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Ectropion is the condition where a person’s eyelid is turned outwards. This condition occurs most often in newborn babies but it can also present itself within dogs. Newborns suffering or showing signs of congenital ichthyosis are commonly those who end up with an ectropion condition but in reality, the most common cause is weak tissue beneath the eye.

However, ectropion can be caused by many different issues including aging, allergies and nerve palsy in the face along with some anti-cancer procedures and even mechanical factors. Ectropion can cause swelling, pain, redness and tenderness within the eye as well as the area around the eye. The damage from ectropion can have plenty of health risks if left untreated.

Treatment for Ectropion

Surgery is the only option for fixing an ectropion condition whether it is on a human or a canine. Most insurance policies will cover this type of operation as it will help to avoid damage or further damage to the cornea. Ectropion may not look that serious to someone who isn’t suffering from it but it is terribly uncomfortable, painful and causes vision impairment and sometimes even blindness.

Dogs suffering from this condition are almost definitely going to go blind as they are almost always susceptible to becoming blind from a number of causes including ectropion. When a human suffers from ectropion and they incur damage to their actual cornea, they will face a sad truth when seeking treatment because cornea damage is rarely reversed.

Ectropion Treatment Options for Those with Cornea Damage

Surgery is the preferred treatment to correct the eyelid or eyelids suffering from the ectropion deformity. Cornea damage requires different treatments and the attention of an optical specialist with surgical skills. Laser correction for improving vision has been known to give vision back to many people but there condition of vision loss will determine their results more closely.

Loss of vision by any other means other than damage to the cornea is able to be corrected, most likely, with laser surgery but those with corneal damage will have a much different experience. Damage to a cornea from ectropion can be hazardous and irreversible but still, the deformed eyelid must be fixed to prevent conjunctivitis and other infections from making matters worse than ectropion.

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