Diet Meal Plans For Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the most common health problems faced by people these days. A right diet plan with adequate exercise will help reduce obesity and keep the body weight under control. It is very essential to maintain a healthy dietary habit and maintain good health by eating right.

Foods which have a great nutrient value should be included in the diet and those with high calories should be avoided.

The following is a meal plan for weight loss:

DAY 1:

Breakfast- the breakfast may include eggs, beans, tortilla, a cup of orange juice and a cup of milk (fat free milk is generally preferred)

Lunch- lunch should include roast chicken or beef in sandwich form. The bread used is generally the whole grain bread. Potato wedges can be eaten for lunch in a moderate quantity.

Dinner- dinner is generally light. Steamed fish like salmon can be eaten of 4-5 ounce in general. This can be served with rice and vegetables. A cup of fat free milk can be had with dinner.

DAY 2:

Breakfast- on the second day cereals are recommended for dinner. Cereals can be had with the usual form of fat free milk. A small to medium sized banana can be eaten for breakfast. A slice or two of the whole grain bread should be included. One glass of tomato juice should be had.

Lunch-a sandwich with either turkey or chicken with any kind of dressing (either mustard or any other sauce) whole grain bread is again used to make the sandwich. Vegetables like tomato, lettuce, mushrooms can be used in making the sandwich. One glass of tomato juice and a few slices of apple should be eaten.

Dinner- a 4-5 ounce grilled steak with ½ to ¾ cup of mash potatoes and some steamed vegetables should be eaten. A slice of the whole grain bread can be included with a glass full of fat free milk.

DAY 3:

Breakfast- breakfast on the third day includes oatmeal. It can be topped with resins. One glass of orange juice along with ½ to ¾ cup of milk should be had for breakfast.

Lunch- salad which includes turkey in the grounded form, fat free chips, tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar which is low fat with a little with of lime juice. A drink of any choice which is not sweetened can be included for lunch.

Dinner- lasagna with spinach with a dinner roll is recommended. This can be had along with a glass full of fat free milk.

DAY 4-

Breakfast- 2-3 pancakes with maple syrup can be had for breakfast. ½ to ¾ cup of any fruit should be included. Either apples or strawberries can be had.  A glass of fat free milk is included in the breakfast.

Lunch- wheat crackers along a glass full of fat free milk and a medium sized citrus fruit like orange should be eaten.

Dinner- dinner includes various kinds of vegetables that are stir fried. These can be had with a cup of brown rice and one glass of ice tea.

This kind of meal plan for weight loss is ideal. The in between meals snacking can be a medium sized banana or a cup of yogurt. Any kind of a medium sized fruit can be eaten.

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