase in enhancing the muscle development of the body, it is also being used by some body builders as therapy after completing the anabolic steroid cycle. The body builders use this to restore the body’s natural level of testosterone.

There are two important concern related to the usage of Tribulus. One is that of the general assumption with regard to the effect of this plant. There is a big difference between a hormonal product and a product that boosts the hormone production. Tribulus does not claim of being a hormone. A lot of products that uses extracts of Tribulus specifically claimed that this plant is capable of enhancing the production of hormones. While hormones are what the body needs to help enhance the sexual performance, Tribulus helps in the production of it.

Understanding the relevance of that statement is essential in depicting the effect of the plant on the sexual performance of the person taking it. It may be logical to assume that if the body needs hormones to better the sex performance, ingesting products that may help in enhancing hormones production may lead to a better sexual performance. While this is acceptable, claiming that drinking products that contain Tribulus extract will make you better in sex can be considered a fallacy.

If we are to determine the effect with regard to its claim, generally, it can be safe to state that while it may increase the hormonal production of the body, the actual relation between the hormonal boost and the sexual performance is indirect. While it may help, it will not guarantee.

The second concern that is always being raised with regard to the use of this ingredient is the Tribulus side effects. Like any other products, it is normal for people to ask about effects and side effects. Whereas usage of this ingredient had been documented decades ago, there are no alarming Tribulus side effects that have been discovered.

People who used a product that contain this may have different reaction to it. Understandably, having different body structure leads one to react differently from ingesting any substances whether natural or not. Although no adverse effect has been documented with regard to this plant, it still does not say that there will be no side effect that will be related to it in the future. Unless further studies have been made that claims efficacy and safety of this plant, everything about it is just a person’s assumption.


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