Dealing with Numbness in Fingers

Numbness in Fingers

Numbness in the fingers strikes many people. The most common cause is carpal tunnel syndrome. The tingling sensation, which is sometimes described as a pins and needles sensation, can occur in other conditions as well. All of the conditions that cause numbness in the fingers cause nerve damage. There are treatments to prevent nerve damage. There are also remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. The remedies only work as long as the nerves do not suffer permanent damage. When the nerves suffer permanent damage there is nothing that can be done. Diagnosis, treatment, and early prevention is the key.

Because carpal tunnel causes most cases of numbness in fingers, it should be addressed first. Carpal tunnel occurs because of an inflammation of the nerve in an area of the wrist appropriately called the carpal tunnel. It is a repetitive stress injury. Cashiers, secretaries, and certain industrial jobs contribute to the condition. The condition usually starts in the person’s dominant hand. The first three fingers or the the two index fingers are usually the fingers that are affected. Simple exercises can help a person regain feeling in the fingers. One involves making a fist, opening the fist and spreading the fingers outward. Another exercise a sufferer can do is put place one hand against an open palm. He needs to push the wrist back gently and hold in a position where he feels slight distress for 15 seconds.

Carpal tunnel is not the only condition that can cause numbness in fingers. Diabetes can also cause nerve damage. The exercises described above will not help with damage caused by diabetes. The damage caused by diabetes can be permanent. The patient needs to stay on top of his condition before he notices numbness in the fingers. If he does notice numbness on the fingers, the best thing he can do is make sure that he is keeping up with his proper care regimen. There are no natural remedies that can reverse diabetes. There are no medical remedies that can reverse it either. The patient needs to take preventative measures and follow his doctor’s instructions to prevent nerve damage.

Diabetes and carpal tunnel are common causes of nerve damage, but injury to the hand can cause numbness in fingers as well. If the damage is not permanent, the nerves will heal over time. Physical therapy can help a person regain full use of his hands.

The problem with numbness in fingers is that it can cause the muscles in the hand to atrophy. Only a doctor can diagnose the exact problem. The doctor may recommend physical therapy. There may be foods that will help the nerves to heal, but they do not replace actual treatment. If person experiences numbness in his fingers he should see a doctor. The doctor can diagnose the problem and recommend the proper course of treatment. The sufferer may be able to diagnose the problem on his own. He just needs to make sure he is right. If he is wrong about the cause, it can have serious long term consequences.

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