Common Zi Xiu Tang side effects

For those of you who are not familiar with Zi Xiu Tang it is a natural herbal dietary pill. It is said that the side effects of Zi Xiu Tang are very few. This pill is suggested to be used only to regain a natural weight. The benefits of using these dietary pills are:

  • ·         Body cleanser which increases your metabolism causing you to lose weight
  • ·         Suppresses your appetite
  • ·         Removes bad fats from your system
  • ·         Improves your appearance

This pill has no restrictions as it allows its consumers to eat to their hearts content.

 Some of the side effects of Zi Xiu Tang according to its manufacturers are dry mouth which is cause by dehydration from the increase of thermogenesis, which is the production of heating in a human, as well as it has a laxative effect due to the detoxification process.

Upon reading a few reviews on Zi Xiu Tang I found out that the side effects listed above are not the only side effects that this dietary pill has. Zi Xiu Tang side effects have been increased due to the ingredients of the dietary pills. The funny thing about reading the ingredients on the bottle is that it was so difficult to read. Why is that? Is it that they don’t want us to know the ingredients that are causing the side effects of Zi Xiu Tang? When placing ingredients in anything it should be readable for consumers so that they would be able to better decide whether or not they can even take the product of interest, especially with the side effects.

Having read a few of the ingredients in these dietary pills you would realise Zi Xiu Tang side effects don’t just relieve bowel movements from constipation but they have laxative effects. One of the ingredients in the dietary pill that has caused major side effects is senna which was removed from the pill.

Senna is a known laxative and one of the causes of Zi Xiu Tang side effects which includes flatulence, diarrhoea, bloating or abdominal cramping. In extreme cases of over usage your muscles can become weak and you may suffer from heart problems as well as liver problems but that is not all, senna also affects persons with high/low blood pressure, nursing as well as pregnant mothers, haemorrhoids and of course heart disease.

Persons who have prescribed heart or blood pressure medications should not use supplements that have laxative effects. Another side effect of Zi Xiu Tang is the change in the colour of your urine which appears a pinkish colour but this is not dangerous. Side effects also occur due the use of rhubarb which as another laxative product as well as aloe and mulberry.

Hawthorn is another dangerous ingredient that causes side effects of Zi Xiu Tang because it interacts with blood pressure medications as well as heart condition medication.

                Due to the side effects of Zi Xiu Tang it is imperative that you consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement especially if you are on medication.              

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