Coppola Keratin Treatment Reviews And Discussion

Coppola Keratin Treatment Review

Coppola Keratin Treatment is the most popularly used keratin based solution worldwide. It helps to effectively smoothen dry, frizzy or curly hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in your hair, nails and skin. Overuse of shampoos and conditions containing harmful chemicals deplete your hair of its natural keratin. This makes your hair dry, rough and frizzy. It can also cause your hair to be more fragile and break easily. Coppola keratin treatment replenishes your hair with keratin and makes it stronger. It helps strengthen the roots and makes your hair easy to manage. It smoothens out the entire frizz and your hair appears much more lustrous and shiny. In short it brings your hair back to life!

It is a known fact that most hair straightening treatments contain Formaldehyde in large amounts which does a lot of damage to hair. Coppola Keratin Treatment contains a small amount of an organic aldehyde, which makes it completely safe for use. It also makes it less irritating. It is a gel based product which is easy to apply onto hair. Once applied you should keep your hair dry, straight and away from all moisture for the next 72 hours. After that your hair is frizz free for a minimum of 4 to 6 months and that too with a very minimal upkeep. This makes it easier to use and maintain than most other hair straightening treatments.

Procedure of the Coppola Keratin Treatment: Your hair dresser will first shampoo your hair with a cleansing and clarifying shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly. Following which your hair will be lightly blow dried. The keratin Complex treatment can then be applied to your hair with a brush. Your hair will then be covered with a plastic cap and kept for about twenty minutes after application of the complex treatment. After 20 minutes your hair is blow dried and then ironed with a straightening iron. You must keep it straight and dry for the next 72 hours. In case you accidentally get your hair wet, you must blow dry it and iron it straight as soon as possible.

If you would like to colour your hair, it is best done before your Coppola Keratin Treatment. If you have already undergone the treatment and still wish to colour your hair, it is best that you wait for atleast 2 weeks following the treatment.

After the treatment you are advised to use shampoos and conditioners which are free of sodium chloride as this is known to damage your hair. The best thing for you is to use the Keratin Complex Shampoo along with the Conditioner Duo. Remember to wear a cap to cover your hair when you go swimming in pools.

Following treatment your main aim is to make it last for as long as possible. Coppola has various shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing solutions and serums to nourish your hair and you can be assured that none of these products will hamper the Coppola Keratin Treatment.

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