Easy Healthy Recipes for Dinner On A Budget

Diet is an integral part of our health system, and different components of our dietary regime play a significant role in shaping our long term wellbeing. Dinner, conventionally being the last meal of the day, should not be too elaborate or high calorie, since after consuming the dinner post evening there is no much outlet left to burn it. It is also advised to have your dinner at around 7.00 pm, so immediate sleeping after having food can be avoided.

Having established that dinner should involve light food, we can now discuss few easy healthy recipes for dinner that will provide you sufficient nutrients, will not be high in calories, and will also taste good!

The awareness about the benefits of going veggie is increasingly spreading. Many people are opting to reduce on their meat intake, or step-by-step diminish the meat in their food, or completely stop eating meat. In any way, increase of green vegetables, beans, and full grains in your diet makes you healthy. Recipes for dinner, based on this theory are advised to include these food items to achieve weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease. The reason to opt for plant-based food is because it is low in saturated fat, it is full of fiber, and contain much lesser calories. Moreover, vegetarian dinner doesn’t only reduce your weight or calorie count, but it also pulls down your grocery bill. So, have a look at these couple of healthy recipes for dinner.

  • Asian Tofu Salad: Take honey, soy sauce, light oil, ginger, and salt in a bowl and beat it together. Cook tofu and 2 tbs of dressing in nonstick pan until it becomes golden-brown. Toss chopped salad greens, medium carrots, and cucumber over it and serve hot.

It includes: Calories-237, Fat-16g, Cholesterol-0, Carbs-16g, Protein-11g, Fiber-5g, Sodium-454mg, Potassium-749mg. + Vitamin A (180%), Folate (41%), Vitamin C (38%), Calcium (29%).

  • Catalan Sautéed Polenta & Butter Beans: Cook polenta in oil until it becomes brown. Add two more tbs of oil, garlic, onion, bell paper and cook for 5 minutes. Sprinkle paprika on it. Stir and cook again in beans, spinach, and broth. When the bean is thoroughly heated and spinach is wilted, cut the heat, stir in cheese and vinegar. Serve hot.

It includes: Calories-207, Fat-8g, Cholesterol-7mg, Carbs-28g, Protein-10g, Fiber-5g, Sodium-678mg, Potassium-578mg. + Vitamin C (120%), Vitamin A (110%), Folate (23%), Calcium (20%).

  • Gnocchi with Zucchini Ribbons & Parsley Brown Butter: Cook gnocchi in boiling water until it floats and then drain. Meanwhile, melt butter in large vessel until it becomes little brown, add shallots and zucchini and cook until they soften. Add tomatoes, salt, nutmeg, pepper and continue cooking. When tomatoes start breaking down, add Parmesan and parsley. Stir for 2-3 minutes, add gnocchi and toss the coat. Cook for 2-3 minutes, while stirring and serve hot.

It includes: Calories-424, Fat-10g, Cholesterol-25mg, Carbs-66g, Protein-17g, Fiber-5g, Sodium-753mg, Potassium-539mg. + Vitamin C (75%), Vitamin A (35%), Calcium (28%).

Such healthy recipes for dinner don’t only prove to be nutritious, but also add a wonderful taste to your last meal of the day.

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