Early Symptoms of Lipoma and the Facts About its Treatment Procedures

Lipoma is characterize by a soft tissue or fatty lump and can be usually found on the upper arms, armpit, neck and torso. It is a kind tumor but studies show that this is not of the cancerous type. Putting a slight pressure on it is painless but with the continuous growth of the tissue on certain areas of your body, attention or treatment must be done as early as possible with it. It can grow unnoticeably over the years from less than 5 cm and even up to 20 cm in diameter. And the fact that swelling can resemble over the years of not treating or removing permanently the tumor, it can possibly lead into a cancer known as liposarcoma.

The continuous growth and swelling of the fatty tissue are the early symptoms of lipoma. It is often hard to identify the degree or the condition of this unless a medical diagnosis is conducted. From the physical examination alone by the doctor, it can be determined if the tumor is malignant or benign. In most cases, CT scan and biopsy are also conducted to fully arrive at a more accurate diagnosis result. If the tumor is found to be malignant, complete removable is often necessary. Doctors will advise you of the best procedures that can be applied if this is the case.

Generally, as lipoma is non-cancerous, they are often not advice to be removed. However, as a method of preventing future diseases or complications, there are several known treatments that are being applied for the complete removal. And despite of the negative findings for the symptoms of liposarcoma, doctors are open to conduct the treatment base from the discretion of the patient or the person who wants his or her lipoma to be removed at the very early stage.

Surgery is the best known method for treating this kind of tumor. The process is conducted by injecting local anesthetic followed by the incision of the tumor until it is completely removed. Another method is the liposuction. This method is commonly heard on the removal fats in the body of a person who wants to reduce weight and then gain good shape afterwards. The procedure is done by injecting a large syringe into the area of tumor and then extracting the infected tissues. Injection of steroids substance is another method that will remove such tumor in the body.

There are medical specialists for diagnosing and treating lipoma. They are the right person to consult about this kind of tumor that could have been bothering you on your everyday movements. Skin health specialists like the dermatologists can be your first level of consultation. You can as well seek second opinions from cancer specialists. If it’s about the safe operation or surgical methods, oral health specialists who is practicing oral and plastic surgery is the right person to consult.

Abnormal or suspicious skin condition is something that should not be ignored about. Lymph node in the neck, lump on underarm, and skin pain due to swelling are symptoms that require immediate diagnosis by a medical practitioner. Like lipoma, the condition could be normal during the early stage but it could become worse at anytime most especially if these early symptoms like lump and forming tissues are getting bigger and bigger. It is always better to consult the experts in order to apply the needed treatment before it will become too late.

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  1. I wonder if you have any tips or information on early symptoms of internal lipomas.

    While they may also be benign for the most part, their proximity to major organs and/or nerves could cause some issues.

    Obviously, the earlier one can figure it out, the sooner someone can seek the right lipoma treatment.

  2. Just be careful when you talk about a lipoma with a doctor. I talked with a general practitioner doctor at student health center and mentioned neurofibromatosis as a possible name for the lipoma I had on my arm (I didn’t know if was a lipoma at the time). He basically said, “that sounds right” and wrote it as the diagnosis on my medical record. I haven’t been able to get insurance since. Just be careful what you “suggest” to a doctor.

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