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Fractured kneecap is sometimes referred to as “Patellar instability” and this includes Subluxations as well as Dislocations. Patellar instability refers to any problem that can cause your kneecap to dislocate or slide out of socket. The kneecap is one the part of the body that is most affected dislocation. Fractured kneecap is so common in women and also among teenagers, but there are very limited such incidences among men. There two key ways to classify subluxation and these include those due to trauma and those that are atraumatic. Traumatic cause is when there was an accident that caused this fracture while atraumatic is when there was no specific injury before subluxation symptoms appearing. The aftermath may leave the ligament without healing properly and therefore, the subluxation symptoms may be felt every now and then. And it can also be that your knee is misaligned thereby putting at a risk of a fracture.

Subluxation is when one often complains of pain, clicking and feeling one’s kneecap being shifted around. Therefore one needs to find ways of dealing with such pain. A fractured kneecap is simply an injury to the kneecap and can be treated if you visit a physician to find out and administer the appropriate medication for that fracture. Being at the center joint of the leg, a kneecap is not easy to heal when it gets fractured and that is why you need a professional doctor to help you get the right treatment. You find that the femur, the tibia and fibula are attached to the kneecap and it therefore acts as a fulcrum to provide support to the whole leg. Kneecap fractures usually occur when people get hard falls which expose the knee to the ground first, which creates immediate pain as well as lacerations and abrasions to the skin covering the kneecap.

To find out that you are suffering from a fractured kneecap, you will feel the following symptoms;

  1. Severe knee pain
  2. General foot weakness
  3. Deformity of the knee joint
  4. Tenderness of the skin of the injured part
  5. Numbness in the leg that is right below the knee
  6. Failure to stand
  7. Swelling on and around the knee area
  8. Failure to move the knee

 Such are the fractured kneecap symptoms and therefore when one starts to feel any of these symptoms, they should seek immediate attention from qualified personnel to help deal with the problem as soon as possible. You do not have to take time imagining whether it is true or not a kneecap fracture after experiencing all these symptoms but the only option is to consult a highly qualified person to deal with it. The kneecap fracture symptoms can be easily detected since it causes pain form almost every part of the leg. You only need to watch steadily while noting the different parts of your leg that are most painful and whether you feel weakened by the situation at hand, especially if you have had any accident.

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