Do-It-Yourself Body Wraps For Weight Loss

More and more people are now concerned about shredding some pounds. Body wrap is one of popular weight loss technique which when done with diet and regular exercise, is said to trim down some inches from your body. The service first became popular in the 80’s and it was called herbal wraps then. Linen sheets were first used before it was replaced by thermal blankets and plastic. The idea is to keep the client warm and the body to sweat.

Body wraps are done for so many reasons. Advocates of this procedure said it help to detoxify the body, flushing of excess fluids and impurities in the body, tighten loose skin, improve skin tone, and help to lose weight especially in abdomen, thighs and hip areas. Spa owners claim that when the body sweats, it detoxifies and purifies the skin. However, physicians disputed this and said the there are no medical evidence yet to prove that body wraps can remove toxins from the body or can take away body cellulites. They added that body wraps effect in shredding an inch is just a short-term weight loss. After a body wrap, a person can temporarily feel lighter and tighter because of the effect of wrapping for about an hour.

There are several types of body wraps. In spas or wellness centers, a body wrap can be inclusive of a massage package or a separate service. Body wraps in spa centers usually will cost you $85 and above; however, you can do body wrap at home using natural ingredients and save some hundred of dollars.

You just need to prepare the following for your home based body wraps for weight loss.

1. At least 2 plastic sheets

2. Thermal blanket (a normal blanket will do)

3. At least 5 towels (depending on how big your body is)

4. 2 cups of kaolin or bentonite clay

5. ½ cup of sea salt or Epsom salt

6. 2 tablespoons of essential oils made from lemongrass, lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus

7. 1 cup of powdered herbs like chamomile, ginger, basil or rose petals.

8. 2 cups of water

9. Honey (optional)


When you have the materials to use, here is the procedure on how to make your own personal body wraps for weight loss solution

Step 1

• Prepare your skin for the wrap. Exfoliate properly and towel dry.

Step 2

• Create your body wrap using natural ingredients that you can find at home or in your garden. You can also buy the ingredient in health care stores. Boil your chosen ingredients together until it become a paste. Let the mixture to cool and then apply them gently all over your body.

Step 3

• When you are done applying the paste, wrap your body in a sheet or towels and then tightly wrap yourself with thermal blanket. It should be from the feet up. You can ask somebody to help you so the wrapping will be tighter. Choose a warm room so your wrap will not cool easily.

Step 4

• Leave the wrap for about an hour. You can lie down to make it more comfortable. The wrap will promote sweating so prepare a bottle of water beside you.

Step 5

• After an hour, rinse thoroughly using warm water. Gently massage your skin as you rinse.

Step 6

• Gently pat your skin dry. Apply moisturizer.


Whatever your reason of body wrapping may be, whether or not it’s for body wraps for weight loss, it still feel good to pamper yourself once in a while.


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