Detoxification Diet paving the way to a Healthy Body

A detoxification diet or detox diet is a diet which lasts for between 3 and 21 days. This diet focuses on removing toxins from the body. A detoxification diet allows the body to rejuvenate and raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, etc. among other benefits. It usually includes one or more of the following i.e. dieting, fasting, consuming excessively or avoiding certain foods, colon cleansing. Detoxification is an integral part of the human body and occurs constantly, but toxins and stress can prevent the body from proper detoxification.

Various methods of detoxification diet and body cleansing range from physical treatments (colon cleansing) to dietary limitations (avoiding foods). Some alternatives of detoxification diet include the use of herbs and supplements that help in the process of detoxifying the body.

Detox diet:

Detoxification diets are dietary plans that claim they have detoxifying effects. The main idea suggests that most food is contaminated by different ingredients, like flavors enhancers, artificial preservatives and food colorings.

Colon cleansing:

This method uses herbs and/ or laxatives to remove foods that are claimed to remain in the colon and rot to produce symptoms of general ill-health. Some studies show that the colon does not need cleaning, and such practices can be harmful and expensive. Other studies show that colon cleansing can go a long way in achieving optimal health.

Heavy metals:

Mercury amalgam filling removal: Many advocate the removal of tooth filling under the pretext of potential mercury poisoning. In this process they use a mercury vapor analyzer to get a reading. At times high results are achieved, which are used then to justify a dental procedure to remove the dental filling which is expensive. They also propose to use chelation therapy which is administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. In the modern era there are alternatives available to “silver amalgam fillings”, that were not available earlier.

Some herbal compounds that are designed and marketed to help the body excrete toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead. A common ingredient is the herb Cilantro.

Foot and Skin detoxification:

Foot detoxification is done by using a mild electrical current during a foot bath; another involves small adhesive pads applied to the skin. A brown toxin appears in both the cases after a brief delay. In the case of the footbath, the toxin is small amounts of rusted iron that leach out from the electrodes. The adhesive pads change color due to oxidation of the pads ingredients in response to the skins moisture. In both case the same color changes occur.

Some have described body cleansing and detoxification diets as hoaxes to cure nonexistent illnesses by con artistes. On the other hand, some experts say that body cleansing is necessary as the body is incapable of cleansing and maintaining itself even though there are several organs dedicated to cleansing the body because stress and toxins make it difficult. Back in the day, we could let nature take its own course. But in the 21st century, with the high stress levels and processed food, detoxification diet can pave the way to a healthy body.

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