Common Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin-C-deficiency-symptomsVitamin C plays significant role in the human body. Also known as Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is important for growth and development of the skeletal system, cardio vascular system and the muscular system. As an active nutrient, Vitamin C also helps in absorbing important iron compounds from food substances. If a person doesn’t have enough vitamin C on your body, he could have Vitamin C deficiency symptoms.


Vitamin C is also a very important nutrient for the human body that needs to be present in proper levels for the different benefits it offers. Different from certain other living things, humans cannot produce their own vitamin C. So, rich supplements of this important vitamin are very important. The different health benefits that you can get from Vitamin C include:

    • Important in healing wounds and speedy rejuvenation of skin damaged by burns
    • Helps the body in the absorption of iron from foods taken
    • Works as an antioxidant to develop the immune system of the human body
    • Regulates development of certain proteins that are useful in maintaining good bone and muscular health

Vitamin C deficiency could slow down proper operations of the human body, since the aforementioned benefits will not take place.

The recommended amount of vitamin C for humans can be obtained through regular supplements. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C. Fish, legumes and root crops are also good sources of vitamin c. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon also provide the human body with enough levels of Vitamin C.

Scurvy is a very common symptom of Vitamin C deficiency. This is a disease distinctive of bleeding gums, dropping of teeth, very hard to treat wounds and eventually, if not treated well, could lead to death. This particular symptom is on the rise and there is noted cased of scurvy even in modern times.

Other Vitamin C deficiency symptoms are tiredness, severe fatigue, head ache, back ache and other body pains, irritability, poor healing, high vulnerability to bruises, discoloration of the skin, nose bleeding, and dental caries.

These vitamin C deficiency symptoms are clear signs that your blood vessels are weak as a further sign of collagen loss in your body. However, scurvy happens if a person has prolonged deficiency in Vitamin C for such a long time for 2 to 3 months. It is notable that early signs are not distinctive of the disease. However, anyone can always take foods that are rich in vitamin C to mitigate the deficiency.

If a patient’s body becomes insufficient in Vitamin C, it can also lead to serious illnesses such as thyroid related problems and early aging. The immune system of the human body will also be weak and as a consequence, different toxic substances will make your body vulnerable to diseases.

Vitamin C deficiency symptoms in children should be taken care of since this is important for their growth and development. Mothers should be aware of these vitamin C deficiency symptoms for the well-being of their children.

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  1. Chinenye akujekwe

    Thanks alot for the information on this site.I’m just recovering from malaria,typhoid & infection but i observed alot of changes in my body so i actually had to find out. Thanks once again!

  2. christine rhodenizer

    all i know is it changed my life ………..having reactive hypoglycemia , my sugar would drop every 2 hrs and with me eating all the time , i am at the highest wight ever..

    Had taking the vitamin c for a cold and noticed that my sugar’s would not drop……..This was a bonus being able to sleep all night without a sugar spell………..

    My life feels somewhat normal now and thank god for vitamin c and wonder why the dr’s didn’t inform me of this and have suffered for many years…

  3. Wow, I felt the same way. I really dropped my vitamin c amounts and I had gum pain and erosion. Drank alot of oj and I feel so much better

  4. I was using some vitamin C serums which didn’t provide any noticeable results, they were full of things I wasn’t too happy to put on my face + their price was daylight robbery.

    I have sensitive combination skin, the only trouble is that it’s prone to shining – but the Lady Soma Renewal Serum solved this.

    Well, this serum is something completely different – but it’s the first time that skin product gave me some noticeable results. Skin seems … well, just better, sort of more alive.

    Besides, (not very dark) pigmentation I had for years gradually disappeared after a few months of using this serum.

    Since my mother is pharmacist I gave her the list of ingredients and she says they are fantastic.

    When my husband smelt it on me he liked the smell so much that he tried it – and from that day he’s stealing it on regular basis. He has dry, but not sensitive skin and adores it.

  5. Vitamin C changed my life . Doctors need to be more of this I could I died because I had scurvy and I had to diagnose myself and now i feel great! I might have candida that could be destroying my vitamin C so I’m gonna get it checked out. I’ve been struggling with this my whole life but I only started to get scurvy last year. It cause TMJ symptoms as well that I gotta get checked out. THIS IS WHAT NORMAL ALL THE TIME FEELS LIKE. I was sorry tired of every looking at me like a delusional drug addict. So happy to know I can have a normal life now. So unbelievable!

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